Thursday, April 3, 2008

Easter Sunday 23rd March 2008

Happy Easter
The priests join in wishing all in St. Patrick’s Parish a very happy and holy Easter. May the joy of Easter be with you and yours in the year ahead.

Easter Ceremonies
Thanks to all who attended the Easter Ceremonies in our parish. We were delighted with the huge attendance at the various liturgies and we thanks everyone for their participation. It is good when neighbours and friends can come together to worship God - this is what parish community is all about!
A special word of thanks to the sacristans and others who worked behind the scenes to ensure the liturgies were worthy and flowed smoothly. Even though your work is mostly unseen we appreciate every minute you spend in preparation.

Eucharistic Ministers
It’s the time of year when we say thanks to those Eucharistic Ministers who have served in our parish for nine consecutive years and who, according to diocesan rule, must now retire. Thanks for your service to our community during your ministry.
We welcome five new ministers who have completed their training and who were commissioned on Holy Thursday evening. May the Lord bless you as you administer the Body and Blood of Christ in our parish.
While the priests continue to visit the housebound on First Fridays such parishioners who would like to receive Holy Communion more often should contact the Presbytery and we will arrange a minister to attend your home.

Mass During the Week
The only public daily Mass in our parish during the coming week will be at St. Patrick’s Church at 11am each day. Please note: Mass will not be celebrated at St. Fiacre’s Church during Easter Week.

Boldly Going
Believing that someone has risen from the dead is quite an achievement. It means that you have freed your mind from the limitations of reason. Human reason is limited, is it not? So, is it not desirable to boldly go where reason alone can’t take you? If we never take that step into what is seen as in a glass darkly we will not develop fully. We will be so fearful of appearing gullible, or stupid, so fearful of derision from those considered more ‘enlightened’ and intelligent, so afraid of drifting into insanity, that we will imprison our mind in shallowness and limit our ability to mature spiritually.
As people of faith we have staked our life on what we believe. If Jesus has not risen then what’s the point in seeking ‘the things that are above’? (Colossians 3: 1-4).
What’s the point in being a Christian if the highpoint of Jesus’ life was a lie, a non-event, a con-artist’s ruse? Then our faith would be a sham, our values mere delusion. Look into the eyes of your loved ones: wife, husband, son, daughter, and tell them they have no lasting value. Then see if you can ever look them in the eye again?
Fr. Tom Cahill SVD

Questions People Ask
Q. In what way was the resurrection of Jesus different from the raising of Lazarus or people brought back to life by the apostles?
A. There is a difference between resurrection and resuscitation. Resurrection means going forward into a totally new level of life. That’s what Lazarus experienced. Christianity is based on the belief that we are called to share in the new life opened up by the resurrection of Jesus. This belief far exceeds any theory of reincarnation. St Paul wrote, ‘If Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith has been in vain.
Fr. Silvester O’Flynn OFM Cap

Family Fast Boxes may be returned directly to Trócaire or handed in at the churches in our parish. The money handed in at our churches will be collated and sent to Trócaire via the Diocesan Office.

Pray for the Deceased
Recently Deceased: Michael Gill, Naas.
Months Mind: Sr. Eucharisti Madden (Wed 11.00)
Anniversaries: Ingrid & Gottfried Koetter (Sun 12.00), Des Cullen (Tues 11.00), Ted Cornally, Mary Lawlor, Eamon O’Neill, Patrick Scanlon, Rose Kenny, Mary Nugent, Kathleen Byrne, Johanna, Philip & John Larkin, Eileen Quigley, Elizabeth & Catherine Nolan, Thomas O’Neill, Martin & Elizabeth Brennan, Michael Massey, Billy Connick, Bridget Slattery, Elizabeth Kavanagh, Lou McCarthy, John Tynan.
Intentions Next Weekend
Oliver Kelly (Sat 6.15), Chris Kenny (Sat 7.00), Michael McInerney (Sun 11.00), Kitty Kelly (Sun 12.00), Billy Wallace (Sun 12.30).

New Parishioners
We welcome new members to St. Patrick’s Parish and we’d love to hear from you. Please contact the Parish Office on 056 776 4400 to register in our parish.

IHCPT Lourdes Pilgrimage
Fr. Dan heads off to Lourdes this Easter Sunday with a group from the Irish Children’s Pilgrimage Trust (IHCPT). The group leaves Kilkenny at 3.30am on Sunday and returns next Saturday afternoon. Our best wishes and prayers go with them. The IHCPT group takes young people with special needs to Lourdes each Easter. See for more information.

Pilgrimage to Knock
There will be a pilgrimage to Knock Shrine on Sunday, 30th March for Divine Mercy Sunday. A bus will leave the Parade, Kilkenny at 8am. Booking: 056 772 1495.

Parish Envelopes
The parish envelopes for the coming year (April 2008 to March 2009), have just arrived and distribution will begin shortly.
The envelopes and direct debits are the main source of income for the parish and we are extremely grateful to all who contribute in this way. With the new Parish Centre about to come on stream we need all the financial help we can get.
Parishioners will already know that we can reclaim from the Revenue Commissioners the tax already paid on donations to the parish over €250 per annum (€5 per week). This is at no extra cost to you and is worth a lot of money to the parish.
If you haven’t used the parish envelopes in the past couple of years, there is a chance you may not receive a box this time round. If you don’t receive a box by the end of April, then get in touch and we’ll sort things out.
We need volunteers to help drop the boxes off at homes throughout the parish. Please contact Fr. Liam if you can help in your area.

Run For Your Parish
Ladies, don’t forget the Flora Ladies’ Mini-Marathon on Bank Holiday Monday, 2nd June 2008. Please contact Fr. Roderick if you are interested in participating on behalf of the parish. Sponsorship cards available. While we need ladies to run in the mini-marathon parishioners may take sponsorship cards and we will get someone else to run in their name. Proceeds will go towards the new seniors’ accommodation at St. Fiacre’s Church.

You: A Loreto Sister?
To find out more about our way of life today, see Our next Loreto Life Weekend will be held in Cork on 5th - 6th April, 2008. For more information on this, you can contact Thérèse at

Monthly Parish Draw
The March draw takes place at the Presbytery on Tuesday, 25th March at 8.30pm. All welcome to come along.
As progress continues on the new parish centre and we must continue to fundraise. Another round of the parish draw begins in April. We appeal to present promoters and subscribers to continue supporting this essential fundraiser. Needless to say, new promoters are urgently needed. Please contact the Parish Office on 776 4400 if you feel you could sell a few tickets each month. We appeal to all to make an effort to help. Could this be your way of helping out?

St. Rioch’s Cemetery
Tom Reade has produced an interesting and fact-filled book on St. Rioch’s Graveyard, Gaol Road. The book is available from Tom at 32 St. Fiacre’s Place and in local libraries and bookshops. At €8 it is an excellent investment for those interested in local history.

Callan Variety Show
Callan Variety Club holds its annual show in St Brigid’s College, Callan on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week. This is the 20th anniversary of the variety club and a show not to be missed. Tickets: Kerwick’s, Callan, €10.

Church Gate Collection
Please support Rehab’s collection this weekend. for information.

Village Hurling Club
Well done to the U-6/7/8 Village hurlers and mentors Tony Scanlon and Richie Manogue who took part in this year’s St. Patrick’s Day parade. It was a great sight to see the future Village Stars marching down High Street in the famous Red and Green.
The recent U-14 Medal Presentation night was a great success as parents and officials gathered for the presentation of U-14 Football League and Championship and Hurling League medals to the successful squads. Guests included Joe Pyke (Bord Na Óg) and Kilkenny Senior Hurler, Tommy Walsh.
Coaching for the Stars of the Future has now moved into its 4th week for the U-6/7/8 grades. Coaching is on Sunday mornings at 11.30am sharp in Cootes Lane and new players are invited to sign up.
U-9/10 grades will kick into action on Tuesday, 25th March in Nuncio Road at 6.45pm. U-11/12 grades will commence coaching on Thursday, 27th in Nuncio Road at 6.45pm.

Parish Website
Our parish website is available at and contains much information and photos from the parish. The website is updated with the newsletter every week. We invite you to take a look.
We also invite you to pass on the address to former Villagers now living elsewhere. Many will find it a useful tool for staying in touch with what is happening at home.