Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, 2nd August 2009

The New Self
Thomas Merton wrote in Contemplation in a World of Action: ‘The new man is not just the old man in possession of a legal certificate entitling him to a reward.’ That’s not the ‘new self’ Paul refers to in today’s Second Reading (Eph 4:17, 20-24). So, what is it? First, what it isn’t. It isn’t living as the Gentiles live ‘in the futility of their minds’. In other words, it’s not living as if you only had your own mind to depend on. Using only that to comprehend life is futile. It’s a dead end trip. Removed from the light of God’s word the human mind becomes dark, the human heart becomes hard, and human behaviour degenerates into debauchery. Paul wasn’t warning about what might happen, he was describing what already had happened. Were we to think that reason reigns supreme – pristine and pure – and confine ourselves to its limits deprived of the light of God’s word, and the power of his Spirit, would our understanding and behaviour not deteriorate too? Could we even speak of deterioration of behaviour at all? For it nothing greater than a mind, not yours, sets my standards. As Hamlet says, ‘There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so’ – my thinking, that is. The new self, however, recognises that God sets the standards and it lives by them ‘in true righteousness and holiness’. The new man, the new self, is the one who is righteous and holy before God. Fr. Tom Cahill SVD

Question people ask
What was the manna from heaven?
It was the good provided by God for the Israelites during the Exodus. The name means ‘What is this?’ It was described as white, powdery stuff, like hoarfrost. There were three important points about it. It was a gift from God: it demanded trusting God’s promise because people were instructed to gather only sufficient for each day: and it satisfied every taste as ‘it transformed itself into whatever each eater wished’ (Wis 16: 21). The Gospel of John regards the manna as foreshadowing the Bread of Life offered by Jesus – a wonderful gift of God, taken on trust in Jesus’ words, and responding to every need.
Fr. Silvester O’Flynn OFM Cap

Pray for the deceased
Recently Deceased: John Brophy, Rathmore House, Goslingstown, Michael McPhilomy, Fr. Delehaunty Terrace, Mary Ramsbottom, 3 Connolly St, Martin Doheny, 1 Parnell St.
Months Mind: Ann Comerford (Sat 7.00),
Anniversaries: Eileen Grace (Sat 6.15), Martin Mulhall (Sun 10.00), Mary Millea (Sun 10.30), Jim Devlin (Sun 12.00), Margaret & Larry Langton (Sun 12.30), Mick Coonan, Paddy Hickey, Annie Campion, Michael Lawlor, Peter Wiltshire, Joseph Browne, Michael Browne, Joe Delahunty, Breda O’Hara, Chrissie Drennan, Mary Tynan, David, Jim & Peggy Gaffney.
Intentions next weekend: Mary Coogan (Sat 6:15), Joan Cody (Months Mind Sat 7.00pm), Denis Treacy (Sun 10.00), James & Mary Brennan (Sun 11.00), Gabriel Warde (Sun 12.00), Elizabeth Foley (Sun 12.30)

Cemetery Mass
Mass will be said in St. Rioch’s Cemetery on Thursday 6th August at 7.30pm. All are welcome to attend.

The monthly rosary on the first Sunday in James Green at the Statue of Our Lady of Kilkenny continues this Sunday 2nd August at 3pm.

Baptism Training Workshop
Ms. Julie Kavanagh, Diocese of Kildare and Leighlin Pastoral Team, will conduct a Baptismal Training Workshop on Saturday, 5th September 2009 from 11.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. and a follow up on Tuesday, 8th September 2009 in St Kieran’s College. Further information will follow.

A confidential Aware Information & Support group meeting for relatives of those with depression will take place on Wednesday August 5th, at 8 pm in St. Mary's Centre, Haughney Green, Kilkenny. For more information contact Fran at Aware on 086 8200938.

St. Dominic’s Day
Bishop Seamus Freeman will be the Principal Celebrant at the 10.30am Mass in the Black Abbey on Saturday next, August 8th, the Solemnity of St. Dominic. The Dominican Community invites you to celebrate this special feast day with them. The Dominicans came to the Black Abbey in 1225 - seven hundred and eighty four years age.

First Friday of July
The sick and housebound will be visited by the priests during the coming week. Please note Fr. Dan is away at the moment and will be unable to visit. Please contact any of the priests or the parish office if you or somebody known to you would like to be included on the list.

St. Patrick's Parish Bereavement Support Group
We offer one-to-one support to bereaved parishioners. Phone: 086-1629089 to make an appointment to meet members of the group. This is a free and confidential service.

International Youth Festival
On Wednesday morning last 18 young parishioners departed from St. Fiacre’s Church for the 20th International Youth Festival – Mladifest 20 – at Medjugorje. They will be joined for the duration of the pilgrimage by 29 other young people and 14 adult leaders from Kilkenny city and county. For many of the youth – all in their late teens and early twenties – it will be their second trip to the Annual Youth Festival at Medjugorje while a small number of them will be making the trip for the third time. The theme of this year’s festival, which will be attended by more than 50,000 young people and up to 500 priests, is “Do whatever he tells you!”

Experienced and fully qualified psychotherapist/counsellor available for evening appointments in the Parish Centre. For an appointment please call Robert at 086 878 6353.

Our Parish Website
St. Patrick’s Parish website is now up and running once again. It has a new look and will be undergoing some minor changes and additions in the coming weeks.
The website has new name: www.patricksparish.net (formerly .com). Please update your bookmarks and inform family and friends of the change in address.

Bishop Seamus Freeman has appointed Fr. Dermot Ryan, Curate, in the parish of Mooncoin, as and from 1st September 2009. Dermot has also agreed to serve the diocese in the area of Adult Faith Formation. Also, further congratulations are due to Fr. Dermot. He received the degree summa cum laude in defending his Thesis at the Pontifical Gregorian University on 25th June 2009, (Method to Mission: The ecclesial vocation of a theologian as exemplified in the works of Francis A. Sullivan SJ in the context of method at the Gregorian University). We congratulate Dermot on his achievement and wish him all the best in his new appointment.

Foulkstown Cemetery Mass
The weather didn’t dampen the faith of thousands of people who travelled to attend last Thursday’s annual cemetery mass. The occasion was a prayerful experience of gathering to remember our deceased loved ones.
Thanks to all who participated in the ceremony. Thanks to the gardaí for their help with traffic management and to the cemetery committee for their organisation of this event. Much appreciated.

Anniversaries and Newsletter
Please, DO NOT leave anniversary notices or other items into our former house on Ormonde Road. We no longer have access to this house and notices may not be delivered on time.
Items left at the Parish Office, the Priests’ Houses, St. Patrick’s or St. Fiacre’s Sacristies before Thursday will ensure publication. Thanks.

Prize Winner Promoter
1st Prize - €1,000 John O’Neill, 13 Archers Crescent Brigid Armstrong
2nd Prize - €200 Mary Neary, Derdimus Mary Parsons
3rd Prize - €100 Lil Dunne, Riverview Brigid Armstrong
4th Prize - €100 Rita McMyler, Sheestown Sean Manogue
5th Prize - €100 Catherine Kenny, 24 Loughboy Park Catherine Kinsella
6th Prize - €50 Patricia O’Connor, 16 Mayfield Catherine Kinsella
7th Prize - €50 Roy Barry, 38 Larchfield Kitty Byrne
8th Prize - €50 Bridie Hardiman, 39 Marble Crest Catherine Kinsella
9th Prize - €50 Ally Coughlan, Callan Road Kathleen Grogan
10th Prize - €50 Marie Coyne, 50 Larchfield Kitty Byrne
11th Prize - €50 Ann Healy, Maidenhill Liam Holohan
12th Prize - €50 Phyllis Murphy, 25 Melville Heights Maureen McCormack
13th prize - €50 Lorna McCormack, 77 Marble Crest Catherine Kinsella
Promoters’ Prizes
Paddy Ward, Castlegardens, Gretta Kelly, Ardnore