Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time, 17th August 2008

Method in the Madness
It’s not often that Jesus language seems crude, but in today’s Gospel (Matt 15:21-28) it does. Using the common Jewish designation for Gentiles, viz, dogs, he says It is not fair to take the children’s food and throw it to the dogs (Matt 15:25). Perhaps knowing it’s common coinage removes some unease at its use. Perhaps. Perhaps being so removed from the language and culture of Jesus time the word sounds harsher now than it did then. Perhaps. Perhaps the diminutive form of dog that’s used, softening it to puppy, removes the harshness. Perhaps.
But what about Jesus tone of voice, facial expression and body language as he utters those words? Is he surly, spiteful, or cruel? Hardly. We can all too easily picture him as almost terminally serious, without a laugh in his body. Well, if Jesus has no joy in his heart, no lightness in his spirit, no humour on his lips, then whatever else he brings it’s not good news, and it isn’t the fullness of life.
I suspect a mischievous, yet friendly, banter here between Jesus and the woman; also, that Jesus orchestrates the entire encounter to teach his disciples a lesson. She’s a Canaanite, despised by Jews. Yet, she doesn’t take offence in the least at what Jesus says. She even turns the tables on him and (dare one suggest it?) makes him chuckle at her wit and bowls him over by her good humour.
Clearly, that’s a winning combination, for Jesus tells the chosen ones that this despised one has great faith, and grants her what she wants. Nothing crude there!
Fr Tom Cahill SVD (tomcee@eircom.net)

Leaving Cert Results
Best wishes to all who received their Leaving Certificate results during the week. Well done and congratulations! As a community we pray God’s guidance for you as you make decisions about future courses and careers.

Questions People Ask
Q. Was Jesus ever called Christ before St. Peter used the title? For instance, at home with Mary and Joseph was he known as Christ?
A. Jesus was his personal name, a name meaning Saviour, announced by an angel and given to him at birth. Christ was a title which identified him as the long-awaited Messiah. This title means the anointed one sent by God. Jesus told Simon Peter that it was only a special grace which enabled him to recognise Jesus as the Christ. I find it impossible to understand how anyone could be insensitive to the sacred character of these sacred names.
Fr Silvester O’Flynn (silvesteroflynn@gmail.com)

St. Fiacre’s Well Novena
The annual St. Fiacre’s Well novena begins at 8.00pm on Saturday, 23rd August and continues each evening at the same time. Bishop Freeman has agreed to be principal celebrant at this year’s concluding open-air Mass on Sunday, 31st August.
If there is enough interest the Well Committee is willing to organise a bus from the City to this year’s Mass. Please contact Tommy on 087 688 3647 if you would be interested in availing of a bus. If enough people express an interest a bus will be organised.

Mayor of the Village
In aid of St. Patrick’s Houses for the Elderly. Would you or do you know of someone who would like to be Mayor/Mayoress of the Village? We are looking for people to nominate or place their own names forward for this competition. Names can be given at the Parish Office and for further information contact the Parish Office at 056 776 4400.

Organ Recital
Ronan Murray - organist - accompanied by his sister Niamh Murray - soprano - will perform at St. John’s Catholic Church at 3pm this Sunday, 17th August. Donations in aid of Church Centenary Fund.
Pray For Those Who Have Died
Recently Deceased: Mary Heffernan, Foulkstown. Catherine Burke, Thomastown. Ger Devane, Freshford Road. Christy Carpenter, 34 Fatima Place. Requiem Mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral at 11am on Monday followed by cremation at Mount Jerome Crematorium.
Anniversaries: Evelyn Hughes (Sat 6.15), Margaret Shanahan & Joe Maher (Sat 7.00), Christine Murphy (Sun 9.30), Denis Treacy (Sun 10.00), James & Mary Brennan (Sun 11.00), Jack Bolger (Sun 12.00), Joseph McHugh (Sun 12.30), Patrick Morris (Mon 9.30), The Connick Family (Tue 9.30), John Joe Henebry, Peggy Ryan, Anastatia Quinn, Richard Kenny, Dick Walsh., Malachy O’Connor, Pat Phelan, Jim Drohan.
Next Weekend: Tom & Michael Casserly (Sat 6.15), Eddie Kelly (Sat 7.00), Paddy Mullen (Sun 10.00), Della Harney (Sun 12.00).

Redecorating St. Fiacre’s Church
As the construction work approaches an end at St. Fiacre’s Church we are about to redecorate the building itself. The walls outside and inside will be washed and painted shortly. Preparatory work will begin soon - we ask your patience as we try some colour samples.
We also intend to re-cover the floors in the church and this will be attended to as soon as the other ‘dirtier’ work is completed.
Thanks for your patience: we’re nearly there!

Theology at a Distance
The Priory Institute offers an extended series of fifteen-week modules in the study of theology which is open to everyone. Since its inception, over 1,000 people, ranging from young adults to senior citizens, have taken part in the Institute’s programmes.
The Priory Institute invites people from every walk of life to join in the study of theology from the comfort of their own homes. No previous knowledge of theology is required. For information: dial 01 404 8124, email enquiries@prioryinstitute.com or write The Priory Institute, Tallaght Village, Dublin 24.

National Grandparents Pilgrimage
The National Grandparents’ Pilgrimage takes place in Knock this year on Sunday, 14th September. The Chief Celebrant at this year’s Pilgrimage Mass will be Bishop John Fleming, Bishop of Killala. Liam Lawton will be guest singer at the event and David Quinn from the Iona Institute will be deliver the keynote address.
The importance of grandparents in the lives of young people is something that needs to be highlighted and applauded. Grandparents play a unique role in the lives of their grandchildren. They have had an invaluable role in passing on tradition, culture and, most of all, the Christian faith to generations of people. Last year’s Grandparents’ Pilgrimage saw children from all over the country writing prayers for their grandparents. A selection of these prayers as well as additional information on the pilgrimage is available on the www.nationalgrandparentspilgrimage.com

Year of Vocation Pilgrim Walk
On Sunday 24th August there will be a Year of Vocation pilgrim walk from Shannonbridge to Clonmacnois, Co Offaly. People are invited to join with us on this walk and to pray for vocations. The event is being organised in conjunction with the Ursuline Sisters in Shannonbridge. The Pilgrim Walk will start at 2.00pm sharp on Sunday, 24th August at the church car park in Shannonbridge. The route from there to Clonmacnois is approximately four miles. There will be several stops along the route for prayers and reflection at the Coffin Trees, the Mass Rock, St. Ciaran’s Well and then into the monastic site for prayer and reflection at the Cross of Scriptures and Temple Ciarán. Parishes are encouraged to invite pilgrims to this event.
People are also invited to send in their prayer petitions which will be prayed for during the pilgrim walk. Petitions can be emailed to: bdrumm@catholiccommunications.ie or posted to: The Year of Vocation Office, Columba Centre, Maynooth, Co Kildare.

Our Lady’s Island, Wexford
Each day of the pilgrimage season, 15th August to 8th September: Mass at 3.00pm and 8.00pm. When there are no official services pilgrims are invited to make their own way around the island reflecting on the mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary. See posters in church for further details.
A bus to Our Lady’s Island will leave the Parade, Kilkenny at 5pm on Friday, 22nd August. Fare €12. Bookings 776 4783 or 776 1308. All welcome.

St. Vincent de Paul Society
The monthly collection for the local St. Vincent de Paul conference will be taken up in church this weekend. As usual your support and generosity is appreciated.
During the summer months the local conference meets at the Presbytery, 7 Ormonde Road every second Monday evening. The Society can be contacted through the Presbytery on Ormonde Road or by telephone on 776 4400.

Vincentian Annual Pilgrimage
Join the Vincentian Fathers, Daughters of Charity, Society of St. Vincent De Paul and the Sisters of the Holy Faith as they pilgrimage to Knock to honour Our Blessed Lady and give thanks for the many blessings we receive. Pilgrimage will take place on Saturday, 13th September 2008. Further details when they come to hand.

Castlecomer District Hospital
There will be a night of music and dance in aid of the Castlecomer District Hospital on Friday, 22nd of August in Castlecomer Community Hall at 8pm. Performances will include African Drumming, IrishDancing, Hip Hop and contemporary dance. For further information, contact Alan Gleeson on 087 645 2015.

The Seven Wonders of the World
A group of 12 year olds was asked to list what they thought were the seven wonders of the world. The greatest number of votes went to: The Great Pyramids, The Taj Mahal, The Grand Canyon, The Cliffs of Moher, Newgrange, St. Peter’s Basilica and The Great Wall of China. Quiet Josephine came up with a different seven: 1) To see; 2) To hear; 3) To touch; 4) To feel; 5) To laugh; 6) To love...
The whole classroom went silent as they waited for the seventh and greatest wonder of the world. Finally, Josephine said that number 7 was God’s amazing love for us that he sent his only Son Jesus to set us free and to give us eternal life!

Our Parish Website
Visit us at: www.patricksparish.com Tell your friends about our parish website. Those living away from the parish may be interested in using the site to keep abreast of what is happening in the parish.