Sunday, January 27, 2008

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time, 27th January 2008

All for One?
M. Scott Peck wrote in The Different Drum: “Pseudo community is conflict-avoiding; true community is conflict resolving”. In today’s reading Paul would seem to hold a similar view. He appeals to the Corinthians to remember in whose name they were baptised. Respecting their common baptism in Jesus’ name creates unity. As Paul asks them collectively and not individually about their baptism, they must answer collectively. They can do that only by talking constructively together first. Respect for Jesus name is the springboard to that desired exchange. Two things are clear here: baptism unifies; it’s not automatic. Those baptised have to work with their baptism to allow it to have its effect. This doesn’t mean that as soon as we recall our common baptism in Jesus name everything is hunky dory. No more bickering, self-interest or breaking up into groups, gangs or factions. Call them what you will.
But what it does mean is that we’ll have to do some thinking about why we want to be called Christian in the first place and follow with behaviour that shows that why.
Today more than ever conflict resolution, at all levels, is direly needed today being Holocaust Memorial Day.
Fr. Tom Cahill SVD

Questions People Ask
What are the synoptic gospels? Are these a short synopsis of the other gospels?
A. The name ‘Synoptic’ is misleading for us today because it suggests a shorter or abbreviated version of something. But when applied to the gospels it has its original, Greek meaning of writers looking at something from the same point of view. Since the gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke have the same outline plan and more or less the same material, they are known as the Synoptic Gospels. Each of the writers puts his own stamp on the story. Matthew, our Sunday evangelist this year, emphasises the teaching of Jesus about the Kingdom of God on earth.
Fr Silvester O’Flynn OFM Cap

Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes
The annual Ossory diocesan pilgrimage will travel to Lourdes between 22nd and 27th May. This is the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the apparitions and millions from around the world will flock to the Marian Shrine this year. Our diocesan pilgrimage will be led by Bishop Séamus Freeman. Cost is €685 pps or €710 for those aged between 85-95years.
Further details and application forms from Glenmore Parish Office on 051 880 414 or St. Patrick’s Presbytery.

First Friday
The first Friday of February occurs this week. Frs. Dan and Roderick hope to visit the housebound at the usual times. Fr. Liam will visit on Friday, 8th February. Please contact the Presbytery if you, or someone known to you, would like to be included on the list.

Pray For The Deceased
Recently Deceased: Elizabeth Oakes, 2 Cloonbeg, Larchfield Court. Requiem Mass at St. Fiacre’s Church at 10.30am on Monday. Margaret (Peg) Grace, Tullaroan Road, Nancy McEvoy, Carlow.

Months Mind: Edward Taylor (Sun 9.30).

Anniversaries: Pauline English (Sat 6.15), Kathleen Hickey (Sat 7.00), Orla Roche (Sun 10.00), John Maher (Sun 11.00), Jack Comerford (Sun 12.00), Thomas Walton (Sun 12.30), Con Noonan (Tues 9.30), Kathleen Kelly (Tue 10.30), Catherine Brett, Billy Culleton, Annie Delaney, Brendan McKenna, Derek De Loughry, Rev. John Nyhan, Martin Coyne, Tom Walshe, Margaret Fanning, Delia Hennessy, John Hennessy, Ned Larkin, John & Catherine Curry,

Intentions next weekend: Mary Lynch (Sat 6.15), Breda Butler (Sat 7.00), Billy, Eamon & Lil Costello (Sun 10.00), Pat Kearney, Waterford Road (Sun 10.30), James Loughlin (Sun 11.00), John Hennessy (Sun 12.00), Jimmy McGrath (Sun 12.30).

Parish Draw
The Parish Draw for January takes place at the Presbytery on this Tuesday evening at 8.30pm. All welcome. Promoters and subscribers are asked to have their tickets and money in before the draw. Thanks for your ongoing generous support.

Thanks for Generous Donations
Thanks to those who have contributed as a result of our recent appeal for funds. Since our last report over €25,000 has come in - a more detailed report will follow our next committee meeting.
In the meantime great progress is being by the builder and the development is still on target. Some photographs will be available on from Sunday.

Fund Raising Bag Pack
The management of Supervalu Supermarket, Loughboy has kindly agreed to allow us have a fundraising bag-pack for our new parish centre on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 7th, 8th and 9th February. To reap maximum benefit from this opportunity we need a lot of adult volunteers to help during shopping hours on these days. Please contact the Presbytery on 776 4400 if you can offer any time at all to avail of this excellent opportunity to help our parish raise essential funds for our development. The organising committee continues to develop a rota for the days in question. Thanks to those who have already volunteered - more, many more, are needed. In this case it is genuinely a case of Many hands make light work — all help will be gratefully received.

Education in Faith Sunday
We celebrate Education in Faith Sunday this weekend. Education in Faith Sunday has been celebrated during the month of February since 2003. However, because Lent is early this year, it is being celebrated on Sunday, 27th January and the chosen theme is “Living Faith Fully”.

Boards of Management
The recently appointed Boards of Management of St. John of God Girls’ NS, St. Patrick’s De La Salle Boys’ NS, St. Patrick’s Special School and Gaelscoil Osrai will be commissioned at 11am Mass on this Sunday. The board members will be commissioned to manage our schools on behalf of the parish community, to nurture and develop the Catholic ethos of our school communities, and to ensure that each child is given the opportunity to reach their full potential as a child of God. May their work facilitate the growth and development of the children who are the future of our community.

St. Brigid
Brigid, whose feast is celebrated on Friday, is renowned for her hospitality, almsgiving and care of the sick. She was born c. 454. When she was young her father wished to make a very suitable marriage for her but she insisted in consecrating her virginity to God. She received the veil and spiritual formation probably from St. Mel and stayed for a period under his direction in Ardagh. Others followed her example and this led her to found a double monastery in Kildare with the assistance of Bishop Conleth. She died in 524 and her cult is widespread not only throughout Ireland but in several European lands.

Presentation of the Lord
This feast, celebrated on Saturday, ‘is a combined remembrance of the Son and the Mother… on this day Christ’s faithful people, with candles in their hands, go out to meet the Lord and to acclaim him with Simeon, who recognised Christ as “a light to reveal God to the nations”. They should therefore be taught to walk as children of the light in their entire way of life, because they have a duty to show the light of Christ to all by acting in the works that they do as lighted lamps.’ Ceremonial of Bishops

Candles will be blessed at 9.30am Mass at St. Patrick’s Church on Saturday morning.

Do This in Memory...
We welcome the candidates for First Holy Communion and their families to our parish Masses this weekend. Candidates from Gaelscoil Osrai and KSP will attend 10.30am Mass at St. Fiacre’s Church while those from St. Patrick's De La Salle Boys’ School and St. John of God Girls’ School will be at 11am Mass at St. Patrick’s Church.
As an Eucharistic Community we join in prayer for these young people who are preparing to join our ranks. Our prayers and good example should be a great influence in handing on the faith to this future generation.

Ash Wednesday
The first day of Lent, a day of fast and abstinence, is celebrated on Wednesday week, 6th February. Masses in our parish will be at 9.30am and 7pm (St. Patrick’s Church) and 10.30am and 6.15pm (St. Fiacre’s Church). We encourage all to consider making an extra effort at renewal in our lives this Lent.

Hearing Help/Lipreading Classes
Classes begin on Monday, 28th and Tuesday, 29th (beginners) at Comhairle, The Parade. Phone 776 5176 / 776 3508.

Church Gate Collection
Ossory Youth will hold their Church Gate Collection at all Masses this weekend Saturday, 26th & Sunday, 27th January.

Healing Prayer
Join the Kilkenny Gospel Choir at St. Fiacre’s Church at 8.00pm on Friday for the annual St. Brigid’s Day healing service for those whose lives have been touched by cancer. Traditional red flannel and water from St. Brigid’s Well will be blessed.

Ministers of Communion
We will shortly revise the rosters for Ministers of Communion. Please contact Frank Murphy or any of the Sacristans if you would like a change to your schedule.

Our Lady of Lourdes Triduum
At the Black Abbey on 9th, 10th and 11th February. More details next week.

Fountain of Knowledge...
Offers a comprehensive Educational Assessment to identify your child’s strengths and weakness (ages 7 to 15), a personalised blended learning programme designed by qualified teachers. Classes each Saturday in Kilkenny. For assessment and information call 087 927 7488.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time, 20th January 2008

The Good Way
Charm: you have it, until you know it. It’s the same with humility. Better that others be pleased with us for having it than we draw their attention to it in ourselves. If it’s there, it will out as will God’s purpose in human affairs.
Take, for example, the reading for the fourth Sunday of last November: “It is you who shall be shepherd of my people Israel, you shall be ruler over Israel” (2 Sam 5:2). Here we have God’s will for King David as ruler of his people Israel. He must act like a shepherd! Not the first model that springs to mind nowadays for civil power.
That same inscrutable intent is evident in today’s gospel reading (Jn 1: 29-34). God wants his Son to be like a lamb! How humble can you get? God really does things in strange ways. You want a ruler. You get a shepherd! Someone comes on a world-changing mission and he is to act like a lamb! Doesn’t make sense. But then it’s not supposed to, at least not by human reckoning. God uses the lowly to confound the great. He always has, and always will. The ball is in our court.
Fr. Tom Cahill.

New Vicar General
Bishop Séamus Freeman has appointed Monsignor Michael Ryan PP, Castlecomer as Vicar General of the Diocese of Ossory. Msgr. Ryan served as Vicar General under former Bishop Laurence Forristal.
A Vicar General (VG) is the principal deputy of the bishop for the exercise of administrative authority. As vicar of the bishop, the vicar general exercises the bishop's ordinary executive power over the entire diocese.

Senior Citizens’ Party
Congratulations to all involved in last Monday party for our senior citizens. About 80 people enjoyed dinner and a wonderful evening’s entertainment at Springhill Court Hotel. Well done and thanks to the organisers, band, sponsors and all who attended.

Prayer for Christian Unity
The 100th annual Week of Prayer for Christian Unity began on Friday, 18th and continues until 25th January, the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul. The annual Week of Prayer has become one of the most symbolic and active signs of Christian unity among Christians around the world. The theme chosen for this year, taken from the First Letter of Paul to the Thessalonians, is "Pray Without Ceasing."
One hundred years ago, Father Paul Watson, Episcopal (Anglican) priest and co-founder of the Friars and Sisters of the Atonement at Graymoor (Garrison, USA), introduced a Prayer Octave for Christian Unity that was first celebrated from 18 to 25 January 1908. Soon after, Catholic and Protestant groups around the world took up this practice. In 1965, the tradition was formally endorsed and promoted by the leaders of the major Christian Churches when the World Council of Churches Commission on Faith and Order and the Roman Catholic Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity (now known as the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity) began official joint preparation of materials for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.
This weekend we welcome some guests from neighbouring Christian Churches to our parish. The Rev. Cecil Weekes will speak to the congregation at the 6.15 p.m. Mass at St. Fiacre’s Church and the Rev. Ian Coulter will address the congregation at our 7.00 p.m. Mass at St. Patrick’s Church on Saturday evening. Representing the local Church of Ireland community these men will share a few thoughts with us on this year’s theme and join us in prayer for the success of the week’s events.
Bishop Séamus Freeman will speak at St. Canice’s Cathedral on Sunday while Bishop Michael Burrows will address the congregation at St. Mary’s Cathedral. Members of our clergy will make similar visits to other Protestant churches in the city.

Questions People Ask
Q. Jesus was called the Lamb of God. Does this just refer to his innocence and gentleness or has it some deeper meaning?
A. John the Baptist identified Jesus as the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Before the time of Jesus there were multiple sacrifices of animals to make atonement for sin. The perfect sacrifice of Jesus replaced all these sin offerings.
The lamb of sacrifice, standing over the altar, is at the centre of the apparition at Knock. For a beautiful book on this, read Reflecting at Knock by Fr. Tom Lane.
Fr Silvester O’Flynn OFM Cap

Pray for the Deceased
Recently Deceased: Sarah Kelly, Garden Villas; Michael Fitzpatrick, Goslingstown; Judy Carpenter, Fatima Place; Fr. Martin Farragher, Knocklyon, Lily Power, Johnstown.
Anniversaries: John Bradley (Sat 6.15), Paul Prodromou (Sat 7.00), Norah Foley (Sun 9.30), Kathleen O’Neill (Sun 10.00), Ann & John Waldron (Sun 10.30), Bobbi Leahy (Sun 11.00), Oliver Mannion (Sun 12.00), John Phelan (Tues 10.30), Albert & Bridget Downes (Thurs 10.30), Margaret & Michael Muldowney, Billy Burke, Michael McDonald, Jimmy O’Connell, Richard Brennan, Daniel (Algie) Lanigan, Frank Moran, Richard & Maureen Free, Margaret Knox, Mary Leahy, Maureen & Paddy Dwyer, Michael Gleeson, May McKenna, William, Tess & Joan Murphy, Denis Parsons,
Intentions for Next Weekend: Pauline English (Sat 6.15), Kathleen Hickey (Sat 7.00), Edward Taylor (Sun 9.30 Month’s Mind), Orla Roche (Sun 10.00), John Maher (Sun 11.00), Jack Comerford (Sun 12.00), Thomas Walton (Sun 12.30).

St. Vincent De Paul Collection
The monthly collection for this parish charity will be taken up at all Masses this weekend. Please support.

Fund Raising Bag Pack
The management of Supervalu Supermarket, Loughboy has kindly agreed to allow us have a fundraising bag-pack for our new parish centre on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 7th, 8th and 9th February. To reap maximum benefit from this opportunity we need a lot of adult volunteers to help during shopping hours on these days. Please contact the Presbytery on 776 4400 if you can offer any time at all to avail of this excellent opportunity to help our parish raise essential funds for our development. The organising committee is meeting on this Monday evening and would appreciate offers of help as soon as possible. Many hands make light work — all help will be gratefully received.

Education in Faith Sunday
Next Sunday is Education in Faith Sunday. Education in Faith Sunday has been celebrated during the month of February since 2003. However, because Lent is early this year, it is being celebrated on Sunday, 27th January and the chosen theme is “Living Faith Fully”. More details on next Sunday.
Recently new Boards of Management have been put in place in our primary schools. The members of the new boards of our parish schools will be commissioned at a short service during 11 a.m. Mass at St. Patrick’s Church on next Sunday.

Do This in Memory...
The next event in the preparation programme for candidates for First Holy Communion and their families will take place on next Sunday. Candidates from Gaelscoil Osrai and KSP are asked to attend 10.30am Mass at St. Fiacre’s Church while those from St. Patrick's De La Salle Boys’ School and St. John of God Girls’ School are asked to attend 11am Mass at St. Patrick’s Church.
We look forward to celebrating with you on next Sunday.

Parish Website
Our parish website will be undergoing some changes over the coming weeks so watch out for the ‘new look’ Any suggestion or comments are welcome. We publish the newsletter every week on the parish website site. Also pictures of the building work at Loughboy in progress. Visit:

Helping to Defeat Depression
Aware will hold a panel discussion on depression in Kilkenny next week.
More Questions than Answers?
The Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel, Ormonde Street on Wednesday, 23rd January at 8pm.
Panel: Sue Nunn, KCLR96fm (Chair); Dr. John Cuddihy G.P.; Two individuals speaking of their own experience of depression and Fran Gleeson, Aware. Admission is free, all are welcome.

Empower Training
Diploma in Life & Personal Coaching
Would you like to be a highly qualified coach in Ireland? Are you a person who sees no limits in people? Do people come to you to help? If you listen well, inspire others and like helping to change their lives, you could create life fulfilling and lucrative work for yourself!
Call Empower Training on 775 6736

“God Bless You”
According to the ancient author Pliny (ca. A.D. 77), the custom of saluting someone who sneezes was well-established by the time of Tiberius Caesar, the Roman emperor during the earthly life of Jesus. However, the particular formula, ‘God bless you’ (or Gesundheit in German) may have begun during the time of Pope St. Gregory the Great (A.D. 600) in response to a plague sweeping Rome, the initial symptom of which was a sneeze. A similar explanation has been given for covering one’s mouth when one yawns, which initially began as the sign of the cross over one’s mouth.
Why Do Catholics Eat Fish on Friday?; Michael P. Foley

Some Ecumenical Humour
A rabbi and minister decided to invite the new Catholic PP on a fishing trip. While out on the lake, the rabbi announced ‘We forgot the bait, I’ll go get it’. He jumped out of the boat, walked across the water to the shore, collected the bait and walked back. The PP was amazed. An hour later they started to get hungry. The minister volunteered to go get some food. He jumped out of the boat, walked across the water, collected the food and walked back again. The PP was astounded. A little later they ran out of drinking water. The PP announced that he would go get some. The PP jumped out of the boat... and sank straight to the bottom. Upon surfacing he heard the rabbi say to the minister, ‘I suppose we should have shown him where the stepping stones are.’

First Holy Communion Dates
10th May: St. Patrick’s de la Salle at 11am at St. Patrick’s Church.
17th May: St. John of God at 11am at St. Patrick’s Church.
17th May: Gaelscoil Osraí at 10.30am at St. Mary’s Cathedral.
18th May: KSP at 12 noon at St. Fiacre’s Church.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Baptism of the Lord, 13th January 2008

Who? Me!
Asking the right question is as important as getting the right answer. It means we are on the right track to self-understanding. We’re clued in to life. We’re focused on the present but with our sights on the future too. But, not everybody is. Those who never ask that all-important question, ‘who am i?’ can’t possibly be. As human beings we don’t just walk around with mystery every day. We are mystery every walking around! The answer to the question, ‘who am i?’ is not my name. It has nothing to do with my name. I can change that if I wish. But I can’t change my who no matter how much I might wish to do so because that is immutable before God. So, I need to meet that who, to discover what makes me, me. Is it status, success, money, ability, intelligence? These play their part in forming me, as do failures, limitations and fears, but there’s more to me than all of those put together.
I need to ask that all-important question, ‘who am I?’ and wait patiently until I hear the answer I grave; until in sheer disbelief I hear the words spoken to Jesus in today’s: you are my beloved son/daughter in whom I am well pleased.
Fr Tom Cahill

Questions People Ask
Q. John’s Baptism was a ritual of repentance, but if Jesus was sinless, why did he say that he needed to be baptised?
A. Jesus explained that it was fitting that he should, in this way, do all that righteousness demanded. While he did not need cleansing from any personal sin, he considered it fitting or right to show his solidarity with sinful humanity. By doing so, he anticipated his death on Calvary where he took on the role of the sacrificial lamb to take away the guilt of the world.
Fr Silvester O’Flynn OFM Cap

Rehab Walk in West Cork
A Walk in the Rural Scenic Roads of the Sheepshead Peninsula in West Cork takes place from 22nd to 25th May 2008 in aid of Rehab. The trip which departs from Kilkenny will be confined to 20 people, with departure on Thursday afternoon 22nd May, and returning on Sunday 25th may 2008. The trip will incorporate 3 nights dinner, bed and breakfast at the scenic West Lodge Hotel in Bantry. Each participant is required to raise€575 (this includes meal costs and transport costs etc). Accommodation is on a Room Share Basis. The proceeds from the event will go to the new Rehab Development in William Street, Kilkenny. This trip incorporates 2 days walking on the Friday and Saturday (23rd & 24th May 2008). If you wish to be considered as one of the 20 participants, you are asked to contact Roche at 086 8282474 as soon as possible. Sponsorship Cards are available on request.

Church Gate Collection
The Irish Wheelchair Association will hold their Church Gate Collection on this weekend at all masses.

Thank You
We would like to extend a word of thanks and appreciation to the Young at Heart club for their recent donation of €300 towards the Parish Centre.

Divine Mercy
There will be an hour of adoration and prayer in honour of Divine Mercy in St. Mary’s Cathedral on Sunday 13th January from 3-4pm. All are welcome.

Bag Pack
Some local supermarkets have given us permission to hold fund raising bag packs for the parish. We are currently compiling a list of people who are interested in helping. Please contact the Presbytery (776 4400) if you can spare and hour or two.

Pray for the deceased
Recently Deceased: Maura Nolan, Outrath. Funeral prayers at her home at 7pm on Sunday followed by removal to St. Fiacre’s Church. Requiem Mass at 12 noon on Monday followed by burial at Foulkstown Cemetery. Jimmy Bergin, Brownstown.
Months Mind: Kathleen Redpath (Sun 12.30)
Anniversaries: Anna Campion (Sat 6.15), Beattie O’Connell (Sun 10.00), Peg, Jack & Breda Molloy (Sun 10.30), Maureen O’Shea (Sun 11.00), Frank O’Shea (Sun 12.00), Brigid Currid (Tues 10.30), Patrick & Sally Mullally (Wed 10.30), John, Pat & Ellen Butler (Thurs 10.30), Cornelius Carroll, Anne & John Bissett, Christopher & Mary Ryan, Patrick, Delia & Margaret Taylor, Dennis Guilfoyle, Johnny Brennan, Nora Carroll, Nancy Ronan, Ellen & Michael McEvoy, Patricia Byrne
Intentions for next weekend: John Bradley (Sat 6.15), Paul Prodromou (Sat 7.00), Norah Foley (Sun 9.30), Kathleen O’Neill (Sun 10.00), Ann & John Waldron (Sun 10.30), Bobbi Leahy (Sun 11.00), Oliver Mannion (Sun 12.00).

Ossory Pilgrimage to Lourdes
This year’s pilgrimage takes place from May 22nd to May 27th. The Ossory Pilgrimage to Lourdes is the most prolonged gathering of people from the diocese each year with 487 people making the pilgrimage in 2007 from thirty nine of our forty two parishes. Each year a dedicated group of caring people assists with the seventy or so that journey as assisted pilgrims many of whom travel with the financial assistance of local communities, parishes and sponsors. All inquiries and applications regarding the assisted pilgrim section should be directed to Glenmore Parish Office 051 880414. Cost €685 pps or €710 for those aged between 85-95yrs. Booking forms available for Glenmore Parish office or Fr. Michael O’Connor 051 880414. Complete booking forms should be returned to Fr. O’Connor before 1st Feb with the relevant payment.

First Holy Communion Dates
10th May: St. Patrick’s de la Salle at 11am at St. Patrick’s Church.
17th May: St. John of God at 11am at St. Patrick’s Church.
17th May: Gaelscoil Osraí at 10.30am at St. Mary’s Cathedral.
18th May: KSP at 12 noon at St. Fiacre’s Church.

Foulkstown Cemetery
We again ask people to keep a vigilant eye while out in Foulkstown Cemetery for any suspicious or illegal activity. If you notice anything including illegal dumping, note the registration of the vehicle involved and bring it to the attention of the priests or any committee member. We ask people to note that the cemetery is not a dumping ground for household or commercial waste, nor is it place to bring cuttings from gardens. Our costs for waste removal are high enough without having to pay for people’s rubbish.
Such a vigilant eye by one parishioner recently managed to stop a break-in at the back of the church where cemetery equipment is stored. The Gardaí managed to apprehend the culprit. We are grateful to this parishioner for his solid efforts.
As mentioned a couple of weeks back, the prices of graves in Foulkstown are increasing by €50 for a single grave and €100 for a double. The complete prices are as follows:
Parishioners: Single: €350. Double: €600.
Non-Parishioners: Single €400. Double: €750.
It is possible to purchase a grave in advance. However you do not get a location or plot until you actually need it. What you are purchasing is the right to a place in Foulkstown when the actual need arises.
Please note that the cemetery continues to be locked at night time for security reasons. Thanks for your support.

Senior Citizen’s Party
The St. Patrick’s Senior Citizen’s Christmas Party takes place this coming Monday (14th) at 8pm in the Springhill Court Hotel. Tickets are available for this event in any of the sacristies of our three churches. Tickets cost €10 and are restricted to those over 60. If you intend going please let us know before Monday lunchtime.
Each year the event is a wonderful success with a lovely meal and excellent entertainment throughout the night. There will also be a raffle on the night.
Those who have transport might be able to offer others a lift to the event. If anyone has difficulty getting to the party then let us know on Monday evening and we will organise a lift.
Sincere thanks to the committee who organise this event every year and thanks to all who sponsor this event.

The Parish Centre
Just a quick note to allay the fears of some people: no, the colour of the roof will not be yellow. The present colour is actually the under sheeting and insulation. When finished the roof will have the same colour tiles as the church and surrounding houses. Although it has to be said, the yellow does have a certain ‘hurling’ appeal.
More on the progress of the parish centre, as well as finances later.
Items for Newsletter
We ask people who are submitting material for the newsletter to do so by Thursday afternoon at the latest. The newsletter is compiled on Thursday and Friday and after this time we cannot guarantee inclusion until the following week. Thanks for your cooperation.

Blessed Sacrament Exposition
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament takes place in St. Fiacre’s Church on Mondays from 11am to 10pm each week. Exposition also takes place in St. Patrick’s Church on Fridays from 10am to 1pm and 4pm to 9pm each week.
Exposition is a time for private prayer and adoration of Jesus in the Eucharist. A consecrated host is placed in a vessel called a monstrance and placed on the altar where it can be seen and adored by people.
The Eucharist is our most intimate contact with Jesus in this life whether we are receiving communion or praying before the Blessed Sacrament. All are welcome to join in this precious time with God.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Epiphany of the Lord, 6th January 2008

A Great Start to the New Year
To date almost a quarter of a million euro has been donated by parishioners in response to our recent appeal for financial support for our new parish centre. This is a wonderful New Year’s shot in the arm to our fundraising drive and is greatly appreciated by the Parish Finance Committee.
During October and November Fr. Dan wrote to all parishioners appealing for financial help for the development of a parish centre, homes for the elderly and presbytery at Loughboy: your response was very generous. Parishioners sent in what they could afford: some sent €20, others €50 and €100. Those who could afford it gave more – a few very generous parishioners gave €2,000 and €5,000. Every single euro is appreciated. In all the response was excellent and may be summed up as follows:

Donations from parishioners €145,170.00
Loans from parishioners €60,500.00
Donations from companies €27,300.00
Total €232,970.00

This figure is accurate as of 31st December 2007 and donations continue to arrive. Thanks for your generous commitment to our parish project – putting the money up front will greatly reduce the amount to be paid in interest and substantially ease the long term financial burden on the parish. Our financial advisers suggest that every €100 received now will be worth up to €200 in interest saved in the long term. Furthermore, much of the money received comes under the terms of the Tax Refunds to Eligible Charities Scheme and will enable the parish to recover even more money from the Revenue Commissioners at no extra cost to the donor.
Letters of acknowledgement and appreciation have been sent to those who have contributed to date. Needless to say, if you “meant to do something on that appeal” there is still time. The account will be open for some time yet.

Questions People Ask
Q. If it was alright for the Magi to follow a star, why does the Church frown on using astrology as a means of gaining knowledge of our future?
A. Because it’s absolute nonsense! The same Bible which has the story of the Magi clearly forbids any form of divination, that is, seeking divine knowledge or power through reading omens of by means of magic. When the Magi (magicians) bow before Jesus and offer their gifts, it shows that they are giving up their religious systems and adoring Jesus as Lord. Far from supporting astrology, this story announces its termination because Jesus is the light to be followed.
Fr. Silvester O’Flynn OFM Cap

St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society
The monthly meeting of the St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society will take place on Friday, 11th January 2008 in St. Fiacre’s Church, immediately after the 10.30am Mass. All are welcome.

The recitation of the rosary at the Statue of Our Lady of Kilkenny at James’ Green on the First Sunday of each month continues on this Sunday, 6th January at 3pm. All welcome.

Prayer for Healing
The fortnightly prayer for healing continues at St. Fiacre’s Church from this Thursday 7.30pm. All are welcome.

All Kinds of Everything
Someone once described love as the ability to see butterflies in caterpillars. I think that holds true for faith too. The feast we celebrate today, the Epiphany, is a good example of that.
Epiphany, a strange sounding word of Greek origin, simply means seeing something, or someone, more clearly than ever before. It’s sudden, and it takes your breath away. Something we are very familiar with we suddenly discover has more to it than we thought. Someone we thought we knew inside out suddenly gob-smacks us into seeing that we can’t take her, or him, or anyone else for granted ever. Mystery rules, ok! That’s epiphany. We need constant contact with mystery so life’s richness isn’t diluted.
After their vision, the three wise men in today’s gospel reading (Mt 2: 1-12) have their dream. It warns them to avoid Herod. Some people can’t cope with mystery. Their attitude is all wrong, their values are all wrong, they are all wrong. As the wise men avoided Herod, so too must we, with whatever name or in whatever form he may appear. He’s the one who tramples on caterpillars and thinks butterflies are for the birds. Clearly, besides mystery we also need our dreams.
Fr. Tom Cahill

Blood Donation Clinic
The Irish Blood Transfusion Service will be visiting the area with their mobile blood collection team. The IBTS is at present, experiencing difficulty in collecting enough voluntary blood donations in order to meet hospital requirements of 3,000 units of blood a week.
The clinics will be at The Rivercourt Hotel, Kilkenny at the following times:
Sunday, 6th January from 11.30am to 3.30pm.
Monday - Thursday, 7th - 10th January from 4.30pm - 8.30 pm.

Pray for the Deceased
Recently Deceased: Josephine McGrath, Shellumsrath.
Months Mind: Phyllis Doran (Sat 7.00)
Anniversaries: Billy & Anastatia Hickey (Sat 6.15), Philomena Brennan (Sun 9.30), Monica Dooley (Sun 10.30), Sean O’Dwyer (Sun 11.00), Christina & Rose Leahy (Sun 12.00), Sean Devane (Sun 12.30), Gerald Lincoln (Tues 10.30), Teresa Walsh (Wed 10.30), Catherine Brennan (Thurs 10.30), Diane Keenan (Fri 10.30), William & Eileen Bergin, John Reid, Mary O’Grady, Michael Kenny, Lorenzo Mahony, Maura Molloy, John Lanigan, John O’Gara, Mary Kate Hayes, Tom Maher, Denis Nyhan, Ann Smyth, Phyllis, Marie & Tom Dowling, Msgr Paul Fitzgerald, Henrietta Duggan, James & Anne O’Grady.

Intentions Next Weekend: Anna Campion (Sat 6.15),Beattie O’Connell (Sun 10.00), Peg, Jack & Breda Molloy (Sun 10.30), Maureen O’Shea (Sun 11.00), Frank O’Shea (Sun 12.00), Kathleen Redpath - Month’s Mind (Sun 12.30).

English Language Classes
Co Kilkenny Adult Learning Scheme is hosting English Language Classes for non-Irish nationals. Registration in on Monday, 7th January at 5 Colliers Lane, Kilkenny. Time: 6.30pm to 8.30pm. Cost: Beginners and Intermediate - €55 for 1 class per week / 9 weeks and €110 for 2 classes per week / 9 weeks. Advanced - €90 for 1 class per week/ 9 weeks.
All students must register and pay before classes begin on Monday 14th Jan 08. Morning classes also available. All classes are subject to demand. Fetac Accreditation may be offered. Contact Helen Walsh 056 776 3149 or 086 840 0344 for further information. See poster on notice boards.

Adult Education & Careers Evening
Wednesday, 16th January from 6.30 - 9.30pm at the Newpark Hotel. This event is free and open to all adults who have an interest in learning more about their options for education and careers. For information: Co. Kilkenny VEC. Tel: 056 776 4448. See poster on notice boards.

Epiphany Announcement 2008
Dear brothers and sisters,
The glory of the Lord has shone upon us, and shall ever manifest itself among us, until the day of his return. Through the rhythms and changes of time let us call to mind and live the mysteries of salvation.

The centre of the whole liturgical year is the Paschal Triduum of the Lord, crucified, buried, and risen, which will culminate in the solemn Vigil of Easter, during the holy night that will end with the dawn of the twenty-third day of March. Every Sunday, as in a weekly Easter, holy Church makes present that great and saving deed by which Christ has forever conquered sin and death.

From Easter there comes forth and are reckoned all the days we keep holy: Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the Lenten spring, the sixth day of February; the Ascension of the Lord, the fourth day of May; and Pentecost, the eleventh day of May; the First Sunday of Advent, the thirtieth day of November.

Likewise in the feasts of the Holy Mother of God, of the apostles and saints, and in the commemoration of the faithful departed, the pilgrim Church on earth proclaims the resurrection of Jesus Christ our Lord.

To Christ who was, who is, and who is to come, the Lord of time and history, be endless praise forever and ever! Amen!

Parish Calendars
Our parish calendar is still available containing details of Baptisms, First Holy Communions, Confirmations, Marriages and other important information about our parish. Please feel free to take copies from the back of the churches.

Thanks to Patrick N Meany and Sons, Undertakers, who sponsored our calendar this year.

Mobile Telephones in Church
We appeal to all who attend services in our churches to turn off mobile telephones. There have been a number of incidents recently where the celebrant and members of the congregation have been greatly disturbed by telephones ringing during Masses. Please, out of courtesy to other worshippers, turn off your telephone while in church. Thanks.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Holy Family, 30th December 2007

Welcome Bishop Séamus
We have pleasure in welcoming Bishop Séamus Freeman to our parish this weekend. Our new bishop is anxious to visit the parishes of the diocese as soon as possible and we are honoured to welcome him this weekend. Bishop Séamus will be principal concelebrant at our 11am Mass at St. Patrick’s on Sunday.

Happy New Year
The priests and members of the Parish Team join in wishing all the parishioners of St. Patrick’s Parish, our friends and acquaintances a very happy and holy New Year.

Focus on Family
Albert Einstein once said that there are only two ways to live one's life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is. Better play safe and take the second option especially when it comes to family. Family is where we most readily experience the miracle that life is. It’s where we fashion ourselves, and are fashioned, as human beings. It's where we learn the art of living, the beauty of words such as ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. It’s where we learn to brush teeth, wash hands, and of course to flush. It’s where we learn to be on time for meals we haven’t had to prepare ourselves, and to help with wash-up instead of running off to play. In short, it’s where we learn to think of others and not just of ourselves. It’s where we learn eventually what Okakura Kakuzo notes in, The Book of Tea, that those who cannot feel the littleness of great things in themselves are apt to overlook the greatness of little things in others. Most of these important lessons come courtesy of parents. NO wonder then the Word of God speaks so highly of them today in Ben Sirach 3:2-6, 12-14. Where would we be without them?
Fr. Tom Cahill SVD

Questions People Ask
Q. Was there any particular reason why the Holy Family settled in Nazareth?
A. Nazareth was an insignificant town, never even mentioned in the Old Testament. It had become a centre for migrant workers engaged by Herod for a massive building project at nearby Sepphoris, Joseph, a carpenter, would have had a good job there. Nazareth had no great religious traditions, only a dubious reputation. ‘Can anything good come from Nazareth?’ There’s a great lesson here. If Jesus made a dubious place life Nazareth his hometown, then we can expect to find him anywhere...even where we live!
Fr. Silvester O’Flynn OFM Cap

Parish Calendars
Our annual parish calendar is available at the doors of the churches. Please feel free to take a copy home with you. Thanks to Patrick N. Meaney and Sons, Undertakers, for the kind sponsorship this year.

Mass Times This Week
Masses during the week will be at 9.30am (St. Patrick’s Church) and 10.30am St. Fiacre’s Church) with the exception of Tuesday, 1st January. On New Year’s Day the only Mass will be at St. Patrick’s Church at 11am.

Kilkenny Gospel Choir
The members of the Kilkenny Gospel Choir will provide the sacred music at the 12 o’clock Mass at St. Fiacre’s Church on next Sunday.

DVD of Bishop’s Ordination
The DVD of the Episcopal Ordination of Most Rev. Séamus Freeman, Bishop of Ossory, is available at the Sacristies in our parish churches and at the Parish Office. Cost €15. The DVD is also available at St. Mary’s Cathedral and the Ossory Diocesan Office, Sion Road.
Pray for Our Deceased Friends

Recently Deceased: Eddie Taylor, 3 Loughboy Park. Larry Campbell, Naas. James Byrne, Clonegal.
Month’s Mind: Paddy Murphy (Sat 7.00).
Anniversaries: Dr. Harry Roche (Thurs 10.30), Edward Moriarty, Michael Kelly, Peg Larkin, Liam Costello, Anna Dunphy, Ted Kenny, Paddy Doyle, Patrick Dwyer, Liam & Mary Ryan, Bernadette Warde, Phyllis, Marie & Tom Dowling.
Intentions for next weekend: Billy & Annastatia Hickey (Sat 6.15); Phyllis Doran (Month’s Mind - Sat 7.00); Monica Dooley (Sun 10.30); Sean O’Dwyer (Sun 11.00); Christina Leahy (Sun 12.00); Sean Devane (Sun 12.30).

Getting Married Soon
Congratulations! We pray God’s blessing on you as you prepare for this great step in your lives. The following may be of use:
Couples must give at least three months notice to the parish in which they intend to get married. (The Civil Registrar for the area also requires three months notice.) Pre-marriage papers should be prepared in the parish in which the person is residing. Therefore, having booked the date, we advise that you speak to a priest in the parish in which you are residing about beginning the process of assembling the necessary papers. Situations differ but should never be daunting and we suggest you speak with the priest before you begin the work of assembling the papers: what was necessary for your friend may not be required in your case. While the papers are prepared in the parish of residence they are eventually sent to and filed in the parish in which the marriage takes place.
The celebrant you choose will help you select suitable prayers and readings to make your celebration personal and memorable.
Those getting married within the Diocese of Ossory are obliged to participate in a pre-marriage course. For information on course availability contact: Accord, St Mary's Centre, James Street, Kilkenny. Tel: 772 2674.

Welcome 2008
With the New Year just around the corner, we say goodbye to 2007 and we welcome the New Year of 2008. The coming year promises to be a busy year for St. Patrick’s Parish with the planned opening of our new parish centre at Loughboy.
So far the building is more or less on target and, sometime in the summer, God willing, we will receive the keys to a new facility with will become the hub and hive of activity for our parish alongside our churches.
We will of course have to continue fund-raising for the centre and we’re grateful for the huge support we have received thus far. From small amounts to large amounts, from weekly envelopes to donations or loans, every cent collected now means less we have to borrow in the long term. Thanks to all who are so generous.
The Parish Draw which has been a huge success will continue in 2008 and your support is deeply appreciated. Thanks to Ted Byrne and his dedicated team of promoters who put so much effort in. Also planned for 2008 will be an auction, more on this later.
But 2008 won’t be all about raising money. The senior citizens’ party will be held in January and then, for Lent, there will be a series of Lenten services planned for our churches. Many young people from our parish will receive the sacraments of Baptism, Penance, Holy Communion and Confirmation in the coming year. We wish them well. Also, many of the current parish groups such as Nursing Home Visitation Team, Baptismal Team, St. Vincent de Paul, Prayer Groups and Senior Citizen groups will continue their work in 2008 and new members are always welcome.
So, 2008 will be an exciting time for our parish. We invite you to join us.

Sincere Thanks
Thanks to everyone who supported the Christmas Offering for the support of our bishop and the priests of the parish. Your contribution is much appreciated.

Foulkstown Cemetery
This a quiet time out at Foulkstown Cemetery but the cemetery committee continues to keep a watchful eye and maintain the final resting place of our loved ones to the highest standard. We ask visitors to the cemetery to be careful crossing the road. If you notice any suspicious activity in or around the church or grounds, please bring it to the attention of the priests or committee members. We ask people to note that the dumping of commercial and household waste is not allowed in the cemetery. Facilities are provided only for dead flowers and wreaths.
As of 1st January 2008, the prices of graves in Foulkstown goes up by €50 for a single grave and €100 for a double grave. The price increase is to due to the impending development of the next section of the graveyard. Further details will be printed in next week’s newsletter.
Thanks to all who are involved in the maintaining of Foulkstown, the cemetery and church. Your work is greatly appreciated.

English Language Classes
Registration on Monday, 7th January 2008. Venue: 5 Colliers Lane, Kilkenny.
Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm.
Beginners and Intermediate: €55 for 1 class per week for nine weeks. €110 for 2 classes per week for nine weeks. Classes last for 1 hour and 45 minutes. All students must register and pay before classes begin on the 14th January. Contact Helen on 056 776 3149 or 086 840 0344.

Parish Newsletter
We are happy to publish notices of church and community interest in our weekly newsletter. However, we ask contributors to note that the deadline for inclusion of items in the weekly newsletter is 4pm on Thursday before publication.
Notices, including anniversary notices, should be clearly written and delivered to the Presbytery by hand, post or email.
While we do our best to ensure the accuracy of all information published we cannot accept any liability for mistakes and errors.

Parish Calendar & Newsletter sponsored by:
Patrick N. Meany & Sons
Funeral Directors
Greenridge, Johnswell Road, Kilkenny
056 7751100 / 086 8688868