Sunday, November 5, 2017

27th Sunday in Ordinary time, 8th October 2017

Where is God?

As someone who has willingly left these shores to assist people on the margins, I am familiar with the inhumanity of man to his fellow man, where millions of people are left to their own devices, forgotten in their own poverty. The I’m alright attitude permeates not just the so called ‘developing world’; it is alive and well here in Ireland.
Does God, like the absentee landowner in the gospel parable, leave us and depart for another country? A personal relationship with anybody means that the person is present. God should be no different. God is deep within our heart, not something out there and distant! I battle with the castigation of the high priests and elders, the negative portrayal of the people of God, and the raw deal for the slaves that came to rescue the situation. Is this the forgiving God that out of the worst injustices can transform human hearts?
So where is the hope? Jesus doesn’t condemn in the passage: he invites us to understand his meaning. He asks the elders what they would do. This question is asked of us too.
Jesus then refocuses the parable: ‘The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; this was the Lord’s doing, and it is amazing in our eyes’. This is the high point of this gospel, where Jesus reminds us of the marvel that he is: the one that was rejected, the one that was overlooked – the one abandoned by us. It is this stone, this rock, that becomes our Saviour. The rock symbolises one who never leaves us. God loves us not because we are good but because God is good.
Shane Halpin, Viatores Christi

Volunteer Appreciation Night

The Parish Pastoral Council will hold a Volunteer Appreciation Night in Hotel Kilkenny on Sunday 22nd October 2017. We cordially invite volunteers in all ministries in St. Patrick’s Parish to come and enjoy this function which is being held especially for all of you, as a token of our deep appreciation of your volunteers spirit. Tickets available free from the Parish Office.

Pray for Our Deceased

Friends Recently Deceased: Fr. Finbar (Matthew) Kelly OP, Black Abbey. Sr. Agnes Dominic Quirke, Sisters of Charity, Kells Road. Elizabeth ‘Beth’ Thomas, Dean Kavanagh Place.
Anniversaries: Tom O’Neill (Sat 6.15). Joanie Waters (Sat 7.00). Sean Kennedy (Sun 10.00). Kathleen Roche (Sun 10.30). Biddy Slattery (Sun 11.00). Evelyn Coppinger (Sun 12.00). Nicola Conway (Sun 12.30). Mary Hehir (Tues 9.30). Matthew Butz (Thurs 10.30). JJ & Peggy O’Dwyer (Fri 10.30). Mary O’Brien. Margaret McNamara nee Tiernan. Walter & Joe Kavanagh. May Dunne. Billy & Patty Reinhardt. The Dullard Family.
Intentions for next weekend: Eddie Dean (Sat 6.15). Judy O’Brien (Sat 7.00). Richard Kelly (Sun 9.30). Jennifer Mulhall (Sun 10.00). Mary Elizabeth Woodgate (Sun 11.00). Tom Foley (Sun 12.00). Eithne O’Connor (Sun 12.30). Anniversaries must be submitted to the office by Thursday at the latest. Anniversaries after that will be published the following week.

St. Mary’s Cathedral Draw

The next draw will take place on Wednesday 25th October 2017. Many thanks for your continued support. Please contact Fr. Roderick to join.

St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society

A meeting of St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society will be held in St. Patrick’s Parish centre on Friday 13th October after 10.30 am Mass. All welcome.

Be still and Know that I am God - Psalm 46

Christian Meditation continues in St. Patrick’s Parish Centre on every Wednesday at 4pm. All are welcome. Rosary at the Grotto The Rosary will be recited every Sunday during October at The Grotto on the Callan Rd. at 3pm. All are welcome.

Medjugorje Mass

A Mass organised by the Medjugorje Youth Group will take place in St. Fiacre’s Church on Monday 10th October at 8pm. Please note that Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament will finish at 7.30pm.

Memorial Mass

St Luke’s Hospital, Carlow and Kilkenny will be holding its Annual Memorial Mass for all deceased patients of the Hospital on Tuesday, October 17th at 7.30pm. This year, the Mass will take place in St Canice’s Church, Kilkenny. We extend a very warm welcome to all families who have been bereaved during the past year. The names of those who died at St Luke’s Hospital between September 1st 2016 and August 31st 2017 will be displayed close to the Altar. All attending the Mass will be invited to light a candle on arrival at the church and place it close to the display of names before Mass begins. Family members and Staff members of the hospital along with the choir of St Canice’s Church will participate in the liturgy. All are invited to tea and refreshments after wards.

Safeguarding Sunday

The Diocese of Ossory celebrates Child Safeguarding Sunday this week-end 7/8th October 2017. Child Safeguarding Sunday is a reminder to each one of us of our role in the safeguarding of children so that the abuse that happened in the past should not be allowed to happen again. In our Parish, we vale and encourage the participation of children and young people in all parish activities that enhance their spiritual, physical, emotional and social development. We recognise the dignity and rights of all children and are omitted to ensuring their protection and support. In keeping with this, we will work to do all in our power to create safe environments for children and young people to secure their protection and enable their full participation in the life or our parish and church.
The Safeguarding Reps in this Parish are: Maureen McCormack - 086 3262475. Samantha Dolan - 087 9976492.
If you, or anyone you know has a Safeguarding concern please contact: TUSLA: Kilkenny 059 93 6570 or An Garda Síochána 1800 555 222.
If you wish to report an allegation directly to the Church Authorities please contact the Diocesan Designated Liaison Person: 087 100 0232.

Seeing Life through the lens of the Gospels

Matthew 21:33-43
  1. The target audience of this allegorical parable are the Jewish chief priests and elders portrayed here as rejecting Jesus and his teaching, and as a consequence losing out on what God was offering them. It is a story of opportunity for life presented and rejected, and they lose out in the process. How important have you found it to recognise and accept opportunities for growth, development and new life when these were presented to you?
  2. The parable is also a cautionary tale about the destructive effects of greed – doing violence to the rights of others and eventually destroying the greedy themselves. What attitude towards possessions has helped you to be at peace in yourself and at peace with others?
  3. The vineyard of the Lord is an image for God’s people. As we look at the vineyard we have been given we can ask ourselves ‘are we good tenants?’ Recall times when you have been a good tenant, and reached out caringly for those around you.
  4. ‘It was the stone rejected by the builders that became the keystone. This was the Lord’s doing and it was wonderful to see’. Sometimes a person not highly regarded plays a key role in a project, and it is wonderful to see. Can you recall examples of this?

John Byrne OSA

Thinking of Getting Married Soon?

Couples wishing to be married in our parish are asked to note the following:
  • Contact the Parish Office (776 4400) as early as possible to book your preferred date. Bookings are on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Please note that it is a civil requirement to inform the Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths of your intention to marry at least three months before the date - see for more information about this.
  • Contact the parish where you now reside where pre-marriage papers will be prepared for forwarding to the place of marriage. is a useful source of information for couples as they plan the big day.