Sunday, September 27, 2009

Twenty Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time 27th September 2009

PS: I Thank You!
I came across a prayer some time ago that caught my attention. Can’t remember where, but here’s the prayer: Dear God, we rejoice and give thanks for earthworms, bees, ladybirds and broody hens; for humans tending their gardens, talking to animals, cleaning their homes and singing to themselves; for the rising of the sap, the fragrance of growth, the invention of the wheelbarrow and the existence of the teapot, we give thanks. We celebrate and give thanks. Amen.
In light of today’s readings that prayer makes me ask how often I give thanks to God for the fine things that others do – especially if they seem to be muscling in on my turf. Jealousy is often quicker off the mark than generosity. But not always. In today’s readings Moses and Jesus wish that everyone be filled with God’s Spirit. The more that Spirit is active in our world the better. It doesn’t matter through whom the Spirit works. Criticising someone for doing good is like telling the Holy Spirit whom he may work with. Now that would be arrogant. In 1 Corinthians 13:4 Paul writes: ‘…love is not envious or boastful or arrogant or rude’. If we love it will not be as an afterthought, as a PS: I love you. If we are happy to acknowledge God’s freedom to do as he wishes and choose whom he will for his purpose then neither will our thanks be a mere afterthought, a PS: I thank you!
Fr Tom Cahill SVD

Altar Servers Recruits
We are currently recruiting altar servers to help with the liturgy in all our churches. These young people provide a valuable assistance at weekend Masses as well as at funerals and other occasions.
Boys and girls from fourth class up can become servers. All that’s required is an interest in the Mass and a willingness to commit for at least one year. Application forms will be available in the sacristies for the next few weekends. These must be signed by parents/guardians and returned to the sacristy. A new rota will be published within a few weeks.

Evening Prayer with Our Priests
The St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society, with the Diocesan Vocations’ Team, invite you to join with Bishop Seamus Freeman and the Priests of the Diocese of Ossory for Evening Prayer in St. Fiacre's Church on next Wednesday, 30th September at 8pm. This Evening Prayer is to celebrate the gift of Priesthood and to pray together in this Year of the Priest. Refreshments will be served after the Evening Prayer in St. Patrick’s Parish Centre.

Pray For The Deceased
Recently Deceased: Eileen Malone, Mascot Stores, John’s Street.
Anniversaries: The Byrne Family (Sat 6.15), Patrick Traynor (Sat 7.00), Margaret Brennan (Sun 10.00), Kathleen Kenny (Sun 11.00), Peter Gaul (Sun 12.00), Julia Foley (Sun 12.30), Rory O’Connor, Kitty Grace, Stephen O’Connor, Michael Doyle, Terry Kelly, Annastasia Buckley, Billy & Patty Reinhardt, Dan Gorey, Elizabeth Connick, Jimmy Morrissey, William Hickey.
Intentions of next weekend: Eugene & Paddy Somers (Sat 6.15), Evelyn Coppinger (Sat 7.00), Frank English (Sun 10.00), Patsy Walsh (Sun 10.30), Anne Roche (Sun 11.00), Joan O’Connell (Sun 12.00), Patrick O’Shea (Sun 12.30).

Bereavement Support
St. Patrick’s Parish Bereavement Support Group offers free and confidential support to bereaved parishioners. Phone 086 162 9089 to make an appointment to meet members of the group in the Parish Centre, Loughboy.

Westcourt News
The October Mass for the blessings of Edmund Rice on our lives and for his canonisation will be celebrated in Westcourt on Monday, 5th October at 8.00pm. The Catholic Nurses’ Guild are preparing the liturgy for this Mass. All are welcome.

“Be Still and know that I am God”
Christian meditation will resume in Peace in Christ Retreat House, Sion Road every Wednesday at 4pm from 7th October 2009.

First Friday
The first Friday of October occurs this week. The priests will make their calls at the usual times. Please contact the Parish Office if you or someone known to you would like a priest to call with Holy Communion.

Monthly Parish Draw
The September Draw will take place at the Parish Centre on next Tuesday evening at 8.30pm. Promoters are asked to return their cards and money before the draw. This month marks the half way point in the present series and to date €70,000 has been raised for our Parish Centre. Please keep up the good work. All are welcome to the drawing of prizes. There will be a special draw for those present.

Tax Refunds to Charities
St. Patrick’s Parish is a registered charity and as such is in a position to reclaim tax paid on voluntary donations over €250 per annum. We are currently completing this year’s application to the Revenue Commissioners. We appeal to those who have not yet returned a completed CHY Form to do so immediately. About forty forms are outstanding and we appeal to those who have received them to return them to the Parish Office as a matter of urgency. Replacement forms are available by telephoning the Parish Office on 056 776 4400.

Day for Life
The annual Day for Life will be celebrated in Ireland this year on Sunday, 4th October.

New Statue of Bl. Edmund Rice
The Christian Brothers’ Community at Callan invites all to the unveiling and blessing of a new statue of Edmund Rice on Saturday, 3rd October at 12 noon. Bishop Freeman will be present to bless the statue.

Clara Heritage Society
This group will launch their collection of CDs in the Life and Lore Series in Langton’s House Hotel on Monday, 28th September at 8.15pm All are welcome.
Notices for Newsletter
Please deliver notices/anniversaries for the Newsletter to the Parish Office by hand, mail, fax or email before 5pm on Thursdays. Notices addressed to individual priests may not be included if the priest is away at the time.

Blood Donation Clinic
A Blood Donation Clinic will be held at the Kilkenny Rivercourt Hotel on the following dates: Sunday, 27th September from 11.30am to 3.30pm. Monday 28th, Tuesday 29th, Wednesday 30th, and Thursday, 1st October from 4.30pm to 8.30pm.

King of the Castle
This event is a city-wide fundraiser to provide funds for local GAA clubs and their nominated charities. St. Patrick’s Parish Centre has been nominated by James Stephen’s GAA Club and we want to give them as much help as possible. We appeal to parishioners for support.

Golf Classic
This will take place at Callan Golf Club on next Friday, 2nd October. There are still some tee times available. Teams of four: €200 including meal. Time sheet: 8.30am - 2.30pm. Telephone John on 087 217 1934 for tee time.

Coffee Morning
There will be a Coffee Morning in the St. Patrick’s Parish Centre on next Sunday between 9.30am and 1.30pm. All are welcome to come along and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee after the parish Masses.

Gala Dog Night
As part of the King of the Castle campaign the parish has been asked to sell its share of tickets for the forthcoming gala dog night and buster draw at Kilkenny Greyhound Stadium on Friday, 16th October. We recognise the difficulty in selling tickets in the present economic situation. However, we appeal for an extra effort during this short campaign. Please contact the Parish Office or Fr. Dan if you feel you could “shift” a few tickets for this event.

Costello for King!

Your help is urgently needed. We require volunteers to assist with forthcoming events.
Contact the Parish Office at 056 776 4400.

Where were you when…
...Pope John Paul II came to Ireland? This week marks the thirtieth anniversary of the pastoral visit of the late Pope John Paul II to Ireland. Let us recall with joy and gratitude the events of those wonderful few days in September 1979.

Loreto Secondary School
Applications for enrolment in Loreto Secondary School, Kilkenny for the academic year 2009/2010 should be made between 1st and 14th October 2009. Application forms may be obtained from the school office.

Loreto Past Pupils
Past pupils of Loreto Secondary School, Kilkenny are invited to attend a Mass to celebrate 400 years of Loreto education in the Mary Ward tradition. This Mass will be celebrated by Bishop Séamus Freeman in St. Mary’s Cathedral on Sunday, 11th October at 3.00pm.

I Owe My Mother
My mother taught me religion: “You better pray that will come out of the carpet!”
My mother taught me about anticipation: “Just wait ‘til I get you home!”
My mother taught me about stamina: “You’ll sit there until all your vegetables have gone!”
My mother taught me about time travel: “If you don’t sort yourself out, I’ll knock you into the middle of next week!”
My mother taught me about genetics: “You’re just like your father!”

Choral and Music Evening
A choral and music evening will take place on Thursday, 1st October at 8.00pm in St. John’s Church as part of the Kilkenny Celtic Festival. Tickets available at the door at €10/€8.

Voices of Life Choir
The ‘Voices of Life’ Choir will give a concert in the Kilkenny Presbyterian Church on Friday, 2nd October at 7.30pm. The choir features students from schools built by Fields of Life and proceeds will go towards a new school build in Burundi. The night will be packed full of entertainment and you will leave with a smile on your face and warmth in your heart. For more information:

Health Care Course
FETAC Level 5 Health Care Course starts Tuesday, 29th September in Kilkenny delivered one full day per week for 11 weeks. Substantial fee assistance may be available if you are on a Social Welfare Payment of have been recently made redundant. Call Vision Training on 059 914 2208 or 086 170 4157.

Young At Heart
The meeting of the “Young at Heart” Club takes place at the Parish Centre each Wednesday from 2.30pm—4.30pm. Members and new members welcome. Phone Eileen on 056 776 5239 for more details. Come along and meet old friends and make new ones on Wednesday afternoons.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Twenty Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time 20th September 2009

Hobson’s Choice?
Today’s Gospel makes you wonder what on earth possessed Jesus to choose the ones he did to become his disciples. He’s teaching them vitally important matters but not only do they mot understand what he is saying, they’re afraid even to ask him what he means. Why? Could they fear that he may tire of them and look for others more intelligent to replace them as his disciples?
Though slow on the uptake, they’re quick on the draw. Self-seeking calculation has them bickering about which of them is top dog. Not only are they a bit dense they’re also small-time glory seekers. Could any group of people be less likely candidates to become Jesus’ disciples!
Yet, he chose them knowing their calibre, and knowing what he was doing. Amazing! Even more amazing is the change in them after Jesus’ death and resurrection, a change that sees them proclaiming a most profound message and establishing a faith-community that has spread throughout the world down to this present day. It was also a change that produced in them total commitment to God even to the point of death.
Brining it closed to home is it not equally amazing the type of people God still calls today to do his work? I don’t mean priests and religious primarily but parents. What more precious task could be entrusted to a human being than to bring another into this world and introduce them to God?
We too can be dense and self-seeking, yet God has chosen us. How has the gift of life changed us?
Fr. Tom Cahill SVD

Questions People Ask
Q. What are the Sacraments of Christian Initiation?
A. Most religions have ceremonies of initiation to mark stages of belonging to the group. We recognise Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist as three stages of union with Jesus and the fullness of Christian life. Pope John Paul II wrote that the participation of people in the mission of Christ finds its source in Baptism, its further development in Confirmation and its realisation and dynamic sustenance in the Holy Eucharist.
Fr. Silvester O’Flynn OFM

Pray for the Deceased
Recently Deceased: Seán O’Keeffe, Larchfield. Mary Kelly, Fr. Walsh Close. Peggy Conheeney, England. Pat White (nee Byrne), England.
Months Mind: Sr. Patrice Norman (Sat 7.00), Phil O’Neill (Sun 10.00).
Anniversaries: Catherine & John Alley (Sat 6.15), Margaret Jones (Sun 11.00), Stella O’Rourke (Sun 12.00), Paddy Johnston (Sun 12.30), Maeve, Stephen, Shane & Allan Byrne (Fri 10.30), Paddy Larkin, Jimmy Owens, Margaret Jones, Margaret Morris, Kathleen Murphy, Ger Kavanagh, Syd & Elizabeth Bluett, Eileen Browne, William Hickey.
Intentions for next weekend: The Byrne Family (Sat 6.15), Patrick Traynor (Sat 7.00), Margaret Brennan (Sun 10.00), Julia Foley (Sun 12.30),

Do This In Memory
At 10.30am and 11.00am Mass on this Sunday we welcome the candidates who will receive First Holy Communion next May and June. We also welcome their parents and family members.
On this first Sunday of the programme the children, their parents and the parish community will be invited to make a commitment to the parish preparation programme. The community of faith will be asked to journey with the families as the children prepare to receive the Eucharist for the first time.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul
The monthly collection for the local conference of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul will be taken up at all Masses this weekend. Please support this local charity.
Members of the Society may be contacted at the St. Patrick’s Parish Centre on Monday evenings from 8pm or on their dedicated telephone line 087 681 0589.

Volunteer Gardeners
We now have three volunteers looking after St. Patrick’s Church grounds and we’re grateful. We need more volunteers for St. Fiacre’s Gardens. Any takers?

Altar Servers Recruits
We are reaching the time of year again where we recruit servers for the coming year. These young people provide a valuable assistance at weekend Masses as well as funerals and other occasions.
This year we are doing things a little bit differently. Recruitment will be done through the churches rather than the schools. This will hopefully ensure that those who are serving are regular Mass goers which is essential as they will be serving Mass.
Those who currently serve and those who wish to begin should take an application form which must be signed by parents/guardians. Forms are available in the sacristy from this weekend.
We will recruit for a number of weeks and when all forms are returned, we will begin putting the new rota together. Please continue using the present rota until the new one comes out.
Boys and girls from fourth class up can become servers. All that’s needed is an interest in the Mass and a willingness to commit for at least one year.
A word of thanks also to those who have now retired from serving and moved on to secondary school. Your dedicated service is appreciated and we hope that you might consider taking on another ministry such as reader, choir member, Eucharistic Minster, collector in the church at a later date.

Young At Heart
The meeting of the “Young at Heart” Club takes place at the Parish Centre each Wednesday from 2.30pm—4.30pm. Members and new members welcome. Phone Eileen on 056 776 5239 for more details.

Blood Donation Clinic
A Blood Donation Clinic will be held at the Kilkenny Rivercourt Hotel on the following dates: Sunday, 27th September from 11.30am to 3.30pm. Monday 28th, Tuesday 29th, Wednesday 30th, and Thursday, 1st October from 4.30pm to 8.30pm.

King of the Castle
Help Mick Costello, representing our parish and GAA Club, become King of the Castle. This event is a city-wide fundraiser to provide funds for local GAA clubs and their nominated charities. St. Patrick’s Parish Centre has been nominated by James Stephen’s Club and we want to give them as much help as possible. You are asked to support in any way you can.

Field Day
Come along to a great family Field Day at James Stephen’s Hurling Club on this Sunday, 20th September. Join in all the fun:-
Wheel of Fortune Stalls
‘Slap’ the Rat BBQ
Penalty Shoot Out Face Painting
Drive the Nail Much Much More
Horse Shoe Throw Fun Galore!
Fun for all the Family! Free Entry
Football Final on Big Screen!
We are still looking for last minute items for our stalls: Bric a Brack, Plants, Flowers, Bottles, Books, Toys, Cakes. These may be left to the James Stephens Club House on Saturday evening or before the Field Day on Sunday.

Gala Dog Night
There is an urgent need for volunteers from the parish and the GAA club to sell tickets for the forthcoming Dog Night at Kilkenny Greyhound Track. Please help ‘elect’ Mick Costello as King of the Castle. Tickets will be sold between now and the Dog Night on 16th October. Volunteer sellers are asked to meet at the Parish Centre on Thursday evening next at 8pm. Much help is required. Please come along and offer your help. Those willing to help and who are not free on the night should give their names to one of the priests as soon as possible.

Golf Classic
This will take place at Callan Golf Club on Friday, 2nd October. Teams of four: €200 including meal. Time sheet: 8.30am - 2.30pm. Telephone John on 087 217 1934 for tee time.
Costello for King!
Your help is urgently needed. We require volunteers to assist with forthcoming events.
Contact the Parish Office at 056 776 4400.

Middle Deanery Pastoral Council
At the third meeting of the Middle Deanery Pastoral Council of the Forum (MDPC) which took place in Peace in Christ on 16th September, there was much lively discussion about how the MDPC can help and support parishes in the Deanery. The process to choose the Chairperson, Coordinator and Secretary for the group was begun and hopefully will be completed at the next meeting on 21st October.

Would You Like to Volunteer?
Do you have an interest in working with older people? Are you a good listener and able to make a commitment to volunteering 1 to 2 hours per week only? At present we are looking for volunteers who are available Monday to Friday during morning time or afternoons. Please ring Eleanor Doyle, Kilkenny Contact, C/O Fr. McGrath Centre, 056 775 1988 or 086 853 0994 for inquiries.

Activities for Older Adults
A Festival of Activities for Older Adults will take place in the Watershed on Wednesday, 30th of September from 10.30am to 1pm. Activities include Pilates, Fit Walk, Kurling and Boccia and are all free to try on the day. This will be followed by a light lunch in St Patrick's Parish Centre, a talk on garden allotments and aqua aerobics will be available from 3pm to 4pm for anyone who would like to try this activity. For further information, contact the Sports Partnership on 056 772 0870.

Thank You
GROW, Community Mental Health Movement say thanks for your generosity to their annual church gate collection held on 5th/6th September. €2,221 was collected in the City.

Loughboy Library News
Have you ever thought of joining a Book Club? We are a group of ordinary readers who meet on the first Thursday of every month at 11am in the library and our book club is called Riveting Reads. All tastes are catered for and we even have men! All are welcome - just come along on Thursday, 1st October.
Come in and check out our current exhibition from ENFO, the Environmental Information Service. It is called Irish Wildlife and is a photographic exhibition of Irish birds, mammals and insects in their native hapitat5s. On view during normal working hours.
“Blast Off With Books” - well done to all who completed our Summer Reading Challenge and who attended the Landing Party at the Newpark Hotel. Certificates were distributed to all and new group Size2Shoes entertained us well on the night.
Library membership is FREE for unwaged and costs €15 per year for those in full-time employment. The best value in town.

Ministers of the Word
Please let the celebrant know you have arrived before Mass starts.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Twenty Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time 13th September 2009

The Cross Section
We face the cross again in today’s Gospel (Mark 8:27-35). ‘If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me’ (v.34). We’re not allowed to forget the cross for long, are we? I wonder, though, did Jesus actually use the expression ‘take up their cross’. If, as presented, he were talking directly to the crowd would he not have said ‘you’ instead of ‘any’, and ‘yourselves’ instead of ‘themselves’? But maybe that’s a translation issue. Maybe. Was the expression ‘take up your cross’ common coinage then? Is it not more likely to have been a later Christian expression in the light of Jesus’ death and resurrection? However, what is important is that Jesus – and consequently us his followers – was not a pain seeker. Suffering for suffering’s sake is sick. Suffering for a purpose is not. Jesus’ death on the cross is not a justification for us to seek pain. We’re not masochists. But neither do we avoid the cross when it blocks the path to follow Jesus.
Jesus links crosses with following him. To follow him is the reason for carrying them. But not just carrying them; using them, in fact, to serve his mission of bringing his good news to those who need to hear it. Part of that good news is that love is greater than fear, that the spirit to serve God’s kingdom is stronger than the urge to preserve vested interests.
We never have to go dial a cross. The true one is always with us.
Fr. Tom Cahill SVD.

Questions People Ask
Q. Recently there has been talk about a law against blasphemy. What exactly is blasphemy?
A. Blasphemy means to speak ill of God of sacred beliefs or objects in words of hatred, defiance, mockery or trivialisation. Not only is it seriously disrespectful to God but it is offensive to the religious sensibilities of believers. Profanity, which is close to blasphemy, means taking the sacred name of God or of the Saviour without proper respect. Am I correct in thinking that no other people came near the Irish in the matter of appalling disrespect for the name of Jesus Christ?
Fr. Silvester O’Flynn OFM Cap

Pray for the Deceased
Recently Deceased: Sr. Mary Kavanagh, St. John of God Community, Ballyvaloo. Jim Kavanagh, England and late of Fatima Place. Liam Mullan, St. Fiacre's Place. Seán O’Keeffe, 71 Larchfield. Rosary at his home Sun 8pm. Funeral prayers Monday 10am at his home followed by removal to St. Patrick’s for mass at 11am. Interment in St. Kieran’s cemetery.
Michele Reynolds, Drumcondra & Glendine Road. Funeral arriving Sunday 6pm St. John’s. Mass Monday at 12 noon, Interment in Foulkstown.

Months Mind: Ray Bolger (Sun 12.30)

Anniversaries: Tom Byrne (Sat 6.15), Sharon McEvoy (Sat 7.00), Betty Furness (Sun 9,30), Ernie Harrington (Sun 10.00), Annastasia & Billy Ayres (Sun 10.30), Mary & Joan Bissett (Sun 11.00), Catherine (Kit) Grace (Sun 12.00), Patrick Morris (Fri 9.30). Ciss Holland (Fri 10.30)Rita McCarthy, Betty Furness, Billy & Statia Tallent, Paddy Ryan, Bridget Bateman, Michael & Brigid Slattery, Mary & Billy Brennan, Tom Little, Josephine Neary, Margaret Beehan, The Cassin Family.

Intentions for next weekend: Catherine & John Alley (Sat 6.15), Sr. Patrice Norman (Sat 7.00 Months Mind), Phil O’Neill (Sun 10.00 Months Mind), Margaret Jones (Sun 11.00), Stella O’Rourke (Sun 12.00), Paddy Johnston (Sun 12.30).

First Holy Communion 2010
The parents of next year’s First Holy Communion classes are invited to a meeting at the Parish Centre on Monday at 8pm. The Do This in Memory Programme for 2009 - 2010 will be introduced. At least one parent from each family is asked to attend.

Hearing Help and Lip-reading
Classes and support are available at Citizens' Information, The Parade Kilkenny. Classes begin on Monday 24th September from 8pm to 10 pm. All welcome. phone 776 5176 or 776 3508.

Congratulations to Hurlers
Well done on your outstanding performance to all involved with the Kilkenny Senior Hurlers Well done too to the minors and their mentors: while the cup evaded you the team and mentors did us proud. Special congratulations to those from our parish involved with the team.

Best Wishes
We join in wishing the Kilkenny Camogie team and the U-21 hurling team success in this weekend’s All Ireland Finals at Croke Park. We are of course proud of the involvement of a number of people from our parish. Enjoy the games.

In Honour of Divine Mercy
There will be an hour of prayer and adoration in St. Mary’s Cathedral on Sunday, 13th September between 3 and 4pm. All welcome.

Education Centre Courses
Helping Your Child with English
Tuesday 6th October 2009
Parents Communicating with Schools
Tuesday 13th October 2009
The What, Why and How of Children’s Learning in Primary School
Tuesday 20th October 2009
Helping Your Child with Irish
Wednesday 4th November 2009
Bebo: Social Networking. Information Night for Parents on Internet Safety
Thursday 12th November 2009
Venue is Kilkenny Education Centre, Callan Road. Times for all are 7-9pm
To book please contact Kilkenny Education Centre at 056 7760200

King of the Castle
‘King of the Castle’ fundraising events continue locally. Please support Mick Costello in his attempt to become “King of the Castle” by raising funds for your local GAA Club, Senior Citizens and St. Patrick’s Parish Centre.

End of Harvest Party & BBQ
Come to the Car Boot Sale venue on the Callan Road on this Saturday night, 12th September for a great End of Harvest Party and BBQ. Great craic and dancing ‘til late. Full bar. €10.

Vintage Tractor Run
Come and see vintage tractors and machinery at the Car Boot Sale, Callan Road on this Sunday13th. Some vehicles will travel into the city. Please support the bucket collection.

Golf Classic
This will take place at Callan Golf Club on Friday, 2nd October. Teams of four: €200 including meal. Time sheet: 8.30am—2.30pm. Telephone John on 087 217 1934 for tee time.

Field Day
Do you remember the classic Village Field Days of long ago? Relive the experience at the James Stephens’ GAA Grounds, Larchfield on Sunday, 20th September. This will be fun day for all the family. Events include: wheel of fortune, bottle stall, penalty shoot out, horse shoe throw, face painting, bric-a-brac, ‘slap the rat’ and much more. Bring the family and have a fun filled day out.
We are looking for items for our stalls: bric-a-brac, plants and flowers, bottles, cakes, toys, books. Please bring the above items to James Stephens’ Club House between 6.30 and 10pm on Thursday and Friday and between 3pm and 7.30pm on Saturday.
Volunteers are also needed to prepare the stalls on Saturday and Sunday. Contact Tadhg on 087 980 4783.

Your help is urgently needed. We require volunteers to assist with forthcoming events.
Contact the Parish Office at 056 776 4400.

Two Wolves
One evening an old man told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people.
He said, "My son, the battle is between two wolves inside us all. "One wolf is Evil - It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego."The other good is Good - It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith."The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: "Which wolf wins?"The old man simply replied, "The one you feed."

St. Patrick’s Volunteers
So far we have one willing soul to look after the grounds at St. Patrick’s Church and we say a sincere thanks for that. We could do with another so if you’re willing and able to cut a bit of grass and keep the church looking tidy, then please contact Fr. Liam

CBS Open Night
All 6th Class boys and their parents are invited to the annual Open Night at C.B.S. James’s Street on Wednesday next, 16th September. Tours will commence at 7pm with short talks at 8pm. All are welcome!

Volunteers Needed
Kilkenny Citizens’ Information Centre provides a free and confidential information service to anyone who needs it. We are currently seeking Volunteer Information Gives to help with this work. Contact our Development Manager at 056 775 2676 for further details.

Musicians Needed
St. Columba’s Hospital, Thomastown would like to invite musicians, dancers, and entertainers to share your talents with the residents in your free time. We are a welcome audience. Please contact Mary Hickey on 056 772 4178

Parish Centre Update
At last we are nearing the end of our development at St. Fiacre’s and I’m sure you’ll agree the centre and surrounding grounds are looking magnificent. Thanks to those who volunteer their time to looking after inside and out.
We hope to have details of our outstanding debt as well as the official opening day within the next couple of weeks.

Twenty Third Sunday Ordinary Time 6th September 2009

Come on the Cats!!!
We wish the Kilkenny Senior and Minor Hurling Teams the best of luck in this weekend’s All Ireland Hurling Finals. In particular we wish Brian Cody, Richard Mulrooney, the panel members and all from St. Patrick’s Parish who are involved with the teams the very best of luck in the big games.
Here we go for four in a row!

One for all
Today’s Gospel reading contains a string of strange things. For starters, how could someone deaf from birth, presumably, be able to speak at all, even with an impediment? There were no books then, no special-needs teaching. Nothing. So how did he pick up a language? No answer is given. Not one for theatricals, Jesus nevertheless uses gestures common at the time to Greek and Jewish healers. Why? No reason is given. Equally strange, he imposes silence on the crowd after the healing. Could he really expect them to keep quiet about such an extraordinary thing? No explanation is given. There are no answers to these questions. Yet, asking them helps us focus on the text to grasp its style and purpose. It’s penned not as a report for a newspaper, but for the purpose of teaching. It tells us that lots of good things happen when we’re close to Jesus. We become whole and free in a way we’ve never been before. Our damaged humanity is healed. It also tells us important things about Jesus in an indirect way. The crowds proclaim that he has ‘done everything well’. This is reminiscent of Gen 1:31: ‘God saw everything that he had made and indeed it was very good.’ There’s at least a linkage with God’s divine action here. And because the healing occurs in the Gentile region, east of Jordan, it tells us that the Gentiles previously deaf and dumb to God can now hear and respond to him. Jesus is for all, not just the chosen few.
Fr. Tom Cahill SVD

Questions People Ask
Q. Somewhere in the Bible it says ‘Vengeance is mine, says the Lord.’ How can a God of love harbour thoughts of revenge?
A. This saying dates from an early part of the Old Testament when morality was at a primitive stage of development, far short of the morality of love preached by Jesus, especially in the Sermon on the Mount. Old Testament morality advanced and we find Isaiah in today’s Mass speaking of God’s vengeance coming not with punishment, but with healing for the blind, deaf, lame etc. God wants the destruction of sin but the healing of the sinner. St. Paul tells people to let go of vengeance: ‘Do not be mastered by evil, but master evil with good’ (Rom 12:21).
Fr. Silvester O’Flynn OFM Cap

Parish Finance Committee
There will be a meeting of the Finance Committee at the Parish Centre at 8.00pm on this Thursday. Members of the Parish Team and the Finance Committee are asked to attend.

Pray for the Deceased
Recently Deceased: Joan O’Connell, Riverview, Sr. Eileen Lennon, St. John of God Congregation.
Anniversaries: Brigid Kenny (Sat 6.15), William Lawlor (Sun 12.30), Bernard & Edmond McAvinia (Tues 9.30), Seamus Kelly (Tue 10.30), Eoin McDonagh (Fri 10.30), Kathleen Bolger, Edward & Christina O’Shaughnessy, Ciss Holland, Maureen Holden, Patrick O’Neill, Rosaleen Bridget Bull, PJ Sweeney.
Intentions for next weekend: Tom Byrne (Sat 6.15), Sharon McEvoy (Sat 7.00), Ernie Harrington (Sun 10.00), Annastasia & Billy Ayres (Sun 10.30), Mary & Joan Bissett (Sun 11.00) Catherine (Kit) Grace (Sun 12.00), Ray Bolger (Sun 12.30 Months Mind).

The monthly rosary on the first Sunday in James Green at the statue of our Lady of Kilkenny continues this Sunday 6th September at 3pm. All are welcome.
Novena at St. Fiacre’s Well
Thanks to all who supported the recent annual novena and Mass at St. Fiacre’s Well. Good attendances were recorded each evening and, in spite of inclement weather, about 100 people gathered for the concluding open-air Mass last Sunday.
Well done to the Committee and thanks to all who facilitated this annual event.

St. Fiacre’s Gardens
Thanks to our team of volunteers and the builders the garden around our Parish Centre continues to take shape. Well done and thanks to those who have given of their time and energy to keep our parish property in top class condition.
This week saw the introduction of a new statue of St. Fiacre. Fiacre is the patron of gardeners and he is always depicted with garden implements and plants or seeds. Our statue carries a shovel and a flower.

Volunteer Gardeners
Those who have volunteered to help with the gardening are invited to a meeting at the Parish Centre on Wednesday, 9th September at 7.30pm. The horticulturalist who designed the garden will be present to help plan the season’s work. New members welcome.

St. Patrick’s Church
We are still in need of some people to form a team to look after the grounds at St. Patrick’s Church. Any volunteers willing to help look after these grounds? Please contact Fr. Liam.

Westcourt News
The September Mass for the blessings of Edmund Rice on our lives and for his canonisation will be celebrated in Westcourt on Monday, September 7th at 8pm. The Friendship Club are preparing the liturgy for this Mass.
At the conclusion of Mass, there will be a special blessing over a renovated statue of Edmund Rice and over a first class relic of Edmund Rice which will be on permanent display. All are welcome.

King of the Castle
The ‘King of the Castle’ event was officially launched at Kilkenny Castle on last Friday evening. James Stephen’s GAA Club and St. Patrick’s Parish have joined forces to ensure Michael Costello is elected King of the Castle thus defending our local bastion from invasion by ‘pretenders’ from O’Loughlin Gales and Dicksboro GAA Clubs.
Your help is urgently needed. We require volunteers to assist with forthcoming field days, tractor runs, BBQs, harvest celebrations, dog nights and ticket selling. Please help by giving your name to one of the priests or sacristans today. This campaign is part of a city wide event and will be a major fundraiser to help our parish and our local GAA club. Your parish and club needs your assistance right now. Please help.

Flag Day
Thanks to twelve people who have volunteered to represent the parish by selling flags in Kilkenny City on next Thursday. “Many hands make light work” as they say so we could do with a few more volunteers. Please give your name to the sacristans or one of the priests today or telephone the Parish Office (776 4400) on Monday. Thanks for your help.

Rock N Roll
live at Langton’s in aid of Michael Costello King of the Castle with O’Dwyer Brothers & Special Guests. 60’s, 70’s & 80’s Hits Friday, 11th September 2009 Late Bar Doors open at 9pm. Admission €10.00

Afternoon Bridge
Venue: St. Patrick’s Parish Centre.
Date: Tuesday, 8th September.
Time: 3pm - 5pm.
No competition, no partner required. Enjoy two hours bridge every Tuesday.
Contact: Reena 776 2923

Kilkenny Citizens’ Information Centre
If you are looking for something new to do this Autumn we might have just what you’re looking for. We need enthusiastic volunteers who would like to help other people. We need people who are in a position to commit to giving three hours per week and who are willing to commit for a period of at least two years. In return we will provide training to enable you to provide information and a challenging, but rewarding, opportunity to do voluntary work.
Contact 056 775 2676 for more details.

Ballet and Modern Dance Classes
The Kilkenny School of Ballet & Modern Dance offers the following classes:
Classes - Wednesday & Friday in Friary Hall, Kilkenny. Thursday in St. Patrick’s Parish Centre, Loughboy. Ages 3½ and upwards. Contact Grainne: 087 908 2873 or 059 915 8302

Kilkenny School of Music
The School of Music reopens on the Monday, 7th September. Anyone interested in singing, piano, cello or violin please telephone 776 7101 or 086 319 9374.

Flower Arranging
The Kilkenny Flower Club will return after the summer break on next Thursday, 10th September. Venue: Butler House, Patrick Street, Kilkenny. The demonstrator will be newly qualified Mary Johannas from Cahir. Members and non-members will be most welcome.

Suicide Awareness Day
The World Suicide Prevention Day will be marked on the 12th September in McDonagh Junction Shopping Centre, Kilkenny. The Lifeline network will host stalls from a number of support agencies. There will also be dance, music and art activities for all the family to enjoy. Time: 1.00pm to 5.30pm. All welcome.

World Community Grid
Here’s a worthwhile project. Donate the time your computer is turned on, but is idle, to projects that benefit humanity. Help cure muscular dystrophy, fight childhood cancer, feed the world, all through donating the idle time on your computer. Find out more about this project at

Yoga classes for beginners commence Thursday, 17th September from 10am and 11.15am at St. Patrick's Parish Centre. Gentle stretching and relaxation suitable for beginners of all ages and abilities. €65 for 6 classes. Wear loose comfortable clothes and bring a yoga or exercise mat if you have one. To book please contact Sadhbh O’Neill at 087 225 8599.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Twenty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time, 30th August 2009

To paraphrase Benjamin Disraeli: There are rules, damned rules and commandments. Whatever about the rules, damned or otherwise, the commandments must be observed diligently according to today’s First Reading. Doing so shows wisdom and discernment (v.6). What a pleasant and peaceful way at looking at someone else’s orders to you! Not characteristic of today’s ethos. I wonder what goes wrong to give the impression that God’s commandments are burdens to be borne, better yet ignored, rather than gifts to be cherished. Why do some people worship money, power and sex instead of the one true God? Why can’t they see the tyranny that servitude to these produces? Why can’t they see the freedom that having only the one true God in one’s life endows? And why can’t they see God’s commandments as guiding lights to help them travel life’s convoluted course in safety? There are so many ‘whys’. God created us to live in community. At family level community living calls for give and take: individually, collectively and nationally. God’s commandments wise us up to the need for justice, generosity, and respect for all people. They help us to adapt to life out there in the real world. They prevent us from expecting that life to adapt to us. That’s why many don’t life them. But, if we didn’t have them, would we not have to invent them?
Fr. Tom Cahill SVD

King of the Castle
St. Patrick’s Parish and James Stephens GAA Club have joined forces to ensure one of our own (Michael Costello) is elected King of the Castle. We cannot let a man from “The Continent” become king of our castle! Help put a Village Man on the throne! We need volunteers to assist with forthcoming field days, tractor runs, BBQs, harvest celebrations, flag days, dog nights and ticket selling. Please help by giving your name to one of the priests or sacristans today. This campaign is part of a city wide event and will be a major fundraiser to help our parish and our local GAA club. Your community needs your assistance right now. Please help.

Questions People Ask
Q. I used to have a regular prayer life but it’s a thing of the past. What would you advise me to do to get started again?
A. A humble and thorough confession would be a good start. Since there are so many ways of praying it is hard to give specific direction without knowing more about you. Can you find a wise spiritual director with whom you can talk? In general, make a workable plan regarding place and time. See what works for you – reading, adoration, petition, rosary; time alone or the support of others. One last bit of advice – pray the way you can and don’t worry about the way you can’t.
Fr. Silvester O’Flynn OFM Cap

Pray for our Deceased Friends
Recently Deceased: Michael Ruth, (Sun 11.00); Frank Roche, Blackwater, Wexford, who died in Canada; Tom Byrne, Kilkeely.
Anniversaries: Mary & Paul Cody, Bill Marnell (Sat 6.15), Patrick Mullen (Sat 7.00), Ben Delahunty (Sun 9.30), Jim Ryan (Sun 10.00), Patty Mulhall (Sun 10.30), James Bambrick (Sun 12.00), Jacqueline Rainey (Sun 12.30), Annmarie Manogue (Wed 10.30), Ann Power, Paddy & Kathleen Cooke, Joe Dunne, Bridget (Beezie) Slattery, John & Catherine Waldron, Peg & Dom Brennan (Mon 9.30) Christopher Kenny, Therese McDonald, Mary & Patrick Blanchfield, Elizabeth Carroll.
Intentions for next weekend: Brigid Kenny (Sat 6.15), Matthew Dwyer (Sat 7.00), William Lawlor (Sun 12.30).

Congratulations to Sr. Marietta Doran, St. John of God Community on the golden jubilee of her religious profession. From Carlow, Sr. Marietta has worked in Wales, Australia and Ireland. She is currently Assistant Leader of the community at College Road.

Lost and Found
A sum of money was found on the College Road during the week. Please contact the Parish Office on 056 776 4400 for details.

Annual Mass at St. Fiacre’s Well
Fiacre was a 7th century Irish saint but better known in France. Following some time spent on the banks of the Nore in our parish he went to Meaux, where the bishop, St. Faro, gave him as much land as he could turn up in a day for a hermitage. Fiacre did so with his staff. This and an earlier reputation of a skill with herbs made him a patron of gardeners. He is also patron of taxi drivers. The first coaches for hire were allowed near Hotel Saint-Fiacre in Paris and, indeed, fiacres is still a word used for taxis. The feast of St. Fiacre is 30th August in our national calendar.
Novena prayers have been recited at St. Fiacre’s Well in our parish each evening since Saturday, 22nd August. The novena will conclude with open-air Mass at the well on this Sunday afternoon: novena prayers at 3.00pm with Mass following immediately. All are welcome to come along and join in this centuries old local devotion. If you are joining us you may be able to offer a lift to someone who would also like to attend.

Toilets in St. Fiacre’s Church
We apologise because the toilets at St. Fiacre’s Church were out of order during the past week. This was due to a water flow problem related to recent building works. The problem has been temporarily rectified and we’re happy to announce that our facilities are now back in use.

St. Patrick’s Church Grounds
Compliments have been coming in from all quarters regarding how well the grounds at our new Parish Centre are looking. But the same can’t be said for St. Patrick’s Church where the grounds are getting into a state of disrepair. Any volunteers willing to help look after these grounds? Contact Fr. Liam if interested.

Ladies Friendship Club
Meetings of Kilkenny Ladies Friendship Club will resume on Wednesday, 9th September at 8pm at the Social Services Centre, Waterford Road. Old and new members will be most welcome.

Parish Website
Some people have complained about being unable to access the parish website while on holiday. This is because they were using the old .com address which no longer belongs to us. The website is now .net and people wishing to log on should use the following:

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and prayer for the needs of Ireland will take place in the Friary Church on Tuesday, 1st September at 8pm. All welcome.

Back to School
Best wishes to those returning to school this week and to those starting for the first time.

A confidential Aware Information & Support Group meeting for relatives of those with depression will take place on Wednesday, 2nd September at 8 pm in St. Mary's Centre, Haughney Green, Kilkenny. For more information contact Fran at Aware on 086 820 0938. Aware is looking for volunteers to help with their annual Daisy Day collection on the 10th, 11th and 12th September in the Carlow and Kilkenny area. If you have a few hours to spare on any of these days and would like to be involved you can contact Mick on or 087 949 8100 or for further details.

Family Communications & Self Esteem
A 10 week parenting course for parents of 9-16 year olds begins soon. Its aim is to support parents in building good relationships with their children. Topics covered include: communication, self esteem, problem solving, peer pressure, drugs and alcohol, conflict resolution. The course is free. Venue: Dean Street, Kilkenny. Dates & Times: Every Monday 7.30pm - 9.30pm from 14th Sept to 23rd November 2009. For further information contact Bernie O’Brien, Health Promotion Dept, HSE 056 776 1400.

Tipperary Institute
Information Evenings for part-time and full-time programmes will take place at Clonmel Campus on Tuesday, 8th September from 6-8pm and at Thurles Campus on Wednesday, 9th September from 6-8pm. All welcome. for details.

The Case Against Lisbon
Come and hear a presentation by Jens-Peter Bonde, MEP (retired) in the Club House Hotel on Thursday, 3rd September at 8pm.

Computer Classes
Computer night classes will begin in Castlecomer Community School in September Classes will be laid on for those wishing to pursue the Basic ECDL (using Microsoft Office 2007) and ECDL AutoCAD (both courses cost €350). Those who successfully complete either course will receive internationally recognised certification. Prices include all tests and notes. All classes run for two and a half hours per night, one night per week. Please contact (086) 823 0888 for booking and information.

St. Patrick’s Parish August Draw
Prize Winner Promoter
1st Prize - €1,000 Jimmy Hawe, Kilmoganny Ann Condon
2nd Prize - €200 Cyril Egan, Grovine Michael Costello
3rd Prize - €100 Ann Shortall, 4 Manor Walk Liam Holohan
4th Prize - €100 Brendan & K. Walsh, College Road Denis & Ann O’Shea
5th Prize - €100 Renee Power, 4 Hazel Grove Kathleen Grogan
6th Prize - €50 Mary Tyrell, c/o promoter Michael Costello
7th Prize - €50 Dermot Grogan, 7 Hazel Grove Kathleen Grogan
8th Prize - €50 Pat McEntee, c/o promoter Ena McEntee
9th Prize - €50 Hilda Jacob, 20 Mayfield Michael McLouglin
10th Prize - €50 John Walsh, c/o promoter John Comerford
11th Prize - €50 Phyllis Murphy, 25 Melville Heights Maureen McCormack
12th Prize - €50 Helen Renehan, Waterford Road Frank McKenna
13th prize - €50 Christine Jones, c/o promoter Lucy Ryan
Promoters’ Prizes Patty O’Neill, Grovine, Liam Holohan, Maiden Hill