Saturday, April 30, 2011

Second SUnday of Easter, Divine Mercy Sunday, May 1st 2011

I’ll believe that when I see it’ is a common reaction to any sort of positive suggestion these days. It was the default response to the promises made by all the candidates in the run-up to our general election earlier this year. Reform our health system? Reduce the dole queues? Cut politicians’ expenses and pensions? We’ll believe it when we see it! We don’t take anyone’s word for it anymore. Thomas certainly wasn’t willing to take the word of the other disciples when they said they had seen Jesus. He was understandably sceptical, as one tends to be when everything they had placed their hope in has been swept away. Unless he can see and touch his wounds, he will not believe that Jesus has made good on his promises to return. ‘Unless I see... I refuse to believe,’ states our doubting Thomas. I’ll believe it when I see it. We know what it’s like to have lost faith. Like Thomas, our trust has been shaken; like the disciples huddled in the room, we are in fear. We have lost faith in our political system, and many of us have also faith in our church. We are all at sea, afraid of what the future will bring. Jesus greets his disciples with the simple blessing: ‘Peace be with you’. In their fear and despair, he came and stood among them. May our troubled hearts know the peace and joy of encountering the risen Christ.
Triona Doherty.

Questions people ask
Why was there a delay of 40 days between the Resurrection and Ascension of the Lord?
According to the Acts of the Apostles, Jesus continued to show himself alive to them by many demonstrations, telling them about the kingdom of God. It was a period of transition from knowing Jesus by physical recognition to recognising him by faith. We too recognise his presence like the Emmaus disciples in the breaking of bread, like Mary Magdalene in being called by name, like Thomas in touching his wounds, and in the mission of divine forgiveness bestowed on the Church. ‘Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.
Fr. Silvester O’Flynn OFM Cap

Pray for our Deceased Family & Friends
Recently Deceased: Ted O’Dwyer, 14 Hazel grove.
Months Mind: Andrew Delaney (Sat 6.15)
Anniversaries: Joseph Ayres (Sat 7.00), John Byrne (Sun 10.00), William O’Brien Snr, William O’Brien Jnr, Ann O’Brien & Billy O’Brien (Sun 11.00), Joan Crotty (Tues 9.30), Mary Cantwell (Tues 10.30), Michael O’Hara, Martin & Elizabeth Brennan, Michael & Catherine Doherty, Patrick & Ellen Moran, Bridget Maher, William (Billy) Dwan, James Morris, Johnny Murphy, Patrick Browne, Mary & Jack Brennan
Intentions for next weekend: Gordon Deevy (Months Mind Sat 6.15), Fintan Brennan (Sat 7.00), Marie Coyne (Months Mind Sun 9.30), Lar Doyle (Sun 10.00), Margaret Glynn (Months Mind Sun 10.30), Frank Cantwell (Months Mind Sun 11.00), Billy O’Brien (Sun 12.00), Gerry Carolan (Sun 12.30).

Divine Mercy
In honour of Divine Mercy. There will be an hour of adoration and prayer in the Friary Church on Sunday May 8th from 3 - 4pm.
Feast of the Divine Mercy Sunday May 1st. Celebration in the Friary Church from 2pm - 5pm.

There will be rosary in the Grotto at Seville Lodge on Sunday at 3pm for the month of May.
All are welcome to attend this month devotion to our Lady.

Monthly Rosary
The monthly rosary on the first Sunday in James Green at the statue of Our Lady continues this Sunday May 1st at 3pm.
All are welcome.

Life in the Spirit Seminars
You are invited to ‘Life in the Spirit Seminars’ Healing Mass, every Tuesday 7.45pm. 3rd May, 10th may, 17th May, 24th may, 31st May, 7th June and 14th June. Guest Speakers. Church of Immaculate Conception, Castlecomer, Kilkenny

Eucharistic Ministers Rota
The new rota for the coming year is ready to be collected from the sacristies in St. Patrick’s, St. Fiacre's and Foulkstown Churches.
Please make sure that you have a rota so you will know the dates when you serve.

Items for inclusion in newsletter
We offer our apologies to those who have sent in items for inclusion in the newsletter by email, out email account is not working at present. Please contact the Parish Office if 056 7764400 if you would like anything included in the newsletter.

We strive to include all anniversaries each week as requested by people but sometimes we make mistakes and errors/omissions occur. If we miss an anniversary that you submitted, please let us know and we will include it the following week.
If you have booked a particular mass, it is always good practice to remind the priest before mass in case there are omissions.
Please have names for inclusion into the office by Friday at the very latest, after this we cannot guarantee entry. Likewise, leaving anniversaries on altars, under sacristy doors etc can lead to them getting lost and causing upset. It is better to phone, post or drop them into the parish office.

Parish Centre Shop
Our parish shop is proving to be a great success with a wide variety of religious goods on sale. There are many items available for Confirmations and First Communions and items can usually be ordered.
Feel free to have a look and see.

Bank Holiday Monday
While the Easter celebrations may be behind us, we still have the May bank holiday this Monday. Please note that on Monday our only mass will be at 11am in St. Patrick’s.
On Tuesday, our mass schedule returns to normal.

Due to popular demand, there will be exposition of the Blessed sacrament on Bank Holiday Monday in St. Fiacre’s commencing at 12 noon and continuing until 10pm. Those who normally attend please take note.
All are welcome to drop in and spend a few moments before the Lord.

Pope John Paul Beatification
This Sunday, May 1st will see the late Pope John Paul II beatified. This is a great occasion for our Church and shows the high regard our late pontiff.
If you would like to watch the ceremonies, RTE the national broadcaster will carry the event on television starting at 8.55am. Also EWTN, the Catholic television station on SKY will host the event live. It promises to be a memorable celebration.

Pope Quote
‘Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and Alleluia is our song.’ Pope John Paul II

Easter Offering For Priests
Sincere thanks to those who continue to support the priests of the parish in many different ways. Through prayers, participation and financially. We appreciate it. Thanks to all who supported us through the Easter contribution which goes towards the priests and bishops salary.
Some people have not yet received their contribution envelopes. We are working on this. If you are an envelope distributer and haven’t yet received envelopes to deliver, please contact the parish office. Many thanks for your continued support.

First Friday Visits
Friday is the first Friday of May and the priests of the parish will make their usual calls to the sick and housebound.
If you or someone you know would like to be included on this list of first Friday visits, please contact any of the priests to arrange a time.

Foulkstown Cemetery
The committee in Foulkstown are currently working away every Monday evening to keep the resting place of our loved ones in top shape. We are grateful to them for their commitment. We ask people to help the committee out by looking after family graves and removing withered wreaths etc to the waste area.
In the next few weeks the current waste area will be removed and alternative arrangements will be put in place. This will coincide with tighter security to combat illegal dumping that some people with no respect for the dead engage in. If you notice anyone dumping household or industrial waste in Foulkstown, take note of any registration etc. and we will deal with the matter. Thanks for your support in looking after our cemetery.

A Thought
Faith, culminating in self-surrender to God, leads us to the service of our fellow human beings. Living faith enables us to see the risen Lord in everyone and gives us the willingness to render to each one our loving service. ("Faith without good works is dead" James 2:17). It was this faith in the Lord and obedience to his missionary command that prompted St. Thomas to travel to India to preach the gospel among the Hindus, establish seven Christian communities (known later as "St. Thomas Christians"), and eventually face martyrdom. The Fathers of the Church prescribe the following traditional means to grow in the living and dynamic faith of St. Thomas the Apostle. a) We must come to know Jesus personally and intimately by the daily, meditative reading of the Bible.

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