Tuesday, June 16, 2009

THe Most Holy Trinity, 7th June 2009

An Unholy Distance
The heavenly honorific of today’s feast puts me in mind of the teacher who told her six-year-olds to write to God and ask him a question. I’m sure he smiled at Jeannie’s. She wrote, ‘Dear God, in bible times did they really talk that fancy?’
Jesus never spoke ‘fancy’ about his Father. So, why should we? Two possibilities come to mind. First, we want to be reverential. The problem here, however, is that the language we use when ‘reverential’ can be all head and no heart. Consequently, we put God at a distance he neither wants nor observes. Love draws, it doesn’t repel. So, if we call God a trinity, how can we call love an abstraction? Second, we don’t have a clue who, or what, God is. This may be truer than we feel comfortable admitting. So we resort to abstraction. Now for some peculiar reason the more abstractly you present something the more profound some people think you are. I tend to think the opposite. It’s only when you know something inside out that you can describe it simply. Profundity and simplicity go hand-in-hand, not profundity and abstraction – unless, of course, God can be reduced to a mathematical equation.
So how then to talk of God? Well if the purpose is to reveal God in some way, talk is not the best way to go about it. Example is. Just as surely as talk of love can never replace the real thing, so ‘trinity’ can never replace the simplicity of Father, Son and the Love between them.
Fr Tom Cahill SVD

Parish Pilgrimage to Knock
The annual St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society pilgrimage to Knock will be held on Saturday, 27th June. Over 5,000 pilgrims from all over Ireland will be in Knock on that day. Our annual parish pilgrimage will also be on this day and accordingly we have joined forces with the local branch of the St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society to organise a coach. Bookings at the Parish Office or with Doreen Griffin. Please book early.

Questions People Ask
Q. Would it make any difference if I believed in one God without the complications of three divine persons?
A. It would matter hugely. By neglecting the doctrine of the Blessed Trinity you would miss the revelation of the inner life of God as revealed in the teaching of Jesus, far advanced beyond the Old Testament. Nor could one understand the divinity of Jesus, nor the sacrifice of Jesus in offering himself freely to the Father, nor the sending of the Holy Spirit, nor the movement of the Mass which is going to the Father, in and through the Son, by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Fr Silvester O’Flynn OFM Cap

Pray for the Deceased
Recently Deceased: Aileen Buggy, Ferrybank. Paul Walsh, Newmarket & Dublin. Angela Delaney, Newpark.
Months Mind: Martin Ryan (Sat 7.00)
Anniversaries: Bill & Bridie O’Neill, Cathy Purcell (Sun 10.00), Jim O’Brien (Sun 10.30), Betty Furniss (Sun 11.00), Susan Delaney, Mary O’Meara, Ann Conway, Denis Garrehy (Sun 12.00), Sarah Mullally (Tues 10.30), Patrick Cantwell (Wed 10.30), Patrick Lanigan (Thurs 9.30), Deceased Members & Members of Active Retirement Club (Thurs 10.30), Mgr. Martin Campion (Fri 10.30), Mary Allen, Nicky Dullard, Anastasia Massey, Catherine Brennan, Joe & Margaret Cadogan, Mary O’Neill, Eamon Costello, Maura Kehoe.
Intentions for next weekend: Paddy Noonan (Sat 6.15), John Kenny (Sat 7.00), Martin Brennan (Sun 10.00), Dan Maher (Sun 10.30), Mary Deegan (Sun 12.00).

Alcohol Free Summer Ball
Hosted by Voice 4 Youth at Springhill Court Hotel, Kilkenny on 22nd June. Tickets €20 available only from Ossory Youth, New Street. Black Tie, Alcohol Free, 14 -19 year olds. Contact Jane on 056 776 1200 for further details.

The monthly rosary on the First Sunday in James Green at the statue of Our Lady of Kilkenny continues this Sunday 7th June at 3.30pm. All welcome.

First Holy Communion
Congratulations to the girls from St. John of God School who received their First Holy Communion at St. Patrick’s Church on Saturday). It was a wonderful day for all. Thanks to the teachers and all who helped prepare these young people for this important event.

Foulkstown Cemetery Mass
The annual Mass at Foulkstown Cemetery will take place at 7.30pm on Thursday 30th July. Please inform your family and friends.
All are encouraged to assist our hard-working Cemetery Committee by attending to family graves before the event. Christian virtue insists that we help those who are unable to care for their family plots. Please do the best you can to help neighbours and friends who are unable to attend to their family plots.

Mill Hill Pilgrimage to Knock
The Mill Hill Missionaries annual pilgrimage to Knock will take place on Saturday, 13th June 2009. Leaving Prague House, Freshford at 8am with a pick up at Mill Hill House, Waterford Road, Kilkenny at 8.30am. Fare: €20, children €10. Contact (056) 772 1482 to book.

Bag Pack
A bag pack in aid of the Susie Long Hospice Fund will take place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 11th,12th and 13th June in Caulfield’s Supervalu, Loughboy. If you are interested and have an hour or two to spare please contact Mary on 086 165 5210. Any offers of help appreciated.

Good Luck in Exams
We continue to offer our prayers and best wishes to all those who are continuing to sit exams.
Youth Liaison Programme
In conjunction with Ossory Youth the Parish Team will run a youth liaison programme during the summer months. It is hoped this will engage young people at parish and diocesan level. The first project is to conduct a Needs Analysis with young people from our parish. Interested young people between the ages of 14 and 16 are invited to a short meeting in the St. Patrick’s Parish Centre on Friday, 12th June at 4.00pm. There we can discuss the needs of our young people and explore ways in which the parish can respond to those needs. All welcome. Bring your friends.

Sacred Heart Novena
The annual novena to the Sacred Heart runs from 11th to 19th June. The Messenger office has produced a CD version of the novena with hymns specially chosen to complement the text. This can be used at home or in the car. Call Vera on 01 676 7491 or log on to www.messenger.ie to order a copy.

Used Clothing Appeal
Please help provide vital funding for an orphanage in Ikumbi, a small village just outside Nairobi in Kenya. The orphanage cares for homeless children, providing them with education, meals, clothes, medication and accommodation. We will take away your unwanted, used clothing, household textiles, used footwear. If you have any of the above items and no longer want them, we would be grateful to accept tem in plastic bags or boxes at the collection point indicated below. We will be collecting whatever the weather: Please drop off before 12 noon on Thursday, 11th June, at the Car Park of St. Patrick’s Parish Centre.

Lost and Found
A leather wallet containing a sum of money was found about 10 days ago in the vicinity of Supervalu Shopping Centre. For further details please contact the St. Patrick’s Parish Office on Monday.

By now, it’s more or less known who our local government representatives are and congratulations is due to all. We know their work will have a positive influence on all aspects of life in our city and county.

Signed Mass Cards
Mass cards for various occasions are available at the Parish Centre reception desk. These cards are signed by the priests of the parish and an individual Mass is said for each intention.
These cards have proven to be very successful and we’re happy to provide this service, especially if it does away with all the fake Mass cards available in many shops and for which Masses aren’t said.
The Mass cards that are signed by us are gathered together and where there is a surplus the intention and stipend (money) is forwarded to the missions. For this purpose we have enlisted the assistance of Aid to the Church in Need (www.acnirl.org), who make sure the individual Masses are offered by missionary and Third World priests for each particular intention.
Mass stipends are a vital source of income for missionary and Third World priests and you are assured the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be offered for your particular intention.

St. Patrick’s Parish Centre
While the summer starts to roll in, many people are making plans for holiday and rest. While some groups that use our new centre are finishing for the summer, others are continuing and some new groups are coming on board.
All bookings for the centre must be made through Ted Byrne and application forms and costs are available at the reception desk. Interested parties should note that St. Patrick’s Parish Centre is a parish run centre. Those intending to use the centre must have regard for our Catholic Ethos and adhere to our child protection policy, a copy of which is available at the reception desk.
Each group intending to use the Parish Centre will be assessed on our ability to meet their needs but sometimes, even with the greatest will this is not possible. For further details please contact Ted Byrne or Fr. Liam.

Planning Your Wedding?
If you are then congratulations to you. Some things to help you with your planning.
When you are sure of the date you want, please contact the parish to make sure the church is available. If you are living in our parish you will need to meet with one of the priests at least three months before your wedding. This is to complete the necessary paperwork on the Church side of things.
You must inform the State you are getting married at least three months in advance of the wedding. Failure to do this will mean your wedding can’t go ahead. To do this, contact the Registrar of Births, Marriage and Deaths at the County Clinic, James Green. (056 778 4756). The Registrar will require both parties to call in with photo Id and make the booking. The planning of your wedding Mass should be made with the priest you have chosen for your wedding. See www.gettingmarried.ie

WeightWatchers Newsflash
Classes in The Club House, Thursdays 9.00am, 10.15am, 12.50pm (new lunchtime class. Contact Leila 0876221553.
Other Classes as normal:
Tuesdays: Kilkenny Education Centre, 5.30 & 7.00pm, 8.20pm Men Only.
Wednesdays: St. Patrick’s Parish Centre, 9.45am, 5.30pm & 6.45pm. For local details including “men only” meetings, Low call 1850 234 123. www.weightwatchers.ie.