Sunday, November 5, 2017

28th Sunday in Ordinary time, 15th October 2017

The Third Side of the Coin

Most of us have been raised to believe that there are two sides to every issue. So often we hear the term ‘there are two sides to every story’ or ‘two sides of a coin’ but there is, in fact, a third. A story always has your version, their version, and the truth. When it comes to a coin, there is the head side, the tail side, and the edge of the coin! One side of the coin may represent a particular point of view; the other its opposite. However, if we just stand the coin on its edge, we can see both sides more clearly and, more often than not, a third way.
What a loaded question the Pharisees’ disciples and the Herodians asked Jesus. If Jesus said the taxes shouldn’t be paid, he would have pleased the Pharisees but then they could report him and have him arrested as a rebel. If he said they should be paid, he would have gained the support of the Herodians but almost certainly lost all support from his followers.
But Jesus did not come into the world to discuss Roman taxation, temporal revolutions or political action. Neither did he come to only see two sides of a coin! He neither endorses Caesar as divine sovereign (as the inscription on the coin indicates) nor does he discourage the paying of taxes. He simply reminds his questioners that these are worldly affairs in a worldly kingdom but there is another kingdom yet to come with a much higher authority. ‘Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.’
Julieann Moran
Society of Missionary Children

Volunteer Appreciation Night

Our Volunteer Appreciation Night takes place in Hotel Kilkenny tonight, Sunday, 22nd October 2017 at 8pm. This evening gives us an opportunity to show appreciation to the multitude of people who volunteer in our Parish in many different ways. We look forward to seeing you in Hotel Kilkenny tonight.

Be still and Know that I am God - Psalm 46

Christian Meditation continues in St. Patrick’s Parish Centre on every Wednesday at 4 pm. All are welcome.

Pray for Our Deceased Friends

Recently Deceased: Peg McGuire
Months Mind: Josie Purcell (Sun 12.00). Edward O’Byrne (Thus 6pm St. Fiacre’s )
Anniversaries: Ned & Anthona Burke (Sat 6.15). Ned Nolan (Sat 7.00). Gerard Cleere (Sun 9.30). Dan Gorey (Sun 10.00). Paddy Cullen (Sun 10.30). Michael Phelan (Sun 11.00). Frank Stapleton (Sun 12.30). Nancy Coyne. Mary McCormack. Joseph Eardly. Garry & Norah Dunne. Annie “Nancy” Tiernan. John Drennan. Bernadette Dermody. Kathleen Balle. David Doran
Intentions for next weekend: Noreen Tomney (Months Mind Sat 6.15). Ned O’Neill (Sat 7.00). Mary Dowling (Months Mind Sun 9.30). Tom, Madge & Barry McIntyre (Sun 10.00). Declan Patrick Walsh (Sun 10.30). Eileen & Gerard Moynihan (Sun 11.00). Sean & Statia Cantwell (Sun 12.00). Tom Shanahan (Sun 12.30).
Anniversaries must be submitted to the office by Thursday at the latest. Anniversaries after that will be published the following week.


The new readers rota will be compiled in the coming weeks. Anyone interested in becoming a reader at any of our Masses should contact the Parish Office. 056 776440.

October Stations

We invite parishioners to contribute towards the income of the parish clergy through the October Stations. The October envelope is in your contribution pack which you received earlier this year. Please contact the Parish Office if you didn’t receive parish envelopes and would like to. The October Station is one of five collections taken up to support the priests. Thanks to all who have contributed so far. We are grateful for your generosity.

St. Mary’s Cathedral Draw

The next draw will take place on Wednesday 25th October 2017. Many thanks for your continued support. Please contact Fr. Roderick to join.

Rosary at the Grotto

The Rosary will be recited every Sunday during October at The Grotto on the Callan Rd. at 3pm.
All are welcome. 


Knock Shrine is seeking a Faith Renewal Co-Ordinator Be a part of the new and exciting developments at Knock Shrine, Co. Mayo. Applications are invited for the post of Faith Renewal Co-ordinator to develop, design, co-ordinate and deliver faith renewal programs at Knock Shrine. This is a full-time position. A third-level qualification in theology/spirituality with a least two year experience in faith related programs in either a parish or educational setting. The closing date for applications is Friday 27th October. For full details, job description and how to apply, please visit


Br Jean-Marie of Taize will meet with students, some lecturers and the young people from the Holy Family Mission in WIT on Monday, 23rd October 2017 at 2pm. There will be a chance to meet and pray in the evening 7.30 - 9.00pm in the Blessed Edmund Rice Chapel, Mount Sion, Waterford. All are welcome!


The Annual Craft Fair at the Community in Kyle, near Coolagh, Callan takes place on this Sunday 22nd October from 1pm - 5pm. All are welcome.

South Kilkenny Historical Society Lecture

The sinking of the SS Coningbeg and SS Formby, December 1917. Speaker: Mr Richard McElwee Date: Thursday, October 26th. Time: 8pm Venue: Mullinavat Parish Hall (opposite church) Admission: €5 (members and students free)

Day of Recollection

St. Benedict's Priory, Cobh, Co.Cork: Day of Recollection. Saturday 28th October, 9am-3.30pm. The theme is Devotion to Mary in the Spirituality of Mother Marie Adele Gar-nier. Lunch Provided - please book your place by calling Mother Prioress on 4811354 or email

Safeguarding Policy

St. Patrick’s Parish values and encourages the partic-ipation of children and young people in parish litur-gies and in activities that enhance their spiritual, physical, emotional and social development. We recognise and uphold the dignity and rights of all children and young people and are committed to their protection and support in a way that promotes their human dignity and integrity as children of God. Further details and information on posters in our churches and on

Mass Cards

Individual & Shared Mass cards signed by the priests of the Parish are available at the Parish Centre. The shared Mass is offered every Thursday at St. Patrick’s Church at 9.30am. If you have purchased one of these intention cards, why not join us for the Mass as well? Individual Masses are offered by Aid to the Church in Need.