Monday, May 25, 2015

2nd Sunday of Easter, 12th April 2015

Pray For Our Deceased Friends
Recently Deceased: Liam Heffernan, Oranmore & Willow Close. Michael O’Driscoll, Old Callan Road. Margaret O’Connor, Fethard & formerly Cuffesgrange.  Paul Daly, Blackrock, Cork.
Anniversaries: Martin Hoyne (Sat 6.15). Margaret Glynn (Sat 7.00). Elizabeth McCorry (Sun 9.30). Josie & Bill O’Neill (Sun 10.00). Pauline Morris (Sun 10.30). Gordon Deevy (Sun 11.00). Marie Coyne (Sun 12.00). Dr. W.J. Phelan & Daisy Phelan, Edward Cody, Nin & Moya Bligh. (Sun 12.30).  Tess Kelly (Tues 10.30). Margaret & Patrick Banahan (Sat 9.30). Vincent O’Shea.  Christina Walsh, Richard Brennan, Michael O’Reilly, Bess & Mick Delaney, Goss Murray, Paddy & Josephine McGrath, Billy Brennan.
Intentions for Next Weekend: Eamon O’Toole (Sat 6.15). Dr. Albert Kenny (Sat 7.00). Betty Byrne (Sun 9.30). Eileen Byrne (Sun 10.00) . Michael & Mary Burke (Sun 10.30). Jimmy O’Neill (Sun 11.00). Roy Barry (Sun 12.00). Dick Keating (Sun 12.30). 

Mill Hill Father’s
We welcome the Mill Hill Father’s as guest preachers at all our Masses this weekend  Each year we welcome a different congregation or order to share with us some information about their work and they make an appeal for support for their work.
The Mill Hill Father’s have a long standing association with our parish and we are happy they join us this weekend.

Remembrance Service
St Luke’s Hospital (Carlow and Kilkenny) will be holding it’s the annual remembrance ceremony for families who have been bereaved by the death of their child through miscarriage, still-birth or in early infancy  This ceremony will take place on Tuesday, April 14th  in St Fiacre’s Church, Loughboy, Kilkenny at 7.30pm.  While we issue a special invitation to all families who have been bereaved during the past year, this ceremony is for all families who have been bereaved, regardless of how long ago. Refreshments will be available for everyone after the ceremony.

Church Building
All going well, work will begin on the repair and re-slating of St. Patrick’s Church on Wednesday. Barring unforeseen problems, this will be a 10 week programme and during this period we will continue using the church for daily morning Mass.  For weekday Masses, during building please use the side door entrance into the porch. 
The roof beam inside the church over the sanctuary is of particular concern and will require specialist scaffolding in the sanctuary area.  This should not interfere with Mass. The builders have been asked to take a break during Mass time.
As I mentioned last week, this work is costing in excess of €200,000 and we hope to meet the cost with a loan from the diocese and pay this back using our parish weekly collections.
The  weekly parish envelopes, also known as ‘The Building and Maintenance Fund’ is the main source of income for the parish.  Some parishioners prefer to use ‘Direct Debit.’  PAYE workers, who donate in excess of €250 (€5 per week), by envelope or standing order, we can claim back the tax already paid by you on this from the Inland Revenue.  This re-claim is at no extra cost  to the donor and is a win-win situation for us!
While many people do contribute to the parish using these envelopes, many more don’t.  This could be because they never registered with us, stopped contributing for different reasons or envelopes were never sent.  If you would like to start supporting your parish once again, please contact Michelle in the parish office or send us an email with your details and we will register you  as a member of St. Patrick’s Parish.
Thanks once again for your support.

Easter Collection For Priests
Sincere thanks to all who contributed to the Easter collection for priests, your generosity is much appreciated.  

Back To Normal
Masses return to their usual time of 9.30am and 10.30am.  Exposition on Monday in St. Fiacre’s from 11am to 9pm.  The Parish Office re-opens from 9am to 4pm, Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri.

Some Facts About Our Building
The contractor who is undertaking the work on St. Patrick's Church, Cantwell’s also built St. Fiacre’s Church in Loughboy.  The current roof and slates are the original ones used when the church was first built in 1899. The type of slate chosen for this re-slating are: ‘Welsh Blue Bangor’ and are noted for their durability and distinct blue tint.  ‘The slates carry a guarantee of 100 years! 
For the first time, insulation will be added to the roof to improve it’s thermal efficiency.

Cosmology/Spirituality Workshop
Together we will explore Who is God? Who are we? How shall we live?  Workshop facilitated by Colette Cullinan RSM at St. Patrick’s Parish Centre on Saturday, 18th April from 10.00am to 4.00pm.  Cost is €10 - bring your own packed lunch.  To book contact 056 772 2870 before 14th April.  Sponsored by Sisters of St. John of God.

Divine Mercy Sunday
Sunday Celebration in the Friary this Sunday, 12th from 2pm to 5pm.  This will include, Rosary, Holy Hour, Mass and a blessing with a relic of St. Faustina.  Celebrant is Fr. Willie Purcell and all are welcome.

St. Fiacre’s Gardeners
The gardening group which looks after our award winning St. Fiacre’s Garden adjacent to St. Fiacre’s Church are recommencing after the winter break on Monday evening 13th April @18.30pm  New volunteers are urgently required.

Dates For Your Diary
Parish Schools Confirmation:18th April, 11am St. Mary’s Cathedral.
Gaelscoil Confirmation: 9th May, 11am, St. Mary’s Cathedral
Gaelscoil First Holy Communion: 2nd May, 11am, St. Fiacre’s, Loughboy
KSP First Holy Communion: 3rd May, 12noon, St. Fiacre’s, Loughboy
St. John of God First Holy Communion: 9th May, 11am, St.  Fiacre’s, Loughboy
St. Patrick’s de la Salle, First Holy Communion: 16th May, 11am St. Patrick’s.
Cemetery Mass at Foulkstown:  Thurs 30th Jul, 7.30pm
St. Fiacre’s Well Mass:  Sheestown: 30th Aug, 3pm
All Ireland Sunday ???? :-)

James Stephen’s Camogie
U8, U10 and U12 training in Kells Road at 6.30 from Monday, 13th April.  All welcome.

Annual Mini Marathon
The Carers Association Carlow/Kilkenny will hold their 11th  Annual Mini Marathon on the May Bank Holiday Kilkenny on May 4th 2015. For more information or to take part please contact  the Carers Association Spring Hill medical Centre, Phone us on 056-7721424 or email us at 

First Holy Communion
The Parish Shop, located in the foyer of our Parish Centre in Loughboy has been stocked with many items for First Holy Communion.  Medals, rosaries, prayer books, cards, a wide range is available.  Drop in and have a look when you’re passing.

Coeliacs Support
Meeting this Monday, 13th at 8pm in St. Patrick’s Parish Center.