Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Third Sunday of Easter, 26th April 2009

In The Wounds
In A Risen Christ in Eastertime, Raymond E. Brown writes: ‘Today disbelief flows from many factors including unconvincing signs, e.g. the proclamation of Christ by some who scarcely resemble him.’ Resembling Christ means having wounds and showing them. Not something most of us would want to have, or wish to do. You’d think that the Risen Christ would use something else to dispel the doubts of the disciples in today’s Gospel reading (Luke 24:35-48). He uses the breaking of bread to open the minds of two disciples travelling to Emmaus. Now he uses his wounds to quell the doubts of others. Even his startling and sudden appearance among them isn’t enough to rid them of doubt. But in his wounds they recognise him. Needless to say, these aren’t any old wounds. They are the wounds the world inflicts on those who love God above all else. They are the wounds of those who proclaim God’s truth even when it threatens powerful vested interests. They are the wounds of those who live for others more than for themselves. They are the wounds of those who don’t count cost. They are wounds that once accepted are healed and become a source of health for others. We carry them with us in life, but they carry us into eternity. Resembling Jesus means facing the foe within our own gilded Gethsemanes; forgiving the tormentors who crucify us daily on our petty Golgothas; defeating the demons of our imaginings in the wilderness of our making; and in the longings of a lonely heart in prayer before God.
Fr Tom Cahill SVD

Parish Bereavement Support
St. Patrick’s Parish Bereavement Support Group offers one-to-one support to bereaved parishioners. Confidentiality guaranteed. Members of the Group are in attendance at St. Patrick’s Parish Centre on Monday evenings between 7.30pm and 9pm. Please feel free to telephone 086 162 9089 for further details.

Questions People Ask
Q. What is baptism of desire? Can I apply baptism of desire to my grandchildren who have not been baptised?
A. Baptism of desire refers to the salvation of people who died without being baptised with water but whose desire for Christ was implicit in the way they lived according to the principles of Christian morality. Your desire for your grandchildren does not mean they are baptised but it is a prayer to God that they will one day come to know Jesus and accept him into their lives. A prayer made with great love will surely be answered.
Fr Silvester O’Flynn OFM Cap

Pray for the Deceased
Recently Deceased: Margaret Layton, Beechpark. Michael Duggan, Lord Edward Street. Sean Murray, Dean Cavanagh Place. Esther Cantwell, Clonmel. Mary O’Gorman, Kilcreen Road. Prayers at 6.00pm on Sunday at her brother’s house in Clarabricken followed by removal to St. Canice’s Church. Requiem Mass at 11am on Monday followed by burial in Danesfort Cemetery.
Months Mind: Sr. Genevieve Brennan (Sat 7.00).
Anniversaries: Frank O’Brien (Sat 6.15), John Byrne (Sun 10.00), Michael Gaule (Sun 10.30), Mary Glennon (Sun 11.00), John Hennessy (Sun 12.30), Des Hehir (Tue 9.30), Pierce A. Grace (Wed 9.30), Mary & Eddie O’Keeffe (Wed 10.30), Brigid O’Carroll (Thurs 10.30), Mary Cantwell (Fri 10.30), Katie O’Neill, Brigid Cantwell, Noel O’Dwyer, Mairead Dowling, Michael & Catherine Doherty, Jimmy Maher, Michael O’Hara, Ellen & Patrick Moran, James Morris, Johnny Murphy, Patrick Browne, Mary Brennan, Joe Kelly, Billy Dwan.
Intentions for next weekend: Neil Cooke (Month’s Mind Sat 6.15). Fintan Brennan (Birthday Remembrance Sat 7.00). Michael Lawlor (Sun 9.30), Mary Barry (Sun 10.00), Patrick Foley Snr & Patrick Foley Jnr (Sun 11.00), Mary Carroll (Fri 10.30).

Parish Shop
There are a number of items for sale in the Parish shop, situated in our Parish Centre, suitable for children receiving the Sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation. Please drop in and have a look - there is no obligation to buy.

If you are pregnant and distressed and would like to talk to someone in confidence telephone 1850 622 626 or 056 772 2739.
Phone or drop in to the Centre in the grounds of St. Mary’s Cathedral, Kilkenny. Opening Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 2 - 4pm. Thursday Evenings: 7 - 9pm.

On Saturday next, 3rd May the Ossory Vocations Team will have a vocations stand at the Town Hall, Kilkenny from 10am to 4pm. This is to coincide with Vocations Sunday on 3rd May. Please come along and support the work of Vocation Promotion in our Diocese.

St. Patrick’s Parish Draw
The first draw in the new series, April 2009 to March 2010, will take place in our Parish Centre in Tuesday next, 28th, at 8.30pm. You may join in the draw through any of our promoters or, if you wish, by leaving your name and subscription into our Parish Centre or at any of the sacristies. All are welcome to attend the drawing of prizes.

The Pope on YouTube
The publication of Pope Benedict XVI’s Easter message on the YouTube Web site broke the record with its translation into 27 languages.
The message, delivered before the Pope imparted his blessing “Urbi et Orbi” was posted online with subtitles for various languages.
The translation initiative responded to many requests received through the Holy See’s online channel. It is the first time a YouTube video has been posted in as many languages.

Presentation Sisters’ Jubilee
The Presentation Sisters and their collaborators celebrate 2009 as a Jubilee Year, during which they commemorate the 225th anniversary of the death of their foundress, Nano Nagle.
“As we celebrate Nano and her companions, we are invited to fan into flame the gift of God to us in Nano, which is the theme for the year. The launch of the Jubilee Year took place on our founding day, 24th December 2008.
It was on Christmas Eve, 1775 that Nano and her companions Mary Ann Collins, Elizabeth Burke and Mary Fuohy founded the Presentation Sisters. They were women of unbounded compassion, deep contemplation, courage, radical creativity, native shrewdness and zeal for their faith. Nano and her companions suffered great hardships. They expected their little group to flourish but it was quite a while before anyone joined them. They were tireless in their service of the poor and yet they themselves were suffering from bad health. Elizabeth Burke died in 1783 and Nano herself died on 26th April 1784, leaving a very fragile group. Through all this, they maintained hope and did what Nano was to advise them on her death-bed: ‘love one another and spend yourself for the poor’”.
All in St. Patrick’s Parish join in congratulating the Presentation Sisters and in praying God’s blessing on the work which continues to be carried on throughout the world by the dedicated sisters and their collaborators.

Peace and Joy in Every Heart
The Reliquary of St. Therese is at the Carmelite Church, Kildare this weekend: Friday, 24th to Monday, 27th April. Mass Times: Sunday: 10am, 12 noon and 4pm. Monday: 8am, 10am and 11.30am (Schoolchildren) followed by closing ceremony. The Anointing of the Sick and the Sacrament of Reconciliation will be available daily. Our church will remain open 24 hours per day for the duration of the visit.

Do This in Memory...
We welcome this year’s First Holy Communicants and their families to 10.30am and 11.00am Mass today. Not many days now until the big day.

St. Patrick's Brass and Reed Band
St. Patrick’s Parish is delighted to host the St. Patrick's Brass and Reed Band which will provide the sacred music at the 11.00a.m. Mass at St. Patrick's Parish Church on this Sunday, 26th of April. All are welcome to attend where the Band will play enhance the liturgy with their versions of popular hymns.
Another date for the diary is Thursday, 7th of May in the Parochial Church, Leighlinbridge where the Band and Kilkenny Gospel Choir will join forces with local groups in a fund raising concert to purchase instruments for what is soon be the Leighlinbridge Brass Band.

New Parish Envelopes
New Parish Contribution Envelopes are being distributed at the moment. We are grateful to all who use these envelopes or standing orders to contribute to the income of the parish and the priests. These are the sources of income for the parish and its priests.
If you are new to the parish, or haven’t received envelopes in the past and would like to receive them now, then please contact any of the priests or the Parish Office. Once again, thanks to all who support our work.

Time for a New Challenge
Are you interested in becoming a member of ACCORD? Training offered resulting in the awarding of the Certificate in Marriage Education or Higher Diploma in counselling (marriage and relationships).
ACCORD is a voluntary Catholic organisation that aims to promote a deeper understanding of Christian marriage and to offer people the means to safeguard and nourish
their marriage and family relationship.
ACCORD needs the help of committed people to continue its vital work.
Mission Statement: Empowering people, fostering relationships, caring for couples facing the challenges of Christian Marriage. This is the work of ACCORD in today’s world. Please check with your local centre regarding the requirements for counsellors and/or facilitators at this time.
ACCORD has an office in Kilkenny based at St. Mary’s Centre, James Street, Kilkenny. Telephone: 056 772 2674. www.accord.ie

Alzheimer Tea Day
The Alzheimer Society of Ireland will hold their National Tea Day fund raising event on Thursday, 7th May. Would you like to host a Tea Day in your home & invite family and friends/ the work place/community centre, on that day or any day during that week to raise funds for Kilkenny Homecare? If interested contact Marie O’Shea, Homecare coordinator on 086 609 0421 or asikilkenny@alzheimer.ie