Saturday, January 28, 2012

4th Sunday in Ordinary Time, 29th, January 2012

Letter from Bishop Seamus Freeman S.A.C.

to Mark Catholic Schools Week 2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This year the theme for Catholic Schools Week is: Catholic Schools: Christ’s living body active in our world.  It is a theme that immediately draws us to the Eucharist which is very appropriate as we prepare for the Eucharistic Congress in June. The Congress will be an occasion to reflect on the centrality of the Eucharist in our lives as Catholics and who it calls us to be as individuals and community. At the heart of every parish and indeed every Catholic School is the celebration of the Eucharist, a living memorial of Christ’s saving love. It is at the altar that we encounter the crucified and risen Lord; it is there we offer our lives as Christ does, so that we too can become the Body and Blood of Christ for others. The resources provided for Catholic Schools Week in Secondary Schools have as their backdrop St Luke’s account of the encounter with the risen Lord on the road to Emmaus. This much loved post resurrection story has always fascinated believers through the centuries and provided consolation and hope for all who identify with the two disciples. Moreover it contains within it the elements of the Mass and in particular the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

In the liturgy of the Word the Lord not only speaks to us but walks with us. His story helps us to find meaning as we walk our own road with its twists and turns. In the liturgy of the Eucharist the Lord responds to our prayer that he ‘stay with us’. He feeds us, with the gift of himself so that we can have the strength to return to our own Jerusalem, that place where we live, work, teach, minister to others, learn, play and pray, where we experience suffering and joy, and live as witnesses to the resurrection. Those of you called to be teachers and catechists in our Catholic schools draw strength in a special way from the Eucharist. When you teach you do so in the knowledge that Christ is with you, as you fulfill your mission, to “bring the flame of Jesus' love, even if it is a small one, to the hearts of children, and through the children to their parents, thus reopening the places of faith of our time” (Pope Benedict XVI: Meeting with Priests 6th August 2008).

As we begin Catholic Schools Week in the Diocese of Ossory it is my prayer that all of you will avail of this opportunity to consider how the Eucharist enables you to become Christ’s living Body in every aspect of school life. The resources which have been sent to each school and all our priests offer occasions for payer and reflection that will help you to appreciate all the more the invaluable service you provide to children, parents and indeed the whole parish community. In Parishes and Primary Schools that observe Grandparent’s day, it has proved to be a unique occasion, celebrating the contribution of so many people who continue to give generous witness to their faith especially by handing this gift on to their grandchildren. In secondary schools young people will find in the thought for each day and other initiatives opportunities for reflection on how our Catholic faith can be a gift to them in helping them achieve their full potential at school and in society.

Finally it is my hope that during the coming week all of you in your schools or parish churches will have an opportunity to participate in the Eucharist and give thanks that you are Christ’s living Body active in our world.

Praying God’s blessing on all of you in your schools and parishes.
+ Bishop Seamus Freeman SAC

Catholic Schools Week
This Sunday, 29th January, marks the beginning of Catholic Schools Week 2012. The purpose of the week is to highlight and celebrate the enormous contribution that Catholic Schools make to our local communities and society in general. This year’s theme is Catholic Schools: Christ’s Living Body Active in our World.
To mark Catholic Schools Week the St. Patrick’s De La Salle Boys’ School Choir will sing the sacred music at the 10.30am Mass at St. Fiacre’s Church on this Sunday.

A Word of Thanks
To our teachers who share their faith with their students, who encourage their students to excel in academics, and who teach their students by their words and example to serve others.
To our parents who make the choice to entrust their children to the teachers in our Catholic schools.  Thank you for recognising the wonderful education that is offered in our schools.
To our students who work hard to make their parents and teachers proud - as they grow in their faith, knowledge and their service to others.

Senior Citizens’ Party
The annual dinner and party for the senior citizens of St. Patrick’s Parish will be held at the Parish Centre on next Monday, 6th February.  Good food and a great night’s entertainment is guaranteed.  Tickets €10 are available only from the Parish Office.  Tickets are selling well and we advise early purchase to avoid disappointment and to help with catering arrangements.  A great night is promised.

St. Brigid’s Day Service
The Kilkenny Gospel Choir will host the annual Service associated with St. Brigid at St. Fiacre’s Church at 7.30pm on Wednesday.  The service will pray in particular for those who are experiencing difficulties in life.  Red flannel and blessed water from St. Brigid’s Well in Kildare will be available during the service.

Pray for Our Deceased Friends
Recently Deceased: Davy Campion, Troyswood.  Funeral prayers at his home on Sunday followed by removal to St. Canice’s Church for 2.00pm Requiem Mass.  Burial at St. Kieran’s Cemetery. Frank McEvoy, Hebron Road. Christina Dunne, Old Callan Road.
Months Mind: Sr. Marie Joseph Fleming (Sat 7.00), Micheál Walsh (Sun 9.30).
Anniversaries:  Kitty Hickey (Sat 6.15), Pat Kearney (Sun 10.00), Fr. Joe O’Shea (Sun 10.30), Maureen Barry (Sun 11.00), Michael Phelan (Sun 12.00), Jim Loughlin (Sun 12.30), Con Noonan (Tue 10.30), Daniel Lanigan (Wed 10.30), Lil, Billy & Eamon Costelloe (Fri 9.30), Patrick O’Keeffe (Fri 10.30), Elizabeth Kavanagh, Patrick Walsh, Fintan Phelan, Annie Delaney, Richie Grace, Pauline English, Seamus Holohan, Eamonn, Frances , Padraig & Seamus Costello, William Culleton, Ann Kenny, Margaret Fanning, Con Noonan,  Billy Culleton, Breda Butler, May Morris Allen & Paddy Morris.
Intentions next weekend: Golden Wedding Anniversary (Sat 6.15), Ann Nolan (Sat 7.00), Shane Holland (Sun 9.30), Noeleen Flood (Sun 10.00), Ann & John Waldron (Sun 10.30), Jimmy McGrath (Sun 11.00), Michael Kennedy (Sun 12.00), Michael Moore (Sun 12.30).

Parish Envelopes
Last weekend’s Parish Envelope collection amounted to €1,317.00.  Many thanks.

Young at Heart
This Club re-opens in the Parish Centre on Wednesday, 1st February; 2.30pm - 4.30pm. 

St John’s Parish Solemn Novena
St John's Annual Parish Solemn Novena commences next Friday, 3rd February and continues until Saturday, 11th February.  It will be conducted by the Redemptorists. Daily Sessions (excluding Sunday) are at 7.30 & 10.30am and 7.30pm.  Special Sessions include: Saturday 4th, 10.30 am - Anointing of the Sick; Sunday 5th, 3.30 pm - Blessing of Babies & Small Children; Friday 10th, 7.30pm - Special Session for Youth.

Prayer for Healing
There will be a time of Prayer for Healing at St. Fiacre’s Church between 7.30 and 10.00pm on next Thursday evening.

Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes
The Ossory Pilgrimage to Lourdes, led by Bishop Seamus Freeman S.A.C., will take place from 22nd to 27th May 2012.
Bookings may be made by contacting Eleanor at or telephone 051 880 414 on weekdays except Wednesday.  It is important to book as early as possible as places are limited.

First Saturday Devotion
This devotion will take place in St. Fiacre’s Church on Saturday 4th February after 6.15pm Mass.  Prayers and adoration will end at 9.00pm.  All are welcome.

DVD of Carol Service
Last year’s very successful carol service at St. Joseph’s Church in Foulkstown has been recorded for posterity.  Copies of the DVD are available at the Parish Shop.  Cost: €15.

The Carers’ Association
The Carers’ Association would like to convey our gratitude to all parishioners who collected for and donated to our recent Church Gate Collections. Funds raised go towards the local Carers’ Association Centre to provide services to Kilkenny Family Carers. It was a great success and we would like to remind Family Carers of our availability to provide support to them in their role. FETAC Training will take place in March. For further information please contact the Centre on 056 772 1424.

Used Goods Collection
Irish Charity Warehouse Killeshin Road, Carlow in partnership with The Holy Angels Day-care Centre are having a Used Goods Collection. Wanted: furniture, building materials, tools, clothes, shoes, toys, books or any saleable items large or small. Please call 059 914 0622 or text 086 400 4680 and we will collect. Your generosity is appreciated.

Websites of Interest
St. Patrick’s Parish:
Ossory Diocese:

Art Classes
Morning art class for adults will resume on Fridays shortly. Beginners are especially welcome. Classes are small, friendly and all materials are supplied on the first class. The classes run in Bishop Birch Institute, Waterford Road, Kilkenny from 10:30 am to 12:00. For more information call Sonja at 083 3941220 or email

Jesus the teacher
Have you ever had a teacher who had that something you just couldn’t quite put your finger on – that air of authority that made you instantly respect them; that charisma and enthusiasm that inspired you to listen and to think?  Maybe you were lucky enough to have a teacher who left a lasting impression or even propelled you towards your chosen career or way of life?  Remember how you felt in their presence?  What kind of teacher was Jesus?  When Jesus taught for the first time in the synagogue, he took the people by surprise.  They were ‘astonished’.  What stands out from the description, and what marks Jesus’ teaching apart from everyone else, is that he taught with authority: ‘Here is a teaching that is new and with authority behind it.’ His audience had surely been to the synagogue before.  Travelling teachers would often preach in the synagogue.  Yet, whatever the people were used to hearing, they had encountered no one life Jesus before.  Mark points put that ‘unlike the scribes, he taught them with authority.
We meet Jesus here at the beginning of his ministry; earlier in the Gospel of Mark he has been proclaiming the good news: ‘The kingdom of God has come near; repent and believe in the good news’.  Jesus is not simply teaching the Scriptures as the scribes did.  He is proclaiming the coming of God’s kingdom.
Triona Doherty

Questions people ask
Do you believe in the devil or is it just a notion from the times before modern psychiatry and understanding of the psyche?
Don’t underestimate the wisdom of olden times as shown in sophisticated mythology.  I certainly do believe in the reality and power of evil spirits who would lead people astray into a quagmire of badness.  The evidence of evil is all around us.  Jesus said that the devil is a murderer from the beginning and the father of lies (John 8:44).  Lies, especially when masquerading as half-truths confuse the mind.  He called the devil the prince of this world but added that he was about to cast him out (John 12:31).  The last petition of the Lord’s Prayer is for deliverance from the evil one.   If Jesus took the evil influence of the devil seriously, we should do likewise.
Fr. Silvester O’Flynn OFM Cap.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

3rd Sunday in Ordinary time, 22nd January 2012

Senior Citizens’ Party
The annual dinner and party for the senior citizens of St. Patrick’s Parish will be held at the Parish Centre on Monday, 6th February.  Good food and a great night’s entertainment is guaranteed.  Tickets €10 are available only from the Parish Office.  Tickets should be purchased early to avoid disappointment and to help with catering arrangements.

Eucharistic Congress June 2012
St. Patrick’s Parish Pastoral Council is anxious that those travelling to the International Eucharistic Congress from our parish should attend as a group.  For this reason we encourage parishioners to travel on the nominated ‘Ossory Day’, Tuesday, 12th June 2012. The Council has booked a coach and, we understand, a special Congress Train will run from Kilkenny station.
It would help greatly if those who may travel would give their names to the Parish Office as an expression of interest.  Cost and details will be announced as soon as they come to hand.  The 50th International Eucharistic Congress will be held in Dublin’s RDS from 10th—17th June.  The final Mass will be celebrated at Croke Park on Sunday, 17th June.  Please see for further information.

Eucharistic Congress 1932
The last time an International Eucharistic Congress was held in Ireland was in 1932.  Were you there?  Have you any stories to tell (personal stories or those of your parents or grandparents) about the 1932 Congress?  Have you any photographs or other memorabilia? 
The diocese is considering putting together an exhibition of photographs and memorabilia but if we get enough exhibits from our parish we will put together a small local exhibition in the Parish Centre.  Have a look in the attic or in that battered biscuit tin or shoe box and see what you can come up with.  We promise to carefully copy and return items.

Envelope Collection
Thanks for €1,451.18 contributed to the parish through the envelopes last weekend.

Christian Unity
The annual Week of Prayer for Christian Unity began last Wednesday and continues until next Wednesday, the feast of the Conversion of St. Paul.  During this time we are asked to pray intensely for the intention of unity among the members of Christ’s Body on earth.  Because of Bishop Seamus’s other engagements the usual ecumenical exchanges will not take place this year.  Never-the-less, we are asked to continue our prayers for unity.  The theme of this year’s Week of Prayer is “We will all be changed by the victory of our Lord Jesus” (1 Cor 15:51-58).

Volunteering with the Samaritans
Have you made your New Year’s resolutions to support others yet?  Can you listen in a non-judgemental way?  Have you time to spare each week?  The Samaritans are currently recruiting new volunteers to staff their busy service in Dean Street, Kilkenny.  Training begins in March 2012.  Interested people should get in touch with the local Samaritans by letter, telephone (056 776 5554) or email (

“Manage Your Life by Managing your Mind”
The mind is a powerful tool, but without good training, your moods, thoughts and behaviour can sabotage your goals and cause depression and anxiety.  This course given by Dr. Fergus Heffernan teaches you to: Build self confidence, Overcome anxiety and depression, Take positive control of yourself and your future, Have fulfilling relationships with family, friends and co-workers, Free yourself from persistent fears and worries, Break bad habits and relive stress, Develop your full potential, Manage yourself and your time, Clarify your goals and your values. 
Venue: The Abbey Business Centre, Abbey Street, Kilkenny.  Saturday, 28th January from 10.00am to 1.00pm.  Cost: €20.

Pray For Our Deceased
Recently Deceased: Teresa Hewitt (nee Trait), Henebry’s Cross, Dunmore.  Requiem Mass at 10.30am on Monday at St. John’s Church. Mary Bartley, Ashleigh Court. Fr. John O’Brien, Viper, Kells. Baby Toby John Keller. Denis Hayes, Castlecomer Road. Annie Dwyer, Greenridge. Angela Farrell, Johnstown.
Anniversaries:  Paul Prodromou (Sat 6.15), Anne O’Shea (Sat 7.00), Nora Foley (Sun 9.30), Christy McLoughlin (Sun 10.00), Jack Comerford (Sun 10.30), John Hennessy (Sun 11.00), John Collins (Sun 12.00), Kathleen O’Neill (Sun 12.30), Evelyn (Bobbi) Leahy (Mon 9.30), Patrick & Sarah Leahy (Tues 9.30), Kathleen Kelly (Tues 10.30), Elizabeth Mulligan (Wed 9.30), John Long (Wed 10.30), Margaret & Michael Muldowney (Thurs 10.30), Paddy & Maureen Dwyer (Fri 10.30), John, Ellen, Pat & Mary Butler (Sat 9.30),  Cornelius Carroll, John & Brigid Power, James & Annie O’Grady, Christy Mahony, Michael McDonald, Statia Walsh, Tom Langton, Denis Nyhan, Rev John Nyhan, Sean O’Grady. Catherine & John Curry.
Intentions for next weekend: Kitty Hickey (Sat 6.15), Sr. Marie Joseph Fleming (Sat 7.00),  Micheál Walsh (Months Mind 9.30), Pat Kearney (Sun 10.00), Fr. Joe O’Shea (Sun 10.30), Maureen Barry (Sun 11.00), Michael Phelan (Sun 12.00), Jim Loughlin (Sun 12.30). 

Chernobyl Children
There will be a Coffee Moring and Book Sale at St. Patrick’s Parish Centre between 10.30am and 12.30pm on next Friday, 27th  January.

Family Communication & Self Esteem
This is an 8 week parenting course for parents of 9 - 17 year olds.  To support parents in building good relationships with their children.  Venue: The Drum Youth Centre, McDonagh Junction, Kilkenny.  Dates and Times: Every Wednesday morning, 10.15am - 12.45pm from 1st February.  Cost: Free.

New Parish Website
The new Parish Website is under construction and will be completed shortly.  We value feedback on the new site and what features people might like to see on it.  Visitors to the site may need to refresh their browser.

Christmas Cribs
Don’t forget to visit the Christmas Cribs in our parish.  In keeping with tradition the cribs will be put away on the Feast of the Presentation of our Lord (2nd February).

GAA Social Initiative
GAA's Social Initiative - Kilmacow H&F Club are hosting a public lecture titled “Kilkenny Hurling - from the One Parish Rule to the Four in a Row”. It will be held on Sunday, 5th February at 6pm in the Community Hall, Kilmacow. OAP's and students are free, members of the public €5. This is part of the GAA's Social Initiative to provide a social outlet for elderly men. Everyone is encouraged to bring an elderly relative or friend who might enjoy the lecture and discussion. The Liam McCarthy Cup will be present and available for photographs.

Church Gate Collection
The Annual Church gate collection for Ossory Youth will take place next weekend 28th and  29th January 2012.  Please support.

Dancing Classes
Social Dancing Classes for beginners started on last Monday at the Parish Centre.  Time: 7.00pm – 8.30pm.  Learn to waltz, quickstep, old time, fun dancing, etc.  Need any information: Phone 085 733 8140. 

Art Classes for Adults
Morning art class for adults will resume on Fridays shortly. Beginners are especially welcome. Classes are small, friendly and all materials are supplied on the first class. The classes run in Bishop Birch Institute, Waterford Road from 10.00am to 12.00noon. For information: 083 394 1220 or

Mount St. Anne's Retreat Centre
Our Response to Trauma in our Lives 24th and 31st January and 7th February, 2012
Over a series of three Tuesday evenings, we will focus on our response to various traumas in our lives, i.e. bereavement, illness, separation, etc. Each evening will include a short presentation, reflection, sharing, etc
with a ceremony of celebration and renewal on the final night.
Booking essential. 8pm - 10pm. Cost: €30 for three nights. Presented by Mr. Patrick Bannon
Calligraphy Workshop - Saturday 24th March, 2012. 10am - 4pm
This creative workshop is aimed at people who wish to develop this special skill with confidence. Suitable for all levels.  Cost: €35 (includes all materials) Bring packed lunch. Tea/Coffee Provided.  Facilitated by Sr. Roisin Gannon  Booking/Enquiries - Contact the Secretary on 057-8626153 or by email on

Whom do you seek
We seek God, Who alone gives meaning to our lives.  Communion with Christ and with one another in love, through a life of prayer centred on Jesus, the Word of God and on the Eucharist, is the focus of our community life. Single young women attracted to this way of life are welcome to attend any of the following weekends in 2012.
10-12 February, 9-11 March, 11-13 May, 14-16 September, 26-28 October, 16-18 November or at other times by arrangement.  Please contact Sr. Mairéad OP, Monastery of St. Catherine of Siena, The Twenties, Drogheda, Co. Louth. Tel 041 9838524; email:,

Something Fishy
Our First Reading today doesn’t tell us the whole story.  In this, the tail-end of Jonah’s story, we see him respond immediately to God’s call and head off obediently to preach to the people of Nineveh.  But that’s only half the story.  The earlier chapters of the Book of Jonah saw him stubbornly refuse to do as God asked him, fleeing instead in the opposite direction.  It takes a mighty storm, a near shipwreck, and a very close encounter with a big fish to make him see sense and do as he is asked.  And even then, as Jonah’s story draws to a close, we see him sulking outside Nineveh because he feels God should not have awarded the very forgiveness he himself has preached!  He has certainly earned his title of reluctant prophet.
Not so the disciples in today’s Gospel.  When Simon, Andrew, James and John are called by Jesus, they leave their nets and their boats ‘at once’ to follow him.  They even leave their families behind, such is their haste to follow Jesus.  In the opening pages of the Gospel of Mark, everything happens ‘at once’ or immediately.  Jesus’ collecting of disciples is unstoppable, and the work of the kingdom too immediate to wait.  There’s no time for dilly dallying.  It took some time and some convincing, and being swallowed whole by a fish, before Jonah was ready to fulfil God’s plan.  The disciples, by contrast, are ready and willing to respond to Jesus’ call: ‘Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.’  The choice is ours.
Triona Doherty

Questions People Ask
Q. When Jesus spoke about the kingdom of God was he referring to heaven or to life here on earth?
A. The kingdom is the central theme of the mission of Jesus in the Gospels of Mark and Matthew.  Sometimes it refers to life with God in heaven, sometimes to the church community, but most often to the establishment of God’s reign on earth, overcoming the power of evil in the world.  Jesus began his mission with the proclamation that the kingdom of heaven is at hand.  To that end he called people to repent and believe, that is, to leave wrongdoing behind and to follow his way.  The apostles, we are told, left everything and followed him.
Fr. Silvester O’Flynn OFM Cap

Sunday, January 15, 2012

2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time, 15th January, 2012

Eucharistic Congress Bell
Thanks to all involved in receiving the Eucharistic Congress Bell in our parish on Friday and Saturday.  It was edifying to see the procession with the bell from the James Stephen’s GAA Club to St. Fiacre’s Church for the Youth Mass celebrated by Bishop Freeman and attended by young people from many parts of the diocese.  Well done and thanks to all involved.

Eucharistic Congress June 2012
At its meeting on Monday evening the Parish Pastoral Council decided to encourage parishioners to travel on the same day to the Eucharistic Congress in June, preferably on the ‘official’ Ossory day (which has not yet been announced).  Since the meeting we have learned of the probability of a special train to the event on the ’Ossory’ day.  We have also provisionally booked a coach for our parishioners.  It would help greatly if those who may travel would give their names to the Parish Office as an expression of interest.  Cost and details will be announced as soon as they come to hand.
The 50th International Eucharistic Congress will be held in Dublin’s RDS from 10th—17th June.  The final Mass will be celebrated at Croke Park on Sunday, 17th June.  Please see for further information.

New Parish Website
The new Parish Website is currently under construction and will be completed in the next couple of weeks.  We value feedback on the new site and what features people might like to see on it.  Visitors may need to refresh their browser by pressing the ‘Refresh’ button which looks like this

Envelope Collection
The total amount collected for last weekend’s parish envelopes amounted to €2,034.  Thank you for your continued support.

Knitting Classes
Knitting classes resume at the Parish Centre on Wednesday, 18th January - 7.00pm to 9.00pm. 

Pray for our Deceased Friends
Recently Deceased: Anne Brennan, Walkin Street. Requiem Mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral on Sunday at 12.00 noon followed by burial at St. Kieran’s Cemetery. Maureen Maher, Paulstown. Patricia (Paddy) Friel, Patricks Gate. Genevieve Petrova, Flaggy Lane, Callan.
Months Mind: James Ryan (Sat 6.15)
Anniversaries: Anna Campion (Sat 7.00), Maureen O’Shea (Sun 9.30), Maura Nolan (Sun 10.00), Michael Drennan (Sun 10.30), Mary Reynolds (Sun 11.00), Beattie O’Connell (Sun 12.00), Oliver Mannion (Sun 12.30), Catherine & Joseph Brennan (Thurs 10.30), John Phelan (Fri 10.30), Richard White, Albert & Bridget Downes, Pauline Hogan, Pauline English, Johnny Brennan, Denis Guilfoyle, Sally Mullally, Agnes & Robert Brannigan, Martin Coyne, Dympna O’Byrne.
Intentions for next weekend: Paul Prodromou (Sat 6.15), Anne O’Shea (Sat 7.00), Nora Foley (Sun 9.30), Christy McLoughlin (Sun 10.00), Jack Comerford (Sun 10.30), John Hennessy (Sun 11.00), John Collins (Sun 12.00), Kathleen O’Neill (Sun 12.30).

Parish Shop
The Parish Shop is located in the foyer of St. Patrick’s Parish Centre adjacent to St. Fiacre’s Church.  Confirmation items are now available in time of the Parish Confirmation on 25th February.  A range of religious goods is available. 

A New Organ for St. Fiacre’s Church
Thanks to a very generous donation, St. Fiacre’s Church is getting a church organ.  We hope to install the instrument during the week and we hope that it will assist choirs and liturgies in our church.  More details later.

Parish Office Opening Hours
The Parish Office is open as follows:-
Mondays: 9.00am - 12.30pm, 2.00 - 4.00pm
Tuesdays: 9.00am - 12.30pm, 2.00 - 4.00pm
Thursdays: 9.00am - 12.30pm, 2.00 - 3.30pm
Fridays : 9.00am - 12.30pm, 2.00 - 4.00pm. 
Baptisms, wedding bookings, certificates, etc. are all arranged during office hours.

Data Protection
St. Patrick’s Parish is compliant with the Diocese of Ossory Data Protection Policy.  The eight rules of Data Protection. 
· Obtain & process information fairly.
· Keep it only for one or more specified, explicit and lawful purposes.
· Use and disclose it only in ways compatible with these purposes.
· Keep it safe and secure.
· Keep it accurate, complete and up-to-date.
· Ensure that it is adequate, relevant and not excessive.
· Retain in for no longer than is necessary for the purpose or purposes.
· Give a copy of his/her personal data to an individual on request.
Personal data is limited on a need to know basis.  While we endeavour to assist people researching their family history, we are limited by the Data Protection Policy in the information we can provide access to.

Notices For Newsletter
All notices for publication in the Parish Newsletter should be left into the Parish Office no late than the Thursday afternoon prior to publication.  Notices left in at a later time cannot be guaranteed publication.  Though not necessarily for publication it is advisable to include a name and telephone details with notices.

Irish Catholic
The Irish Catholic is available for sale in the sacristies of our Churches.  It is full of information in relation to the Irish Catholic Church and the Church worldwide.  It costs €1.70.

Diabetes Education Programme
X-PERT is a free education programme for people with Type 2 Diabetes. This 6 week (2 ½ hrs per week) group programme is facilitated by a HSE dietician to support people with Type 2 Diabetes. Venue: HSE headquarters, Dublin Road on Fridays from 10.00am to 12.30pm. It will run from Friday, 17th February to 23rd March. To book: Health Promotion Office, Dean Street.  Telephone: 056 776 1400.

Dates for Your Diary
Parish Confirmation:  Saturday, 25th February 2012 at 11.00am in St. Mary’s Cathedral.
First Holy Communion:
Gaelscoil Osraí: 11.00am on Saturday, 5th May at St. Fiacre’s Church.
St. John of God Girls’ N.S.: 11.00am Saturday, 12th May at St. Patrick’s Church,.
Kilkenny School Project: 12 noon on Sunday, 20th May at St. Fiacre’s Church.
St. Patrick’s Boys’ N.S.: 11.00am on Saturday, 19th May at St. Patrick’s Church.
St. Patrick’s Kells Road: 11.00am on Saturday, 19th May at St. Fiacre’s Church.

‘Log on Learn’
The ‘Log on Learn’ computer programme for the older generation will begin in the Presentation Secondary School, Loughboy on Wednesday 25th January (11.45am).  The course will cover very basic computing skills and will be taught by Transition Year students.  Please contact the school secretary on (056) 776 5684 to participate in the programme.

Alliance Française, Kilkenny
Alliance Française run French classes for Junior Infants to Leaving Cert higher and adult classes at all levels from beginners to advanced conversations, evenings or mornings.  Enrolment will be on Monday, 6th January in The Club House Hotel from 7.00 - 9.00pm.  For further information on class time tables please see website or email Contact Julie 086 660 0436. 

Dancing Classes
Social Dancing Classes for beginners will start on Monday, 16th January at the St. Patrick’s Parish Centre Loughboy.  Time: 7.00pm– 8.30pm.  Learn to waltz, quickstep, old time, fun dancing, etc.  Need any information: Phone 085 733 8140. 

Kilkenny Cancer Support Services
Gala Dinner and music with the Uptown Band at Langton’s, John Street on Friday, 27th January at 8.00pm.  Subscription: €30.

Hughes Consultancy Training
Offering FETAC accredited Programmes.
HCT offers both Centre based & off site training.  Call now for more details 056 771 2755.  Email: Website: 

Home Sweet Home
You can tell a lot about a person from where they live.  We like to see how people live, and to try and work out what their living arrangements and style tells us about them.
As children when we made friends, it was a big step to be invited to the home of someone from our class.  No matter how close you were in the schoolyard, going to someone else’s house was a way of cementing the friendship and getting to know the other person on another level.  It is how friendships were forged.  As I’ve got older, I’ve always enjoyed visiting the home of a friend for the first time after they’ve moved house.  I love the way the same bits and pieces find their home so easily in another place, and how that person’s character comes across in the new space.  I love how a certain atmosphere and warmth can transfer from one home to another, just because the same person inhabits it.  ‘Come and see,’ It’s such an intimate invitation.  These new disciples on today’s Gospel ask their teacher a simple question – Where do you live? – and he responds with an invitation to ‘come and see’.  So the disciples tag along.  They must have been made very welcome, as they end up staying with Jesus for the rest of the day.  This precious early time with Jesus must have set them up for a lifetime of discipleship.  We don’t know where Jesus lived, or what his living arrangements were, as he set about the early days of his mission.  But we know he wanted to invite his disciples to spend time in his presence and to really get to know him.
Triona Doherty.

Questions People Ask
Q. Why is St. Peter sometimes called Cephas?
A. His original name was Simon.  In the Aramaic language which Jesus and the apostles spoke, Cephas means a rock.  Peter is its Greek translation and Latin took on the Greek name.  By giving him this new name Jesus was indicating his future role as the rock on which he would found his church.  The letters of Paul refer to him as Cephas eight times and as Peter twice.  The Gospels which were written later than Paul’s letters nearly always us the Greek name, Peter, as the Christian church was by then using Greek and Latin far more than Aramaic.
Fr. Silvester O’Flynn OFM Cap