Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, 28th June 2009

Deanery Pastoral Council Update
The second meeting of the newly formed Middle Deanery Pastoral Council took place in Peace in Christ Retreat House on 10th June 2009. The Council, which consists of a lay representative of each parish along with priests and religious representing the deanery, is part of the newly restructured Ossory Diocesan Forum. The purpose of this locally based new model of the Forum is to promote a more neighbourly context for an effective Gospel response to local challenges.

The meeting was told that one of its aims was the establishment of Parish Pastoral Councils in all parishes over the next four years. Fr Richard Scriven has been asked to help parishes to set up and provide training for these Pastoral Councils. Also discussed were the roles of chairperson, secretary and co-ordinator of the Deanery Pastoral Council which are expected to be appointed at the next meeting on 16th September.

The impact which the recent Ryan Commission Report was having on the younger generation was discussed. The resultant “why bother attitude” can only be dealt with by a proactive rather than a reactive approach by both the adult laity and the clergy to what was a societal problem. Lay members assured the clergy and religious of their support for the very hard work they are doing.

Made for Life
One venomous description of a gossip I came across recently was: someone who won’t tell a lie if the truth can do more damage. Yet I suspect that today’s First Reading (Wis 1:13-15, 2:23-24) refers to that type of thing in some way when it tells us that God did not make death and does not delight in the death of the living (John 10:10). Realising that we are made in God’s image, we too should not ‘make death’ nor delight in the death of anyone – not just their physical death, but in anything that diminishes the quality of their life. Every day we have life and death in our hands, in a manner of speaking. We can raise up, or bring down. We can praise, or criticise. We can work with, or plot against. We can bring joy, or instil fear. We can have people love us, or hate us. The choice is ours. Temperament has a lot to do with this, but not everything. Much depends on our awareness and our generosity. Somebody once remarked that since we have to look someway it might as well be positively.
There is so much gloom and doom around at times, you’d wonder if we really realise in whose image and likeness we’re made: the God of life and creativity.
Fr. Tom Cahill SVD.

Questions People Ask
Q. About the people who were dead but brought back to life by Jesus, where were their souls between dying and coming back to life?
A. Normally a person is pronounced dead when the vital organs cease to function in supporting life. That is physical death. However, the departure of the spirit or soul on it’s final journey towards God’s revealing light may take longer. The custom of waking the dead grew out of the idea of accompanying the soul on its journey from this life. Perhaps we could say of Lazarus and the daughter of Jairus, they were dead but not yet departed.
Fr. Silvester O’Flynn OFM Cap

St. Patrick’s Parish Draw
The June draw will be held at the Parish Centre on Tuesday evening, 30th June at 8.30pm. Promoters are asked to have tickets and monies returned in time. New members are always welcome. Tickets cost €10 per month and are available at the Sacristies and Parish Centre. Thanks to all who subscribe.

Knock Pilgrimage
Thanks to all who travelled to Knock with the Parish Pilgrimage. It seems an enjoyable day was had by all.

Meeting of City Pastoral Councils
A meeting of the four Parish Pastoral Councils of the Kilkenny City parishes took place in St Patrick's Centre on Monday, 14th June. The meeting was the first in which the four Pastoral Councils met and discussed pastoral issues that are common to the four parishes. The meeting was facilitated by Fr Liam Power from the Diocese of Waterford and Lismore. He guided the meeting to prioritising four areas to which we could give attention. After much discussion and debate the areas were narrowed to the following four projects: A Response to the Ryan Report; A Youth Mass; Baptismal Teams; and Training of Lectors. A member from each Parish Pastoral Council was invited to form a sub-committee and these tasks are now in hand. A further meeting of the four Councils will take place in November.

First Friday Calls
The first Friday of July falls this week. The priests will visit the sick and housebound at the usual times. Please contact the Parish Office (776 4400) if you or someone known to you would like a priest to call on Friday.

Pray for the Deceased
Recently Deceased: Lillian Beatty, 2 Fr. Walsh Close. Jane O’Connell, Cork. Moira Christopher, Parnell Street. Mary Hynes, Templemore.
Months Mind: Blanaid Cleere-Manning (Sun 9.30).
Anniversaries: Ellen Ryan (Sat 6.15), Jimmy Hackett (Sat 7.00), Statia Quirke (Sun 10.00), Dick Martin (Sun 10.30), Francis Ryan (Sun 11.00), Austin Murphy (Sun 12.00), Kathy Glynn (Sun 12.30), Sean Fitzpatrick (Thurs 10.30), Patrick Doheny, Richard Dunne, Richard McEvoy, Mary Blunden, Dick O’Hara, Pat Maher, Annie Murphy, Elizabeth Manogue, Mary Bowe, Elizabeth Meehan, Edward Burke, William Maher, Gay Doran, Molly Dwan.
Intentions Next Weekend: Sharon Galvin (Sat 6.15), Jim Nugent (Sat 7.00), Martin Crotty (Sun 11.00).
May they rest in peace. Amen.

Ladies’ Mini-Marathon
Well done to Fiona Bates, Betty O’Grady and Sr. Hannah Walsh, all staff members at the St. John of God Convent, who participated in the recent Women’s Mini-Marathon. They donated their sponsorship of €1,000 to the parish. Thanks ladies.

Bag Pack for the Parish
Thanks to about 100 people who helped raise funds for the parish by bag packing at Supervalu, Loughboy on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week. The work continues as we went to press but about €4,000 has been raised for parish funds. Full details next week. Well done and thanks to the bag packers, Supervalu management and staff and to those who contributed to the collection this weekend.

Papal Collection
Each parish is obliged to hold an annual collection for the Pope on the Sunday nearest to the feast of St. Peter and Paul (29th June). This was formerly known as the “Peter’s Pence” collection. Support the Pope’s philanthropy by giving the Holy Father the means to provide emergency aid to those in need because of natural disaster, war, oppression and disease. Please donate a little extra during the second collection this Sunday and we will forward the proceeds to Rome.

Cemetery Mass
The annual Mass at Foulkstown Cemetery will be celebrated at 7.30pm on Thursday, 30th July. Please publicise the date and time.
The Cemetery Committee continues the hard work in extending the cemetery and preparing it for the annual Mass. Please assist them by attending to your family grave and, if necessary, to other graves in the locality.

Loughboy Library
Blast Off… with books! Join the Children’s Summer Reading Challenge which blasts off on Monday, 29th June. Details from Loughboy Library staff on 779 4176.

Pro Life Rally
(Under the Patronage of Our Lady of Guadeloupe, Patroness of the Unborn)
Saturday, 4th July 2009 - Come and join thousands of others to speak up for the right to life. Mass at St. Savour’s Church, Dominic Street, Dublin at 1.00pm. Rally at the Garden of Remembrance at 2.00pm.
Booking: Murphy’s Boutique, 11 High Street, Kilkenny. Tel. 056 772 1495

Irish Epilepsy Association
Brainwave - the Irish Epilepsy Association will facilitate an Epilepsy Support Group at St. Patrick’s Parish Centre from 7.30pm to 9pm on Tuesday, 30th June. If you have epilepsy or have a family member with the condition and are interested in meeting others living with the condition then please do join me. If you need further information then please do not hesitate to contact me. Annette Russell 056 778 4496.
Email: southeast.brainwave@epilepsy.ie

Support Group
An Aware Relatives’ Support Group meeting takes place on Wednesday, 1st July at 8pm in St Mary's Centre, Haughney Green, Kilkenny (behind Cineplex). The group is open to relatives of those affected by depression and is totally confidential. Contact Mick on 087 949 8100 or mick@awaresoutheast.ie.

Irish Wheelchair Association
The annual church gate collection for the Irish Wheelchair Association takes place this weekend, 27th & 28th June at all Masses.

The annual church gate collection in aid of Concern will take place on the week end of July 4th and 5th.

Knock-Knock, who’s there??
Our Lady’s Shrine in Knock has over 1.6 million visitors a year. When most people think of the average age of these visitors they may well be right in thinking it’s the older generation that make up this number, however hundreds of young people flock to Knock for the annual Knock Summer Youth Festival. This time of year Knock is truly alive and buzzing with young people. The Knock Summer Youth Festival has been running for the past 8 years. This year the festival will take place from the 23rd of July to the 26th of July.
Hundreds of young people from all over the world will camp over three nights near the spot where the Virgin Mary appeared to a group of local people in 1879.
Watch this space for further details or go to the Knock website at www.knock-shrine.ie/youthfestival and view a video of last year’s festival activities.

Church Gate Collections
Collections at the church gates are not organised by the parish. They are subject to licensing laws and must have a Garda permit. Once a permit is held collectors have a right to stand in a public place and seek contributions.