Thursday, April 3, 2008

Second Sunday of Easter 30th March 2008

No doubt about it
In his book, Sing a New Song, Timothy Radcliffe, OP states: ‘But if I speak as someone who knows it all, untroubled by doubt, then people may be very impressed by my knowledge, but they may feel it has little to do with them.’ Doubt is more engaging than certainty. Doubt explores. Certainty can’t. How can you journey if you’ve already arrived? Certainty degrades dialogue to monologue. It proselytizes instead of evangelizes. It stymies communication by making it confrontational or by short-circuiting it altogether. Thomas, in today’s Gospel (John 20:19.31) is a fine example of the doubter feeling his way to belief – quite literally: ‘...unless I put my finger in the mark of the nails and my hand in his side, I will not believe’ (v.25). Thomas was comfortable with his disbelief because it was sincere. He had a healthy aversion to accepting the seemingly preposterous. Many people, especially those in authority or those considered to be authorities, are uneasy with doubt. Doubt, for them, excludes God’s Spirit. It instills fear instead of the thrill of the chase. Doubt means weakness not potential growth. One wonders if those who find if difficult to say: ‘I don’t know’, find it easier to say: ‘My Lord, and my God!’
Fr Tom Cahill SVD

Questions people ask
Why is there a circle like a halo on the Celtic Cross?
The cross represents death while the circle, being a line without beginning or end, represents eternal life. The bare cross has lines coming in from all directions, clashing at the centre. In this view, Jesus is the innocent victim at the centre of the storm stirred up by envy, political ambition, misplace nationalism, betrayal etc... If one views the cross as lines coming out from the centrepoint, then it portrays the explosion of new life that was the resurrection. This was the understanding of the Celtic monks, so they added the circle of eternity to the cross.
Fr Silvester O’Flynn OFM Cap

Pray for the Deceased
Recently Deceased: Shane O’Neill, Danesfort. Elizabeth Dunphy, The Rower.
Anniversaries: Oliver Kelly (Sat 6:15), Chris Kenny (Sat 7:00), Kathleen Carolan (Sun 9:30), Michael McInerney (Sun 11:00), Kitty Kelly (Sun 12:00), Billy Wallace (Sun 12:30), Mary Delaney (Mon 9:30), Margaret Nolan (Mon 10:30), Michael Slattery (Tues 9:30), Mai McCann, Paddy Cantwell, Annie & Dick Burke, Patrick Massey, Paddy Slattery, Brigid Maher.
Anniversaries Next Weekend: Michael O’Sullivan (Sat 6:15), Denis Kavanagh (Sat 7:00), Seán Fleming & Joan Ahearne (Sun 10:00), Mgt & William Phelan (Sun 11:00), Dick Keating (Sun 12:30).

Parish Envelopes
The parish envelopes for the coming year (April 2008 to March 2009), have just arrived and distribution will begin shortly.
The envelopes and direct debits are the main source of income for the parish and we are extremely grateful to all who contribute in this way. With the new Parish Centre about to come on stream we need all the financial help we can get.
Parishioners will already know that we can reclaim from the Revenue Commissioners the tax already paid on donations to the parish over €250 per annum (€5 per week). This is at no extra cost to you and is worth a lot of money to the parish.
If you haven’t used the parish envelopes in the past couple of years, there is a chance you may not receive a box this time round. If you don’t receive a box by the end of April, then get in touch and we’ll sort things out.
We need volunteers to help drop the boxes off at homes throughout the parish. Please contact Fr. Liam if you can help in your area.

Family Fast Boxes may be returned directly to Trócaire or handed in at the churches in our parish. The money collated is sent to Trócaire via the Diocesan Office.

Run For Your Parish
Ladies, don’t forget the Flora Ladies’ Mini-Marathon on Bank Holiday Monday, 2nd June 2008. Please contact Fr. Roderick if you are interested in participating on behalf of the parish. Sponsorship cards available. While we need ladies to run in the mini-marathon parishioners may take sponsorship cards and we will get someone else to run in their name. Proceeds will go towards the new seniors’ accommodation at St. Fiacre’s Church

Easter Collection
Many thanks to all who contributed to the Easter/Special collection for the support of the priests of the parish and our bishop. It is the last of the green envelopes in your current contribution box.

Due to lack of space, we are unable to include some items this week.

Divine Mercy Sunday
This Sunday is Divine Mercy Sunday. A celebration of the Divine Mercy will take place in the Friary Church this Sunday from 2-5pm. It will include mass which will be celebrated by Bishop Seámus Freeman. All are welcome

Eucharistic Ministers
If you haven’t done so already, please collect your new rota from the sacristies. If you minister in St. Patrick’s your rota is in St. Patrick’s, St. Fiacre's…

Parish Confirmation
Our parish schools will celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation next Saturday in St. Mary’s Cathedral at 11am. We wish all our students receiving this sacrament the very best

Our Parish Draw
Many and sincere thanks to all who have been so faithful to the parish draw in the past. As you will have already gathered we are continuing the draw for another year. The new draw will begin in April.
The last draw which is just finished brought in €115000 for the parish a huge amount of money and badly needed as we continue to build our new parish centre.
For our new draw we are looking for new promoters to promote the draw in their area and among family and friends. Promoting doesn’t take much time or effort but the results are amazing and the more we fundraise now the less our debt will be in the future.
If you are not currently a promoter and think you could help, then please contact any of the priests or Ted Byrne.
Thanks to Ted and all our current promoters for all their efforts. More next week.