Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mission Sunday 19th October 2008

Go and Tell
In a youthful, uppity manner many years ago I remarked at an inter-faith dialogue meeting in Selly Oaks, Birmingham that Jesus wasn’t crucified because he dialogued. That remark – no less incisive for being rather obvious – didn’t go down well. While useful as a getting-to-know-you exercise, thereby improving relations between different faith traditions, dialogue is not the preferred option for Christian missionary activity. It may be a necessary first step in a missionary approach, but it can hardly be considered the only or the final one. Were Jesus sending out his disciples on mission today would he tell them to dialogue instead of to teach? Personally, I doubt it. But then I don’t have a hot line to God. Missionaries are people called to tell. They tell people basically two things: God has created them for a purpose; and, by following Jesus, they fulfil that purpose most assuredly. In telling this good news, missionaries do more than just talk. They present truth in various ways but always with humility; they meet weakness with understanding and they confront evil with firmness. They respect diversity; they promote growth both individually and collectively; and, they bear witness to what they say. Put that way it doesn’t really matter where you are: at home, or away, at work, or at play. If you defend truth, allow for weakness, oppose evil, respect others, promote growth, and live honestly – and do so because you love God, then you are a missionary. Fr. Tom Cahill

Do This In Memory
We welcome the young people preparing for their First Holy Communion to our churches this Sunday. Our 10.30am Mass and 11.00am Mass are special liturgies for the young people preparing for this Sacrament, their parents, families and community. The students of Gaelscoil Osrai and KSP will be at St. Fiacre’s while those from St. John of God and De La Salle will attend St. Patrick’s Church.

Questions People Ask
Q. Jesus said ‘You must call no one on earth your father.’ Isn’t it wrong to call priests Father?
A. It is misleading to take this one quotation literally while disregarding the many places where scripture refers to fathers. St. Paul regarded himself as a Father in Faith: ‘Remember that it was I who fathered you in Christ Jesus by the gospel’ (1 Cor. 4:15). He addressed Timothy as his son. Priests are called father because of their ministry in nurturing Christian life in proclaiming the word of God, in baptism, Eucharist etc. Speaking as a priest, being called father is a humbling reminder of the standards of faith, reverence and behaviour that people expect of me.
Fr. Silvester O’Flynn OFM Cap

Altar Server Recruitment
During the week the priests will visit the parish schools to recruit new altar servers. Servers assist the priests at Mass and other special occasions. This is an important ministry which is open to young people from 4th class upwards. Candidates must have received their First Holy Communion, be a regular Mass goer and have an interest in what goes on at Mass. Parental consent and support is needed.
Those who wish to be considered for serving in our three churches should take a form at school and discuss the matter with their parents/guardians. Those interested who do not attend our parish schools should contact one of the priests. Those who are currently serving will also need to take a form and obtain their parents’ permission for another year.
To those who are retiring this year we say ‘well done’ and ‘thank you’ Your serving has been exemplary and on many occasions people have commented on how well you have served.

Ten Commandments of Parenting
Talk by Dr. Vincent Maloney on Tuesday, 21st October at 8pm at the St. John of God School Hall. Free Admission. All are very welcome.

Today is Mission Sunday
World Mission Sunday reminds us of our role as disciples of Jesus. Today we are called upon to play our role in helping to bring the word of God to those who are still hungry for his message. We are given the opportunity to share in the experience of our brothers and sisters who carry on the missionary task today as they ‘Go and Tell’, often in difficult and dangerous circumstances.
Our spiritual and material offerings are crucial for the continued work of missionaries throughout the world, allowing them to share God’s love and compassion. The total raised in today’s collection will be sent in its entirety to support various mission projects. Please give what you can afford, every gift – no matter how small- makes a difference.

St. Vincent De Paul Collection
The monthly collection for the local St. Vincent de Paul Society will be held next week.

Parish Cookery Book
Good Food for Healthy Living is still available. The book contains about 120 easy-to-follow recipes submitted by the sportspeople of our parish, city and county. Copies are available for €10 at the presbytery and at the sacristies of all our churches.

Pregnant and Distressed?
If you are pregnant and distressed and would like to talk to someone in confidence. Telephone 1850 622 626 or 056 772 2739 (local centre). Telephone or drop in. Opening hours: 2 - 4 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday; Thursday evenings 7 - 9pm.

Attention Gardeners
We appeal to those who are “decluttering” gardens to offer spare plants, trees, spring bulbs or suitable cuttings for use in the landscaping at St. Fiacre’s Church. Please contact Doreen at the sacristy at St. Fiacre’s Church if you can help. Thanks to all who responded generously to last week’s appeal.

Pray for the Deceased
Recently Deceased: `Michael Quinn, 12 Hebron Park. Removal from his home at 5.30pm on Sunday to The Curragh Camp. Funeral after 10am Mass on Monday to St. Conleth’s Cemetery, Newbridge. Catherine Kavanagh, 92 Maudlin Street. Con Gowen, UK. Lily Spiers (nee McCormack).
Anniversaries: Nancy Coyne (Sat 6.15), Ned Nolan (Sat 7.00), Gerard Cleere (Sun 9.30), Joseph Eardly (Sun 10.00), Tom Foley (Sun 10.30), John Frawley (Sun 11.00), Richard Kelly (Sun 12.00), Eithne O’Connor (Sun 12.30), Carmel Casserly (Tues 10.30), Bridget Butler (Wed 10.30), Henrietta Hyland (Fri 9.30), Doris Americas (Sat 9.30), Jimmy O’Leary, Maureen Bryan, Therese Brennan, Brigid Butler, Bill Cody, Tommy Hackett, Breda Hehir, John Cantwell, Mary & Joe Hurley.
Intentions for next weekend: Anthona Burke (Sat 6.15); Michael Davin (Sun 10.00), Gerard Moynihan (Sun 11.00), Mary McCormack (Sun 12.00), Henrietta Hyland (Sun 12.30).

Volunteers Urgently Needed
St. Patrick’s Parish urgently needs adult volunteers to help with the 4-2-1 Parish Drugs Education Programme. Adults are needed to help with the programme which will see specially trained young people teaching 12 year olds in a peer initiative that will lead to young people saying ‘no’ to drink and drugs. The campaign is aligned to the Irish Bishops’ Drugs Initiative and has the backing of the Kilkenny City Drugs Initiative at Ossory Youth and the Health Services Executive. Interested adults are asked to come along to the St. John of God School at 7.30pm on Monday. Our young people need your help.

Parish Drugs Initiative
The training in the 4-2-1 Parish Programme continues at the St. John of God School from 7.30pm - 9.30pm on this Monday. We are delighted with the enrolment and, please God, great things will happen as a result.

October Station Envelope
The October stations for the support of the priests of the parish and the bishop is due this month. This is one of five special collections and is the priests’ main source of income.
The five collections are represented by the green envelopes in the envelope pack which many families received earlier this year. If you didn’t receive any envelope and would like to support this collection, just place your donation in an envelope and put your name and address on it. Many thanks.

Readers in Church
We are currently seeking volunteers to read the Word of God at Masses in our parish. Contact the presbytery if willing to help.

Kavanagh in Kilkenny
To commemorate the poet Paddy Kavanagh’s one and only talk in Kilkenny in 1958, Dr. Una Agnew will give a lecture on the poet’s legacy in Rothe House on Friday, 24th October at 8pm. Admission €10 on the night

Talk for Pauline Year
The Diocese of Kildare and Leighlin has arranged for Bishop Tom Wright, Anglican Bishop of Durham to speak at Carlow Cathedral on Monday, 10th November on “Paul: faith and hope for tomorrow’s world”. All welcome to this interesting presentation. Further details are available on www.kandle.ie

Year of St. Paul Pilgrimage
To mark the Year of St. Paul the Diocese of Kildare and Leighlin has organised a diocesan pilgrimage to some of the Pauline sites in Turkey. The itinerary includes a visit to Tarsus and along the path of Paul’s first missionary journey. Booking should be made as soon as possible. Contact Map Travel, 36 O’Connell Street, Dublin 1. Telephone 01 878 3116.

St. Martin De Porres Novena
The annual novena in honour of St. Martin De Porres will be held at the Black Abbey from Sunday, 26th October—Monday, 3rd November. Preacher: Fr. John Harris OP. Further details on our church notice boards.

Mass times at the Friary
Masses at the Capuchin Friary will be as follows from the First Sunday of Advent, 30th November 2008.
Sunday/Holy Days: Mass at 7.00pm on Saturday evening. Masses at 7.30am, 10.30am (Irish) and 12.00 noon on Sundays. Extra Mass at 5.40pm on holy days only.
Week Days: Masses at 7.30am and 10.30am.
Saturdays: Masses at 10.30am and 7.00pm.
Bank Holidays: Mass at 10.30am.

Volunteers Needed
The St. Vincent de Paul Society in Kilkenny urgently require suitable volunteers with three hours or more per week to staff their charity shop "Fred's Fashions" at the Butts Green Kilkenny.
If interested in doing this very rewarding work please contact the shop on 065 770 2637 or Mobile on 087 212 0201.