Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time, Fifteenth June 2008

Lost in Translation
Today’s Second Reading carries three terrible words, at least in the New Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition. They are: “wrath of God” and appear in verse 9. What image of God do those words conjure up: the Fuming Father, the Dour Deity, or the Spiteful Spirit? It may be just a human way of speaking about God, yet it refers to something real that we need to be saved from – or so it seems. And we need God’s Son to save us from it. Are we to believe then that an angry God demands the agonizing death of his Beloved Son to quench his anger? I hope not. So what of the wrath that Paul speaks of? An interesting little footnote in the NRSV about these three woeful words tells us that the Greek has ‘the wrath’. The ‘of God’ bit is not there. For me, that puts quite a different complexion on Rom 5:9. The wrath now is the built-in consequence of greed, violence, corruption and godlessness. It is humanity’s self-inflicted wrath – avoidable if we but acknowledge the light of Christ and live in it. It’s not the wrath of an irate God blasting humankind into oblivion. It’s the disaster people bring on themselves by their godlessness. A loving Father sent his Son into this godlessness in spite of what would happen to him, not so that it would happen. His blood justifies us; that symbol of his loving faithfulness to his Father. Only a similar faithfulness in ourselves will save us from ‘the wrath’. Or, should that be ‘our wrath’?
Fr. Tom Cahill SVD

Pilgrimage to Knock
Our annual parish pilgrimage to Our Lady’s Shrine at Knock will take place on Thursday week, 26th June. The cost this year is a mere €15. At the time of printing five seats remain If interested please contact Doreen Griffin on 086 829 4887. It is important that we get names early to enable us to make arrangements.

Questions People Ask
Q. Judas was one of the chosen apostles. How did he drift away from Jesus?
A. Maybe Judas has disillusioned because he expected Jesus to be a political Messiah restoring the freedom of the nation. In the Gospel of John a deeper reason is suggested. The first mention of betrayal comes at the end of Chapter Six when many people walk away from Jesus because they would not believe that he would give us his flesh to eat and his blood to drink. Then, later, it was precisely when Judas received a piece of bread from Jesus at the Last Supper that he allowed Satan to enter him. So, the real reason for Judas’ betrayal may have been rejection of the teaching of the Eucharist.
Fr. Silvester O’Flynn OFM Cap

Pray for the Deceased
Recently Deceased: Eddie Meagher, Burnchurch, Kells. Requiem Mass at St. Michael’s Church, Danesfort at 10.15am on Sunday. Peg O’Shea, Bishop’s Hill. Requiem Mass at St. Canice’s Church at 11.30am on Sunday. John Kimmins, 73 St. Kieran’s Crescent,. Requiem Mass at St. John’s Church at 10.30am on Monday. Sean Byrne, Hinckley, England.
Anniversaries: Paddy Noonan (Sat 6.15), John Kenny (Sat 7.00), Catherine Roberts (Sun 9.30), Martin Brennan (Sun 10.00), Francis McNulty & Nicholas Downey (Sun 11.00), Dan Maher (Sun 12.00), Jonathan Barry (Sun 12.30), Patrick Morris (Wed 9.30). Fred & Ellen Clarke, Dan Carroll, Des Manning, Anna Brennan, Eamon Brennan, Martin Rowe, Liam Drohan, Edward & Anne Whelan, Thomas & John Whelan, Michael & Christina O’Driscoll, Bill & Bridie O’Neill, Kathy Purcell, Nicky Dollard.
Anniversaries Next Weekend: Johnny McEvoy (Sat 6:15), Billy & Mary Butler (Sat 7.00), Statia Quirke (Sun 10:00), Sharon Galvin (Sun 10.30), May & Paddy O’Neill (Sun 11.00), Noreen Llewellyn (Sun 12.00), Tom Sinnott (Sun 12.30).

Disruption at St Fiacre’s Church
This Monday will see the builders breaking through the wall into St. Fiacre’s Church. This is to facilitate the fitting of a new window and may take some time to complete. Due to this essential work there will be NO EXPOSITION of the Blessed Sacrament on Monday, 16th June.
Mass will be celebrated as usual. However, due to dust and noise, access to the church will be closed after Mass each day until the works are complete.
We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Hopefully this work will be completed quickly.

Did You Return Your CHY 2?
Some time ago Fr. Dan sent a form (CHY 2 Cert) to parishioners who had made a donation of €250 or more during 2007. Recipients were asked to sign the form, provide their PPS number, indicate at which rate tax was being paid in 2007 and return the form to the Parish Office. To date about half the forms have been returned enabling us to recoup €50,000 from the Revenue Commissioners. This is vital income for the parish. We appeal to those who have not yet returned their completed forms to do as soon as possible. In this way we can increase the value of our claim from the Revenue Commissioners and reduce our borrowings.
You were very generous in giving your money - please help it work harder for us.

Parish Finance Committee
There will be a meeting of the Parish Finance Committee and the Parish Team at the Presbytery at 8.15pm on Thursday next. Members are asked to attend.

Fathers’ Day
We join in wishing all fathers in our parish a very happy and rewarding Fathers’ Day. May God bless you in your important Christian vocation.

Vocation of Married Couples
As part of the Year of Vocation initiative the weekend of 21st and 22nd June is an opportunity for the Irish Catholic Church to focus on marriage as vocation. Marriage is a challenging vocation. Perhaps more than ever before, married couples need the support of a Christian community to live out their call to holiness.
Next weekend married couples are invited to attend Mass together with their families. Included in our parish Masses will be special prayers and blessings for those living this great Christian vocation.
Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love, and they blossom when we love the ones we marry.
Tom Mullen

St. Patrick’s Cemetery Mass
The annual Cemetery Mass will be celebrated at the Old Cemetery, Upper Patrick Street at 7.30pm on this Wednesday, 18th June. We encourage all parishioners to come out to remember and honour those who have gone before us in death.

Upcoming Dates for Your Diary
The annual St. Kieran’s Cemetery Mass will be celebrated on Friday, 27th June at 7.30pm. This leads into the St. John’s O’Loughlin Memorial Church centenary celebration on the same weekend.
The annual Mass at Elm Green will be at 7.30pm on Thursday, 3rd July.
Foulkstown Cemetery Mass will be on Thursday, 31st July at 7.30pm.
This year’s St. Fiacre’s Well Mass will be on Sunday, 31st August at 3.30pm.

Parenting Skills Programme
July 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th (7.30pm)
Empower Training, Newtown Manor, New Orchard Road, Kilkenny. For further information please contact Colette on 056 775 6736 or 087 988 8575 to reserve your place or to request further information.

Knock Summer Youth Festival
Living Life to the full? Looking for something more? This is what you’re looking for! Time out for you…
Knock Summer Youth Festival July 24th - 27th, Our Lady’s Shrine, Knock, Co. Mayo. 18-35 yrs. For more information and to book your place contact (094) 938 8100 or 087 692 7850 or check out

Free Training Programme
Kilkenny Job Club, sponsored by FAS, runs a free four week training programme every month, which aims to help people find work. We examine your skills, interests and abilities and assist you in improving your job-seeking and interview skills. All facilities - newspapers, stationery, telephone internet access etc - are provided. The Job Club is open to anybody actively seeking work, and a weekly allowance is payable to all participants. Social Welfare payments are not affected. The next programme commences on the 7th July 2008. If you are interested, or you would like more information, contact the Kilkenny Job Club, 5 Johns Quay. Tel: 056 775 6043.

Parish Website
Don’t forget our parish website is updated regularly. Why not check it out for yourself at Don’t forget to tell your absent friends.

St. Vincent de Paul
The monthly collection for local conference of the St. Vincent de Paul Society will be taken up during the second collection at all Masses this weekend. Money donated to St. Patrick’s Conference stays in the area and helps local people in need.
Those requiring the Society’s help can do so in confidence by placing their details in a sealed envelope marked ‘St. Vincent de Paul’ and leaving it into the Presbytery.

Get Snapping
Young Christian Workers (YCW) are looking for budding photographers to take photos that reflect the following:
· The world of work
· Active citizenship in your area
· Problems/lack of facilities in your area
· Suggest how to make a difference
· Young people making a positive contribution to society
The best photos will be included in next years YCW calendar. Contact Jenny at or 01 878 0291.

Your Library Service
Kilkenny County Council’s Library Service is preparing a development plan. We would like your help/opinions. Please contact us at, on 779 4160, or at Kilkenny Library Service, 6 Rose Inn Street, Kilkenny.