Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Holy Family, 30th December 2007

Welcome Bishop Séamus
We have pleasure in welcoming Bishop Séamus Freeman to our parish this weekend. Our new bishop is anxious to visit the parishes of the diocese as soon as possible and we are honoured to welcome him this weekend. Bishop Séamus will be principal concelebrant at our 11am Mass at St. Patrick’s on Sunday.

Happy New Year
The priests and members of the Parish Team join in wishing all the parishioners of St. Patrick’s Parish, our friends and acquaintances a very happy and holy New Year.

Focus on Family
Albert Einstein once said that there are only two ways to live one's life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is. Better play safe and take the second option especially when it comes to family. Family is where we most readily experience the miracle that life is. It’s where we fashion ourselves, and are fashioned, as human beings. It's where we learn the art of living, the beauty of words such as ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. It’s where we learn to brush teeth, wash hands, and of course to flush. It’s where we learn to be on time for meals we haven’t had to prepare ourselves, and to help with wash-up instead of running off to play. In short, it’s where we learn to think of others and not just of ourselves. It’s where we learn eventually what Okakura Kakuzo notes in, The Book of Tea, that those who cannot feel the littleness of great things in themselves are apt to overlook the greatness of little things in others. Most of these important lessons come courtesy of parents. NO wonder then the Word of God speaks so highly of them today in Ben Sirach 3:2-6, 12-14. Where would we be without them?
Fr. Tom Cahill SVD

Questions People Ask
Q. Was there any particular reason why the Holy Family settled in Nazareth?
A. Nazareth was an insignificant town, never even mentioned in the Old Testament. It had become a centre for migrant workers engaged by Herod for a massive building project at nearby Sepphoris, Joseph, a carpenter, would have had a good job there. Nazareth had no great religious traditions, only a dubious reputation. ‘Can anything good come from Nazareth?’ There’s a great lesson here. If Jesus made a dubious place life Nazareth his hometown, then we can expect to find him anywhere...even where we live!
Fr. Silvester O’Flynn OFM Cap

Parish Calendars
Our annual parish calendar is available at the doors of the churches. Please feel free to take a copy home with you. Thanks to Patrick N. Meaney and Sons, Undertakers, for the kind sponsorship this year.

Mass Times This Week
Masses during the week will be at 9.30am (St. Patrick’s Church) and 10.30am St. Fiacre’s Church) with the exception of Tuesday, 1st January. On New Year’s Day the only Mass will be at St. Patrick’s Church at 11am.

Kilkenny Gospel Choir
The members of the Kilkenny Gospel Choir will provide the sacred music at the 12 o’clock Mass at St. Fiacre’s Church on next Sunday.

DVD of Bishop’s Ordination
The DVD of the Episcopal Ordination of Most Rev. Séamus Freeman, Bishop of Ossory, is available at the Sacristies in our parish churches and at the Parish Office. Cost €15. The DVD is also available at St. Mary’s Cathedral and the Ossory Diocesan Office, Sion Road.
Pray for Our Deceased Friends

Recently Deceased: Eddie Taylor, 3 Loughboy Park. Larry Campbell, Naas. James Byrne, Clonegal.
Month’s Mind: Paddy Murphy (Sat 7.00).
Anniversaries: Dr. Harry Roche (Thurs 10.30), Edward Moriarty, Michael Kelly, Peg Larkin, Liam Costello, Anna Dunphy, Ted Kenny, Paddy Doyle, Patrick Dwyer, Liam & Mary Ryan, Bernadette Warde, Phyllis, Marie & Tom Dowling.
Intentions for next weekend: Billy & Annastatia Hickey (Sat 6.15); Phyllis Doran (Month’s Mind - Sat 7.00); Monica Dooley (Sun 10.30); Sean O’Dwyer (Sun 11.00); Christina Leahy (Sun 12.00); Sean Devane (Sun 12.30).

Getting Married Soon
Congratulations! We pray God’s blessing on you as you prepare for this great step in your lives. The following may be of use:
Couples must give at least three months notice to the parish in which they intend to get married. (The Civil Registrar for the area also requires three months notice.) Pre-marriage papers should be prepared in the parish in which the person is residing. Therefore, having booked the date, we advise that you speak to a priest in the parish in which you are residing about beginning the process of assembling the necessary papers. Situations differ but should never be daunting and we suggest you speak with the priest before you begin the work of assembling the papers: what was necessary for your friend may not be required in your case. While the papers are prepared in the parish of residence they are eventually sent to and filed in the parish in which the marriage takes place.
The celebrant you choose will help you select suitable prayers and readings to make your celebration personal and memorable.
Those getting married within the Diocese of Ossory are obliged to participate in a pre-marriage course. For information on course availability contact: Accord, St Mary's Centre, James Street, Kilkenny. Tel: 772 2674.

Welcome 2008
With the New Year just around the corner, we say goodbye to 2007 and we welcome the New Year of 2008. The coming year promises to be a busy year for St. Patrick’s Parish with the planned opening of our new parish centre at Loughboy.
So far the building is more or less on target and, sometime in the summer, God willing, we will receive the keys to a new facility with will become the hub and hive of activity for our parish alongside our churches.
We will of course have to continue fund-raising for the centre and we’re grateful for the huge support we have received thus far. From small amounts to large amounts, from weekly envelopes to donations or loans, every cent collected now means less we have to borrow in the long term. Thanks to all who are so generous.
The Parish Draw which has been a huge success will continue in 2008 and your support is deeply appreciated. Thanks to Ted Byrne and his dedicated team of promoters who put so much effort in. Also planned for 2008 will be an auction, more on this later.
But 2008 won’t be all about raising money. The senior citizens’ party will be held in January and then, for Lent, there will be a series of Lenten services planned for our churches. Many young people from our parish will receive the sacraments of Baptism, Penance, Holy Communion and Confirmation in the coming year. We wish them well. Also, many of the current parish groups such as Nursing Home Visitation Team, Baptismal Team, St. Vincent de Paul, Prayer Groups and Senior Citizen groups will continue their work in 2008 and new members are always welcome.
So, 2008 will be an exciting time for our parish. We invite you to join us.

Sincere Thanks
Thanks to everyone who supported the Christmas Offering for the support of our bishop and the priests of the parish. Your contribution is much appreciated.

Foulkstown Cemetery
This a quiet time out at Foulkstown Cemetery but the cemetery committee continues to keep a watchful eye and maintain the final resting place of our loved ones to the highest standard. We ask visitors to the cemetery to be careful crossing the road. If you notice any suspicious activity in or around the church or grounds, please bring it to the attention of the priests or committee members. We ask people to note that the dumping of commercial and household waste is not allowed in the cemetery. Facilities are provided only for dead flowers and wreaths.
As of 1st January 2008, the prices of graves in Foulkstown goes up by €50 for a single grave and €100 for a double grave. The price increase is to due to the impending development of the next section of the graveyard. Further details will be printed in next week’s newsletter.
Thanks to all who are involved in the maintaining of Foulkstown, the cemetery and church. Your work is greatly appreciated.

English Language Classes
Registration on Monday, 7th January 2008. Venue: 5 Colliers Lane, Kilkenny.
Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm.
Beginners and Intermediate: €55 for 1 class per week for nine weeks. €110 for 2 classes per week for nine weeks. Classes last for 1 hour and 45 minutes. All students must register and pay before classes begin on the 14th January. Contact Helen on 056 776 3149 or 086 840 0344.

Parish Newsletter
We are happy to publish notices of church and community interest in our weekly newsletter. However, we ask contributors to note that the deadline for inclusion of items in the weekly newsletter is 4pm on Thursday before publication.
Notices, including anniversary notices, should be clearly written and delivered to the Presbytery by hand, post or email.
While we do our best to ensure the accuracy of all information published we cannot accept any liability for mistakes and errors.

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